Blatant Media Alert!!!!! Napoli And Watchmen On WSPD Friday

Friday mornning Joe Napoli joins me for an update on the arena progress, and some Mud Hens news. From the Wall Street Journal Christopher Farley will be on to talk about Watchmen which opens this weekend. And a special guest from the YMCA/JCC with word of a special award. Should be fun but I've got to figure out a way to make Joe sound like a right wing nut.

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Fred, thanks for the show promo. But can you tell us what stories in the Blade you'll be referencing on Friday morning? Or has your paper not been delivered yet? Keep reading, Fred. Gives you something to talk about. Ain't it great to have other people do your homework? Isn't it amazing that your listeners call in after reading the morning daily? You're a fountainhead source for news, Fred. Truly you are.

Patience is a great virtue.

I don't get the paper until 5a so I won't be able to give you those references yet. That's why I promoted the three interviews and the letter from Bob Reinbolt. If none of those things interest you, you should probably stick with the paper as your source of information.
I think the Fountainhead reference was especially good as we have mentioned Ayn Rand on the show a number of times.
Good post Don.

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