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Article published March 05, 2009
Can Carty's flak explain trouble with 'bubbles'?

A few years ago, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner wanted to bring Wi-Fi to Toledo, even before - by his own admission - he'd brought himself to the Internet.

At the time, Hizzoner's city hall aerie had no functioning computer, a tidbit I gleaned from the mayor's then-spokesman, Brian Schwartz - and what made me think back on all of this is the current mayoral spokesman, Jason Webber.

Maybe you heard that excerpts of Jason's MySpace blog - with cringe-inducing Carty observations - ended up on


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This is one more reason I don't read that "paper"-her.

I did have the same question about how that conversation would have gone, nice to see someone taking a stab at it.

Not " would have went," as you posted, but "would have gone." Get it right. Man, you ran for the board of education. Don't contribute to the deterioration of the written language, regardless of future political aspirations. I gone to the store yesterday, Chris. Thought you'd like to know.

Patience is a great virtue.

Don, I try to avoid contributing to the deterioration of the written language, but you can be assured that it is not intentional :)

Looks like you succeeded in getting publicity for this site. Keep it up and you will be working for the mayor - it might be a nice fit. :-)

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