Joe the Plumber is now suing Ohio

More Joe the Plumber news, and you thought he was gone :)
It would be a heckuva lot more dramatic if Joe the Plumber announced he was representing himself in the lawsuit.

Entering the courtroom with legal briefs in one hand and plunger in the other. Vowing to flush the legal system clean of impropriety and wrong doing.

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The Plumber is NOT suing Ohio as your headline states. He's suing the state employees who looked at and then released his records. Big difference!

Mr. Samuel Wurzelbacher has every right to sue those who breached the public trust and abused their positions. Sounds like a hateful crime to me.

Not to change the subject, Christopher, but I read your "why I did it" column in the TFP. Tepid. Very tepid, man. Basically, it came down to "Because I could and if I didn't someone else might have done it." Sounds like a good legal defense if you're charged with robbing a bank. Chris, we're all aware that you've been ripped in the TCP over the years by the paper's anonymous columnist, and that many suspect Webber, during his employ there, was part of the persona called Johnny Hildo. We know Jason lived on the second floor of a house occupied by a school board member who has no great admiration for you, and who himself is suspected of being a part of this Johnny Hildo character. So tell us, did your posting of Jason's private communication have less to do with the "inner workings" on the 22nd Floor than with a little "gotcha" at a former staff member of the TCP? Be transparent, Chris. It's not like you're going to be elected to office anytime soon. If you're really for open government, and communication, you'll disclose who sent Webber's private writings to you. Or maybe you did hack. Maybe this third party mentioned earlier doesn't exist. We're aware of your talents using the Internet. Chris, was your posting just an attempt to undermine a former employee of the Toledo City Paper or were you merely a pass-along agent of information? If the latter, name names, provide dates, post e-mail exchanges you had with the interloper. Be transparent, Chris, as they say today. Years back, we said, be honest.

Patience is a great virtue.

hey don, see the shades of grey post. :)

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