Odds that Joe the Plumber will run

The Atlantic has an article on the odds of Joe the Plumber running against Marcy. For someone who was said to have his 15 minutes of fame, he surpassed that a long time ago.

In case you were wondering about the odds that Joe Wurzelbacher (for the rest of his life aka "Joe the Plumber") will, as he has indicated he may be up for, run for Congress, BetOnline.com is now taking odds on that and other prospects for Wurzelbacher's political future.


More on Joe:

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Run Joe! Run!

I'm sure he wouldn't mind proving it if asked, unlike others who got their sleazy start in gangster Chicago, anointed by the African queen, Oprah. Maybe she'll prove how fair she is and have Mr. Wurzelbacher on to help him promote his book like she did terrorist Bill Ayers' books.

Back under the bridge you racist troll!

The Palermo piece is uproarious. Did you read it before linking to it? Perhaps the greatest 'book review' ever.

Interestlingly from the Atlantic article:

'Most recently, he appeared at CPAC (the Conservative Political Action Conference) at the Omni Shoreham hotel in Washington, DC this weekend, where he told MSNBC that he would consider running for office in six years, planning that his son will have left for college at Ohio State University at the time'.

Well, it's not every parent who automatically assumes where his kid is going to college when that kid is 12 or so.

Joe can run (if he can raise the cash) - but it's not likely he'll win. He's a joke, and not too bright, and sadly, he doesn't seem aware of that. I could spout my opinions just like Joe does, but it doesn't mean I know what I'm talking about. He's on a huge ego trip where he really seems to think everybody is hanging onto the edge of their seat waiting for his next piece of enlightened wisdom. In reality, he hasn't said anything so far that wasn't laughable, questionable, or just plain stupid. The most recent thing he said that my son & I roared about was how he remembered 'the old days', when if somebody said anything about the troops, they could be shot & nobody would do anything about it - that you could get away with shooting them. That hasn't been the case ever in this country - unless you go back to the Old West days, and even then the sheriff would hunt your ass down for murder. Joe (Sam) is deluded andis embarrassing himself & his son.

Joe himself told me that after being closer to the political establishment, he won't run. Doesn't want to be part of it. Can't blame him.

Quite frankly, Starling, I don't know what you base your opinion of Joe upon. No, he doesn't have the same smarts as Marcy. His smarts are street smarts, based in reality. Marcy's "smarts" are based on socialist principals formed by her youth in a socialist union family. Marcy represents the vocal minority. Joe is a member of the silent majority.

Joe isn't a member of any 'majority', silent or otherwise, although I'm sure the individual who coined that term, Dick Nixon, would utilize Joe as a member of his own unique team of 'plumbers' (like Joe, those guys weren't liscensed either):


Even the guy from Fox News thought Joe's stupidity was "scary". Please let him run.

If all of the Joe supporters around here really believe he represents you, then you should be pleading him to run. Come on, do it...

Pink Slip

From Starling:I could spout my opinions just like Joe does, but it doesn't mean I know what I'm talking about.

I note that lack of knowledge hasn't slowed you down before. Why the sudden change?

From Starling:He's on a huge ego trip where he really seems to think everybody is hanging onto the edge of their seat waiting for his next piece of enlightened wisdom. In reality, he hasn't said anything so far that wasn't laughable, questionable, or just plain stupid.

Which, when you think about it, makes him the equal of at least half the politicians currently holding office. The only real difference being that they have won a popularity contest and Joe the Plumber is just getting started.

From Starling, talking about murder:unless you go back to the Old West days

You know Starling, if you knew half of what you think you know, you'd be making a phone number income and working in a high rise office building some place on Wall Street. What you know about the history of the old West wouldn't crowd the head of a pin, judging from your last statement.

Then we have the resident SwampBubbles town crier, Pink_Slip:Even the guy from Fox News thought Joe's stupidity was "scary".

No! The talking head from Fox News said that? Well then, that's gospel.

You know, Pink_Slip, if you want to criticize Joe the Plumber, the least you can do is write something that isn't three steps beneath a TV infomercial. Take McCaskey for instance, at least he was able to quote Tricky Dick Nixon and recall the plumbers accurately.

Of course, that might be his age showing...
::rim shot - laugh track::

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Jack, I don't always feel the need to specifically spell things out for folks. But then I forget that you're around...so here ya go. When I say this:

Even the guy from Fox News thought Joe's stupidity was "scary", the implication is that there are conservatives (the kind you'll find on Fox). And then there are stupid fucking conservatives, such as Joe. Let me know if you need me to dumb something down for you again. (I'll type slower)

Pink Slip

It matters not who the sacrificial lamb they run against Miz. Facelift,she of questionable sexual preference-she holds the office until the day she dies, just like Uncle Teddy the Swimmer. I get so tired of people even talking about this bullshit. There are just certain things in politics you have to be honest with yourself about-and one big one is she is never going away, regardless of performance.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

I have a feeling Joe, and Sarah Palin, are the commies WORST nightmare, and they are BOTH going to win!

Please run Palin and Joe! Please, Please Please!

I have a feeling Joe, and Sarah Palin, are the commies WORST nightmare

Then let's send 'em to China. They've been sending us a bunch of shit. Now we can return the favor

Pink Slip


That's a good one. I'll give you an 8.5 on the laugh meter.

No kidding, Pink_Slip, I actually laughed out loud when I read that one.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

And pinkie-there's stupid democrats like you, too.

'the commies WORST nightmare'

There's stupid, and then there's conservative stupid, and then there's certifiably conservative stupid. You've reached the mountaintop.

of old smokey!

Well, I'm higher than a kite... no, wait. Ok, I'm stupider than he is... Ok, that isn't right. Well, I must be slipping because McCaskey hasn't thrown me decent insult in a long time.

Anyway I'm higher than he is because I'm using a step ladder on top of the mountaintop.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

chasing 20-year-old UW coeds, Jack. You're in heaven looking down on the mountaintop. I'm jealous.

(pausing to laugh at McCaskey's post)

Gad. I would be happy to have Joe assist me with my plumbing needs. If Joe wanted to change careers and enter politics by starting with, oh, running for the local school board or engaging in precinct work, I'd say "hallelujah" and encourage him to polish his political resume. That's how people learn about the political world.

But to suggest that Joe the Plumber is ready to jump from snaking plugged toilets to swimming in the shark-infested waters of Washington, DC without even a few years of experience in the lowest local political offices is foolish.

Hey Joe: think about your years as an apprentice and journeyman plumber, polishing your skills and learning the trade. How many non-plumbers can handle the work of a master plumber after a few months of rubbing elbows with some Roto-Rooter reps?

Answer: none.

If the local Republicans would be stupid enough to offer up Joe the Plumber as a serious electoral challenger to Kaptur, I would have to believe that they had a failed-punk-rocker-turned-lifetime-litigant... coke-hoovering imbecile...hidden camera toting moron...perpetual adolescent with an Oxycontin-scarfing GF almost 20 years his junior complete nimrod as their executive chairperson.

coke hoovering imbecile? hoovering? I may take up a new career as a vacuum cleaner salesman. Sales - person!

No, I don't think that Joe the Plumber is ready for Washington DC sewer repair. Case in point, look what Washington did to Jimmy Carter.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

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