Northwest/Delta adding flights/seats at Toledo Express

An increase from 4 daily flights to 6 daily flights, upgrades from turboprop to jet service, and a 48% increase in the number of seats offered daily. Way to go TOL! In today's economy, it's great to see an airline making it easier to get to Toledo. Delta (Northwest) could just as easily end all service here. Lets hope it brings bigger and better things to our airport in the future.

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Now they should offer FREE PARKING.

Or at the very least a flat fee of say ten dollars and then allow you to use that fee for credit in one of the shops or food court inside the airport. It would help the vendors out - which in turn would help the airport out.

I agree with Molsonator.. right now the costs for time & money leaving from toledo arent offering any savings over detroit.

i'll still drive to detroit and have a direct flight
seems like an incredible waste of time to drive all the way out to swanton, just to fly a short connecting flight to detroit. its much quicker to go drive directly to detroit and fly from there to your final destination.

if I could at least save over the $10+ a day on parking in Detroit, it would make more sense.

So you say you'd fly from TOL if you could save $10+ per day on parking? DONE! Long term parking at TOL is $7/day. Long term parking at the NW Terminal is $20/day. That's $13 a day, better than you requested! See you at the gate!

FWIW, I know you could park off airport in DTW. But by the time you drive to the north side of the airport, wait for a shuttle on both ends, etc., you are spending just as much time, if not more to get from home to the gate in Detroit.

You really should try TOL. Especially after the new flights start, I think you'll find the cost/time/hassle savings well worth it.

Your numbers are wrong but why would you need to pay for parking period. Zero dollars parking.

That is not that drastic of an idea is it?

Gotta pay for upkeep, snow removal, and other improvements for the lot. Not to mention the wages for the ticket takers. Not everything can be free because we wish it so.

Using your logic, parking should be free at Detroit too, right?

His numbers for Toledo parking are correct. $7/day long term & $9/day for short term. Our short term is cheaper than the Big Blue Deck at Metro ($16/day).

I am not a business guru but I can think.

Hmmm. How much do they pull in on parking vs what do they spend to maintain it?

Of course if it was FREE there wouldn't be ticket takers...but again I don't run an airport.

Also, the mall doesn't charge for parking. Hmmm. (That thinking thing again)...It can't cost a lot for the shovel dude to clear a parking lot from snow.

And the trick here is to make Toledo a better choice.


I totaly agree on Toledo Express. No hassel. I once left my sunglasses in my car and went back to get them while my family was boarding the plane. Took me three minutes.

My point. Market the crap out of the advantages. Make it very obvious what the best choice is.

but it's going to take more than marketing the small advantages...

i fly out of detroit probably 10 times a year
each trip is an average of 5 days.. to the point that i'm completely sick of traveling

if the commute to toledo airport is only 20 minutes quicker than my commute to detroit, but ISNT a direct flight and is only a savings of $5 a day for parking.. it's totally not worth it for me.
why lengthen my trip for only a $5 parking savings? toledo needs to figure out their angle

When we were talking about Toledo adding a Metro rail I was highly in favor but the only way I could see it realistically working is if there were a line going from or through Spring Meadows to the airport. Either above the rail line or along the turnpike.

The thought could work just as well if it were a TARTA express bus that ran back and forth. It would increase the ridership out of the airport and TARTA.

If such were available then instead of having to park my car at either airport for a massive fee or instead of having to give a friend a lot of gas money to drive me I could just have a family, friend, coworker or neighbor, drop me off at a Spring Meadows stop on their way around town or on their way home it's less of an inconvenience and I pay less in gas money.

Since more ridership means more $$ and I'm sure the Port Authority could negotiate a good deal with TARTA. It would even increase flow through Spring Meadows. Plus using a bus reduces carbon emissions for those who want to reduce their footprint.


Unfortunately, TARTA can't service Spring Meadows at this time because Holland is not a TARTA member.

If TARTA were to go county wide, as had been recently discussed and something that I support, then it wouldn't be a problem for them to run a route to Toledo Express from the shopping center.

A few years ago, TARTA did have a shuttle to Toledo Express. I took the Maumee Call-a-Ride and transferred to the shuttle at Arrowhead Park. It wasn't hard to do.

I like flying out of TOL because it is so easy - I hate driving to Detroit.

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