Marcy Kaptur ranks 11th on shortlist of money from PMA and its clients recently completed a closer inspection of those watching over our money on the defense appropriations committee and found out that those in charge of the defense budget have received almost 8 million dollars in contributions from the PMA Group and their clients. Marcy Kaptur was ranked 11th on this list of top 16 recipients.
The FBI hasn't been the only group continuing to investigate lobbying firm PMA Group, which specializes in securing federal earmarks for its clients. At the Center for Responsive Politics, we've expanded our original analysis of contributions from the lobbying firm to lawmakers, specifically those on the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, to include contributions from PMA's clients, as well. In total, current members of the subcommittee that's coziest with PMA have collected $7.8 million for their campaign committees and leadership PACs from PMA and its clients since 1998 (including contributions from the employees and PAC of the client's parent company and its subsidiaries). Democrats on the subcommittee collected nearly 75 percent of that. (Note: Calculations for PMA's clients include only contributions given during election cycles when the client reported hiring PMA to lobby for it.)

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