Meet Me At The Market, The Erie Street Market......

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While I might share your skepticism about tax dollars supporting the Erie Street Market, you have to admit that taking a tour of ESM at 10:00 am on a Tuesday in the winter is like trying to guage WSPD audience size by only listening at 4:30 am on a Sunday morning.

Try visiting the market on a Saturday morning in warmer weather. While people aren't exactly lined up out the door, there is a brisk business going on.

However, while you are snffing around ESM, try to find out more about our old pal Rob Croak and the deal the mayor cut with this convicted criminal to run the Civic Center. That ought to be some fun video hijinks.

Mike, there hasn't been a "brisk business" at the market in over six years, back to before the Ford administration ended. Today the place is dead, a cemetery. I just feel bad for all the vendors from years past, who lost their shirts by believing the city would stand up and support them and the place. The real culprits in the demise of the ESM have since gone on to higher positions in local government.

Since we all know how our mayor likes to compare Toledo to "other cities", let's compare a failure to a success. 

Compared to Cleveland's West Side Market, which I visited in October of 2005 at 7:30 in the morning, the ESM is the loser hands down.    

According to West Side Market's list of vendors, I counted 34 meat vendors, 3 seafood vendors, 16 baked goods vendors, 4 dairy vendors, 33 produce vendors, 15 vendors under the Misc. category.

Someone can correct my math, but Cleveland's market has 101 vendors while Toledo has 2.  That means that the ESM is more than 50 times smaller than West Side Market.  

West Side Market is so busy that at certain times the pay parking is limited to just two hours. 

I'm not saying that just because Cleveland has a thriving market, Toledo should have a thriving market or could have one. 

My point is that compared to Cleveland, the "facts are [NOT] on Finkbeiner's side" regarding the ESM.  I think Finkbeiner must know it, otherwise he wouldn't have resorted to underhanded and deceptive ways in order to fund its renovation. 

Toledo has no shortage of retail locations. In fact, we have a wretched abundance. That's why the banks will start their Commercial Loan Crash in 2009.

I don't care why Cleveland's market is a "success". It's not the responsibility of government to run retail outlets of any kind, nor to provide for them as some sort of landlord or building manager. Government should only enforce the law and keep the utilities running. That SHOULD make government cheap, hence the people end up prosperous even when capital flight reduces the incomes of the area.

Toledoans are far, FAR from understanding any of that. We can thank the Toledo Public Schools (with their population of welfare mentalities running them) for not getting young Toledoans to wake up and smell real socio-economic forces.

this looks like the old warehouse holding the old Basset Street Flea Market! lol

Are they paying to heat that huge building for just two vendors?

Who would be the "they" you're referring to?? That get to pay the heat for two vendors?

We, taxpayers, get to pay for the utilities. And Security, and a market manager, and cleaning, and maintenance.

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Fred, great video and information.

Thank you for your in site.

Sad and disappointing - there comes a time when you cut your loses and move on. It's time.

I've been told that almost all of the improvements installed under Croak's management have been dismantled.


So how much did it cost to dismantle those improvements?

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