How can Carty's spokesperson help when he thinks Carty is digging his political grave? - updated

Jason Webber, the current spokesperson for the City of Toledo, must have a difficult job. On Jason's Myspace blog he says Carty is digging his political grave in a post titled "Workin’ for the man...":

"1) I've lasted nearly 4 months with Carty. Four completely bizarre, exhausting, soul-battering months. The mayor continues to dig his political grave, as he gets himself in one pickle after another. One upside--you can see me on the news at least once a week, moving the mayor through a crowd, holding up my palms towards reporters and hollering "No questions!" It makes for remarkably hilarious television viewing."

It must be hard working for someone who is digging a political grave. I guess in order to be successful, you must need to do a needs analysis of the situation. Still, I don't know how you can be successful when that is your assessment.

In another post he details how working with Carty is like working for the boss in the Devil Wears Prada (a good movie BTW):

The Devil Wears Generic Polo
And so it came to pass that young Jason Webber finally got what he wanted--specifically a job that paid him what he was worth, allowed him to utilize his creativity, and was operated by superiors who appreciated his gifts.

Most of you probably have not found your salary, job position, or your personal skills as the top story of the 6 o'clock news, but it happened to me last week. Not only that, I was repeatedly jeered by Fred Lefevre and the Angry, Affluent White Man Posse on WSPD (Toledo's conservative talk radio station).

And I'm fuckin' lovin' it. Like seriously.

I survived my first week working as Media Man to one Carleton S. Finkbeiner, quite possibly the most notorious mayor in Toledo history. This has been the most surreal week of my life, and according to my co-worker Lesa (the personal secretary to Hizzzoner), the surrealism will never wear off. Word!

To all of those who have emailed, texted and sent MySpace messages, I apologize for not responding. I'm literally working 12-13 hour days every day, and I can only sign into Myspace once or twice a week now. Nothing personal. Plus, I make sure I get to bed by 10:30 each night, so as to get as close to a full eight hours of shut-eye...which I definitely need. To work for Carty, you have to have lots of energy.

My first week has been a blur. It's not easy to detail all I've done, because frankly it went by so damn fast. My responsibilities range from compiling a media recap (summarizing at the beginning and end of the day what local media is talking about), to writing remarks and speeches for the Mayor (that easily takes up 60% of my time), to writing press releases, to just plain trying to keep up with the Mayor's pace. And seriously, this guy never stops. I'm talking about him skipping lunches, not getting home until 8 p.m. or so, and still getting up at 5 a.m. each day to go jogging. The guy's got more stamina than Ron Jeremy at a gangbang.

During my first week, I've felt like I'm stuck in a low-rent version of "The Devil Wears Prada," since part of my job is to drive the Mayor's next-day paperwork over to his house after I get off work. And there's no denying that Carty can be just like the Meryl Streep character. I'm like Anne Hathaway with a penis. On Friday, I was in his office with Elizabeth Phillips, his current spokesperson, and the Mayor SCREAMED at the top of his lungs, "ELIZABETH! Get out there and send out that press release!" The thing is, I wasn't bowled over by his ferocity. In fact, I had a hard time keeping myself from laughing. The guy sounds like Yosemite Sam when he screams at the top of his lungs. Swear to God. For a birthday present, all I want is for him is to yell "Great horny toads!" just for me.

I know that Jason has posted much more about topics, including local media organizations in town, but those are not of the public interest, so I won't post them here. Having an insight into the office dealings of Carty is in the public interest.

Jason's Response:
The blog entry that was posted was only a portion of a larger entry, which served to update readers of my private blog of then-current events. I have reason to believe that my private blog was hacked, since my account is set to 'Private.' That particular entry was posted in late November. The segment which refers to the Mayor was inspired by the incredible brouhaha that ensued after the Mayor presented the 2009 Budget to Council--that's what the "getting himself into one pickle after another" and "digging a political grave" portions were in reference to. It was certainly not easy to be Mayor Carty Finkbeiner last fall.
I am proud to be a part of the Finkbeiner administration, and to work as Mayor Finkbeiner's Public Information Officer…and his political grave is far from dug.

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I remember seeing Cart in full-bore rant mode before a 2005 election interview for TFP. I actually heard him first, cussing up a storm at a subordinate about some perceived campaign slight, then seeing me in an office waiting for him and turning on that Carty charm: "Good to see you, young man!"

He then returned to the expletive-filled rant before coming back to the office, extending a firm handshake, and offering me a great big grin and three hours of his time.

Anyways, unlike J. Webber, I did not find the rant to be akin to Yosemite Sam - it was quite ferocious. Perhaps the ensuing years have taken something away from Carty's ability to rage with unabated fury.

Or maybe you just get used to it over time. Maybe Brian Schwartz could weigh in on the ferocity of Carty-rage.

Funny that Jason ignored my "jeering" on air about his taking this job. I warned him not to and it seems that now he realizes it may have been a mistake. No amount of money is worth personal abuse at the hands of this mayor. Carty doesn't need a spokesperson when we are facing a budget deficit. Sorry Jason you're job is expendable.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

...your spelling is atrocious.

that blog was from september, right after he started his new job.. over 5 months ago right? isnt it a bit out of context to be quoting it now?

i just checked, and jason's myspace page is set to private.. so while it may have been foolish for him to post blogs like this.. they really werent meant for public consumption.

it makes one think twice to be your friend on social networking sites Chris!

is Jason is not my friend on any of my social networking accounts (that I know of) but in today's world you don't know how things will get out. The best thing to do is to always think about what you put on an electronic medium.

like I said.. it's foolish of him to post things like that
just wondering why you are digging this up 5+ months after he posted it?
for all we know, he loves his job now...

there wasn't any hacking involved to get this.

social engineering/hacking is no more ethical.

but did not happen in this case.

What sort of backwoods, unethical, National Enquirer-esque type of "reporting" is this?!
You receive information from an aquaintance of Mr. Webber, who has obviously betrayed his trust and is trying to damage his reputation, and publish his personal blogs regarding his personal feelings about his employer - this is a far cry from your claim of "...insight into the office dealings of Carty..."
Also, be careful of falling off your ethical high horse as you tout things like having the "public interest" in mind - publishing someone's obviously private blog writings under a sensationalistic headline as public record will cause more damage to the lives of individuals and your own reputation than "exposing" any of this will be of benefit to anyone.
If anything, you have proven yourself to be irresponsible and unethical. Stop trying to be Toledo's answer to Kenneth Starr and go back to journalism school.

Well, this post might be unverified informtion or hearsay, so it might be unethical, it may be "National Enquirer-esque type of reporting", it may even be touting one's "ethical high-horse" but that's not the question that this post seems to be trying to answer.

The question is: what kind of mayor do we have in Toledo? What about HIS ethics?

I never read or heard that Chris Myers ever make the claim that he was a journalist--responsible or otherwise so why are you trying to hold him accountable for ethics and journalistic integrity that he is not bound to?

Sure, there are professional ethics in journalism, but what about ethics of and for gov't officials? Ethics is a "two-way street". The Blade tossed out professional ethics in journalism years ago. Let's hear you whinge about that.

This kind of foaming at the mouth about "responsible and ethical journalism" is typical of those who want to ignore the ethics and fiscal irresponsibility of mayor Finkbeiner in order to divert people's attention away from answering the most important question.

I think even if one were to throw this kind of reporting out because it's third-party info, there are other ways and means to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Toledo's mayor lacks any credibility whatsoever.

BTW, I think most people might agree that by not posting under your real name that you've undermined your own argument.

Shall I assume that your parents named you "Jayott"? A little unusual for a first name or surname, isn't it?
Any type of reporting to be taken seriously should live up to journalistic standards, yes. Unless you're talking about something like a personal blog site, or something else private that is clearly editorial and set up for personal expression - but, who would take that seriously? I mean...really?!

Ott is a pretty common surname, and Jay is a pretty common first name. ;)


It would have been wrong to post everything, but a public person talking about a public official is fair game. That is why I left everything else out. I would not consider myself a journalist but I do think being able to get a glimpse of the inner workings and thought of the 22 floor is in the public interest.

When you were in grade school, did you intercept love notes between classmates, then stand up and read the contents aloud? All in the interest of the inner workings of the fifth grade class, of course. You've lost a hell of a lot of credibility. I'm sure that a lot of other S.B. readers have lost much respect for you, and will think twice before posting here or elsewhere, knowing that Mr. Myers can ferret out their comments, then use them as he wishes. Other than that, have a good week, Chris.

Patience is a great virtue.

I wrote many things similar to that. However, I wrote them in a journal bound in red leather and secreted in a place not even my family knows about.

Sorry Chris. I think posting this was wrong and makes me have second thoughts about having you as my friend on Facebook.

This is something that you'd have eaten Jon Stainbrook alive for.

i just terminated my facebook connection to Chris because of it. Not that facebook connections mean much.. but it's the thought that counts. ;)

but, I did just get a look at his Facebook - and, wow, a Captain America avatar and a list of rock bands (Coldplay, Linkin Park, Radiohead, U2, Foo Fighters) any 14-year-old would be thrilled to have on his or her Ipod...I guess if we're taking what others post on their social networking sites so seriously...I mean, enough to endanger their livelihoods, I'm starting to get a very vivid picture of who this Chris Myers really is...and "mature professional" doesn't really come to mind.
Lesson, kids...everyone blows off steam about their boss once in a while...and what one writes or posts on a private blog or Web site is more of a reflection of his or her personal life -- not his or her professional one.

Chris, you stepped over the line this time. I would not even do that to Fred LeFebvre. I would hate to be on your bad side.

Please don't let the "Terrible Three" get to you. Fred, Maggie and Brian are the kings of this type of terror.

Your a good guy Chris, and a big part of the community. You might have cost this guy his job.

"This is something that you'd have eaten Jon Stainbrook alive for."

I agree. This post is in poor taste.

to do what you want on Facebook. I understand your disappointment, this is definitely a modern issue and I am comfortable with my decision on this. Of course I expect modern consequences to it, such as losing Facebook friends but I think that when a public person who is in the know talks about another public person it is in the public interest to see what is said.

if jason loses his job because of your post, will you offer a public apology?

Chris Myers thought about how this would affect Mr. Webber or cares if he will lose his job or not.

Maybe he wants Webber's job? Who knows. It's a dick move, regardless.

I thought the profile was public when I weighed in. Now that I know it was not public, I henceforth notify Chris Myers that he is on Triple Secret MySpace and Facebook probation, and that if any such disclosures are ever again made public, I will convene a Blue Ribbon Fact Finding Commission to assess whether Myers gets moved to the dreaded Fourth Level Probationary status on both of my accounts, should I ever get around to updating them, or should I decide to give more than the proverbial rat's ass about either platform.

Ahem. OK, levity aside:

Posting potentially sensitive information about one's employer on an online platform or message board is always risky, even if the site islimited to members or invited "friends."

As for expectations of "privacy," this is still being worked out in court cases. Initial rulings have been split down the middle as to whether a "private" MySpace or Facebook account constitutes the same privacy rights as a privileged email, since a network of "friends" might constitute thosands of people, and such a poster might reasonably expect that a "private" post to hundreds or thousands of people by default is no longer "private."

Anyways, a word of warning to everyone who reads this, but nothing in what Jason Webber wrote is by itself especially noteworthy. If anything, his descriptions of Carty are pretty much what is common knowledge in the area, and I found nothing that even caused me to raise an eyebrow.

Either way, Chris danced into a gray area,

...leads to the loss of employment, it may be, legally, a less gray area.

Either way, Chris danced into a gray area,

Yeah, he's doing the Nixon two-step!


Boy that's a hot one! I kill me...

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Stupid is as stupid does. Jason needs to be a little smarter than this since he is in fact a former journalist. Hope I spelt everything write.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

...Forrest, stupid is as stupid does...
I don't think you'll be in line for his job either.

Jason has always been an ethical journalist, so it doesn't surprise me that he wouldn't assume that someone would betray him and then publish his personal writings on a public space.

I worked with Jason on a number of stories at TCP when I freelanced there, and I found him to be a diligent and conscientious writer and editor. He can also be trusted with confidential information, and Carty should be glad he has a person of Jason Webber's integrity working for him.

And no: I did not write this under duress, or for any hidden agenda. I just think Webber is a decent sort who deserves some respect.

with this one myers. This takes me back to the high school days...

What is this? The Onion?


Give me a break. This is no more "public interest" than Carty's last bowel movement.

How about...

good stuff!

In addition to getting a glimpse of what goes on on the 22nd floor, the original thing that struck me about the story was that here is someone who is paid by Carty to say good things is saying bad things about Carty.

The other thing was giving the high visibility of Brian posting on the Web previously to Jason, one has to wonder why someone thought it would be OK to post.

While there is the issue of privacy, there ultimately is no privacy on the Web and there are many ways that things you think are private could get out, including caches saved on computers, technology failing therefore allowing access, or someone who doesn’t like you shopping something around, or something being accidentally found. While not saying how specifically I came across it, these are some issues that one must consider when posting anything online.

Wow, is really John Stainbrook?

he should have known posting on the internet, private or not, might become public one day. sites get hacked into and people talk. cris, if i had a facebook page, i'd add you. i wouldn't post anything too personal, or damning because i know one day it might come back to haunt me. (i hope the grammar police is not on the prowl tonight.)

chris, the fact of the matter is you were emailed this information by someone who was "friends" with Jason. to blame this all on our modern-world we live in.. putting up your hands and saying "don't blame me! blame the internet!" is both pathetic and foolish.

you chose to "expose" this private/personal blog by Jason. If you didn't post this.. it's possible the word of his blog would have never left myspace. you chose to to expose a man venting about his new job FIVE MONTHS AFTER HE BLOGGED ABOUT IT.. and now Jason has to go on local news to defend himself.

You really should be embarrassed by your lazy journalism. your job is to filter the news, and pass along things you think we should know about. if you think putting someone's job on the line for such a petty exposé is something we need.. I question your position running a site of such (oddly high and questionably relevant) influence.

I worked with Jason Webber for five years at Toledo City Paper, and am proud to call him a colleague and friend, which is why I'm not afraid to use my real name. (I've also left Toledo's sad, scrambling, desperate love of Schadenfreude like this behind for the far greener pastures of a real city, so honestly, I just do not care about my "social standing" in Toledo at this point.) Based upon what I know about Mr. Webber and his reputation as a writer, you've only helped his career in trying to further your own. He's a bold and brave guy who speaks the truth. Cast the first stone, if you will - I'm sure you've never complained about your own job, right?

Whether it was a good idea for him to post his comments online or not is debatable, but he took measures to make them private. Thus, it is obvious you have an "inside man," so to speak, someone who was willing to put a friend's information into the wrong hands - yours. And you chose to use that. I used to be Toledo's biggest advocate, yet I was consistently disappointed by what it had become in the five years I spent back in my once-beloved hometown. Nobody there has any idea how the rest of the world operates right now - it's so different outside of that little box that Toledo has put itself in. Not to use a tired analogy, but Toledo is like the Titanic, and everyone is watching the ship sink and trying to figure out how they can get their five minutes of fame out of it instead of working together to save lives. It's heartbreaking.

I'd never even heard of this site until today, which makes it apparent that this was a publicity stunt. Enjoy your minute or two of fame, Joe the Plumber or whoever is running this - frantic grabbing for the spotlight does not result in lasting fame. (Joe the Plumber is the epitome of what is wrong with Toledo: grab it, grab it, grab it now, ohhhhh I need the fame. He's a national joke now, an embarrassment to a once-proud town, and everyone who loves and holds hope for Toledo - which I still do - should be as disgusted as I am by him.)

Personally, I won't be coming back to this site - this is my one visit, to say what I need to say. I get the impression from the comments that nobody is any more impressed than I am, which makes me hold hope for Toledo's future. By the way, lentileater, thank you for the biggest laugh I've had in weeks. I couldn't have said it better myself.

Lots of love from Houston, where it is warm, thriving, and people don't tend to derive joy from selling their fellow humans up the river on Web sites! Hey... could that be why it's thriving? Hmm...


Look! It's the official runner-up for Miss Didactic of 1973!

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

...looks behind his back often while walking. I could suppose that there are "boxes" in "boxes". If you are trying to get your political point not only across, but to triumph then it would make sense to do damage to the other side. Sowing distrust in the ranks (such as showing a "trusted" underling is not so trustworthy) might make sense to such a person. If a spokesman is fired who is competent then the leader (who may not be competent) is damaged. Actually, quite a smooth move, politically.

Or perhaps the leader is competent enough to realize that "loyalty" is not as important as competence in underlings. And that firing every "disloyal" underling would result in only syncophants and fools in your camp.

Old South End Broadway

are so pious as to point a finger at Chris for bringing Jason's comments over here to SB ! h
I don't read TCP much, so I don't know your writings , but now I would like to see them. You never quoted someone without asking them? I would like to see your record on this. Journalists quote people every day without asking them.
Public figures are and should be ever cautious of every word they put out !
Even a little known guy like me, I am careful of what I say here , at work , everywhere.
This is Jason's hard lesson to learn while he is yet a neophyte at work

It seems to me that a large number of comments here are from people who are friends or co-workers or past co-workers or whatever with someone involved. To that end, I would say it makes their opinions biased at least to some degree.

I know no one personally that posts here or the host, Chris Meyers. Nor do I know Carty personally although at times I feel like I do just from all the publicity he causes.

On this matter, I think it's really very simple. It is ALWAYS a very stupid decision to post ANYTHING on the internet that you would not want made public. You can discuss the ethics, privacy isues, rights, wrongs, whatever but it just is common sense not to do it. As the old saying goes, you make your bed, you lay in it.

This is an "opinion" board, not a hard news site. Which actually, is irrelevant as far as this goes. Someone got ahold of the info, he's a public employee paid with our tax dollars. He has no expectation of Privacy from a common sense standpoint.

If I had gotten this info and I had a website, I too would have published it in the interest of being NON BIASED only. That would be the only reason.

Regardless if it was "ethical" to steal a "private" blog, Webber has done what a great journalist does: he gets people talking. Good or bad, as long as people are involved...he has succeeded. Look at all this hubbub that he has caused. And it's just over some silly complaint about his job....and a man we all know to be an asshole (and yet he is still mayor...hmm interesting.)

TMZ is calling. To make a story out of hacking into personal space is the lowest of the low. You made a story of you. This is about Chris Myers not about Jason.
Shame, Shame double blame everyone knows your name you lame, dickless piece of shit.

Was it smart of Mr. Webber to post what he did? Not really but he did have an expectation of privacy that has been violated.

Chris, what did you hope to accomplish by starting this thread and publishing someone's private journal?

What did you accomplish? You go some extra traffic for your site - check. You got mentioned on Chan. 13 news - check. You caused many readers to lose respect for you - check.

There have been problems with postings on this site - crap by certain individuals has been tolerated to the point where many of us no longer come to this site daily, but Chris you need to decide what you want this site to be. Is it a serious political news site? A site for Toledo area residents to share information? Or do you want to be the of Toledo? By posting Mr. Webber's private writings, in my mind, you are no better than the so called journalists who go through Paris Hilton's trash.

Chris, I think an apology to Mr. Webber and your readers would be appreciated.

Actually, just because his myspace is set to private doesn't mean anything, anyone he added to his friends list will get to see the entire page, blogs, pictures, etc. so someone doesnt have to "hack" in to get it.

Darnit! This is the second time I've been busy doing my job and missed Swampbubbles making the news. I've really got to work less, neglect the family a little more often, let the laundry go....

A couple of things to share:

I've presented formal conference papers on this very subject--the fine line between public and private writing, and how we write "ourselves" rhetorically in online spaces. An important part of my writing classes addresses making smart choices when writing in public and PRIVATE ELECTRONIC venues, and the dangers of not doing so...I am not alone--this is standard stuff now, especially for adults.

It's pretty commonly accepted (and addressed in many writing textbooks) that if you don't want other people to see what you've written, don't distribute it in an electronic format which may haunt you someday. If Mr. Webber would have written these comments in an email, or in a public letter (think Carty's letter to Brian McMahon) and sent it, he would have been no safer or smarter.

If you don't want your privacy violated, take measures to maintain it. It is not someone else's responsibility to determine whether or not something you post online is intended to be private.

As a former journalist, I can weigh in on all the journalism comments and ethics comments. Though blogging is typed as a sort of citizen journalism, I wouldn't consider what we do in this space journalism. This is commentary/forum/expression. For comparison's sake, what HistoryMike did when he covered the North Toledo riots most definitely is journalism.
That does not mean that we shouldn't have some standards...but c'mon--we've got DBA spewing hate-speech jibberish, John/Phakit who can't be held to the standards of American English, much less a code of ethics; and then the Hafield-McCoy-like squabble between the city's worst DUI offender/City worker and Brian in sunny Vero Beach.

This is not a political NEWS site, as MaumeeMom calls it, but a political news FORUM. It is a place to discuss what is going on.
If someone handed Chris a sheet of these typed comments, could he have acted in the same way? Not with certainty that these comments did, in fact, come from Mr. Webber. If someone shows Chris the MySpace site, I'm not sure that it is necessary that Chris, as a private citizen sharing his findings with others in a political blog, is responsible for discerning whether Mr. Webber's page were public or private, or whether he intended for that material to be heard elsewhere.

Why Chris felt compelled to post it is another matter. He says he felt it was in the public's interest. It certainly is entertaining. I think we are all interested. Is it relevant? I'm not so sure.

I do feel bad for Webber--after all we've heard from Brian about filling those shoes...we know what he went through. Way to kick a guy when he is down!

"This is not a political NEWS site, as MaumeeMom calls it, but a political news FORUM. It is a place to discuss what is going on." HelenWheales

My actual comment was a question to Chris about what he wants this site to be not what I think it is:

"...Chris you need to decide what you want this site to be. Is it a serious political news site?"

"I've really got to work less, neglect the family a little more often, let the laundry go...." HelenWheales

Luckily, I managed to watch the news without doing these things - my family is not neglected and my laundry is all done, folded and put away. Dinner on the other hand is not yet ready so I'm off to the kitchen...

Correction noted, and an apology extended for taking your words out of context. I wanted to give reference to the comment. I should have scrolled back and read carefully.

And, I hope you know I was just kidding about neglecting my family, for crimeny's sake. I've got a husband to do the laundry and get dinner on the table so that I can give everyone all the attention they need!
(tee hee hee)

who can't be held to the standards of American English, much less a code of ethics; and then the Hafield-McCoy-like squabble between the city's worst DUI offender/City worker and Brian in sunny Vero Beach.

What about me and McCaskey? Don't I rate something here?

All kidding aside ::rimshot:: I'd really appreciate it if you'd take the first section of your post, clean and embellish it a little and publish it under required reading on You'd be doing a lot of good for everyone.

I'd also encourage the friendly folks over on Glass City Jungle to stop throwing new and used food long enough to read Helen's post and try digesting it.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Madjack v. McCaskey tends to be on issue...Sorry, you haven't really lowered the standards here. Try harder.

Which part of my post do you refer to? My comment about protecting your own privacy?

Beginning with I've presented formal conference papers and ending somewhere during the discussion about this specific issue, although this case would make a good example.

No kidding, it's a good piece and could be a real winner if it were extended.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I'm disappointed in everyone who expected more from Chris.

Pink Slip

LOL! Alright, Pink_Slip, that was pretty good. I'll give you a 7 on the laugh meter.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

it was spot-on accurate.

Jack, I might just send you that Christmas card yet...

Pink Slip

appreciate all of your comments. Obviously I hit a nerve online but your feedback is always welcome here. I spoke to 13abc tonight and will have a Toledo Free Press column on it this week.


Take it from somebody who has done some questionable things and lived to regret it.

An apology and moving on goes a long way.

I recommend it.

for the feedback Brian.

The person running this site showed his true colors well before this incident, IMO.

I'd advise all to remember this if he runs for public office in the future.

Well, unofortunately for Chris, this is all documented IN WRITING, on the World Wide Web 2.0!

On the news last night you said that you are not a journalist so you should not be held to the same ethical standards or something like that - but Chris, what about common sense and morals? So you aren't a real journalist - what about being a decent human being.

This was a high school girl type thing to do and the way you have dealt with the fall out has not redeemed you in my eyes.

The damage is done and I hope that a lesson has been learned by all involved.

but 13abc did not get into the discussion of my reasoning on the segment they showed.

I read all of the feedback and I understand it. I do appreciate all of you providing it.

for everything its worth

trying not to but I did want to provide more insight on why I did it.

from Webber's myspace blog that is in the 'public interest' or even anything new or revealing about the mayor.

From what was posted we can glean that the mayor, in Webber's opinion, continues to get himself in hot water and is his own worst enemy (hey, that's a new one!), that he works very long hours (actually a positive not a negative) that Jason Webber as a result has to work very long hours himself (big surprise), that the mayor screams at underlings (wow, never heard that one before) and sounds silly while doing so (okay, that may be new).

This is the class nerd taking the note that's been passed around in class and making sure the teacher reads it aloud to embarrass those he doesn't like.

Don't know whether to laugh or cry.

"This is the class nerd taking the note that's been passed around in class and making sure the teacher reads it aloud to embarrass those he doesn't like."


I think that TBT lurked in the background with the decision by Chris to release this "private" page (I reserve condemnation for leaking a webpage that is "privately" accessible to potentially hundreds or thousands of readers).

While we might regret the unexpected scrutiny Jason Webber faces - or any employment consequences - politics is an ugly f**king business. People who enter this field routinely get subjected to the worst sort of smears, innuendos, and personal attacks. While I empathize with Jason for the "outing," I also recognize that you need an incredibly thick skin to handle the sort of job he has.

This will either make him a tougher operative, or convince him that the brutality of politics is not what he wants.

Anyways, Chris is as much a political animal as anything else, and as far as the "true colors" comments: politics is far, far removed from ethics. When the two realms just happen to line up, hallelujah, but the world makes more sense to me when I assume that even the best politicians place ethics a distant second to results.

And look: if Chris had not published the Webber postings, someone else likely would have. It is obvious that someone in Webber's circle of "friends" is shopping around his writings. Some media outlet would have eventually caved in and made the same decision - just look at the feeding frenzy when Chris broke the story. Every single major news source ran the same story once it was "safe" to write about it.

Chances are that these screen shots got passed around like a well-stuffed Black-and-Mild at an Eminem show before Chris saw them.

'Anyways, Chris is as much a political animal as anything else, and as far as the "true colors" comments: politics is far, far removed from ethics. When the two realms just happen to line up, hallelujah, but the world makes more sense to me when I assume that even the best politicians place ethics a distant second to results.'

You know how much I respect your writings. Thank you for breaking down the essence of Chris Myers and how this site has been used to that effect.


TBT was not a factor in it. Actually, your second to last paragraph was one of the reasons why I decided to do it now. I just finished up a write-up explaining the reasonings and that was one. I had a conversation last week with someone where the postings were brought up and I did not know how that person knew. At that point, I knew that it was no longer a secret and that it may have come out here or somewhere else. I tried to keep it to what would provide some insight into what goes on on the 22nd floor instead of everything else.

Fair enough, though I am sure that no one in TBT is depressed that this story broke. It sure can't hurt to sow dissension among the ranks of a political opponent.

First off I may not know an awful lot about face book, my space, or whatever, but I know I sure as HELL would NEVER post ANYTHING on the internet that could cost me my job!! Not in a million years!!!

Seriously, you all who are down on chris now, would you??? Ever???

I mean stupid shit happens - I guess if I were Michael Phelps I wouldnt be hitting a bong when there were any cameras around either!!

He's a public figure, and as such, his privacy is severly limited.

I do happen to think that if a political spokesman is bashing said politician on another venue, then it IS in the public's interest. Brian Schwartz says he's got all his stories in a file somewhere, and as part of the public, I'd love to read it should he decide to make it public.

How wouldnt the opinion of such people be of the public interest if a spokesman is being told to say one thing and elsewhere says that what he's being told is a bunch of crap? Can this young man shed some light on what really goes on in 22 gov't center? hell yes he could, so why wouldnt that be in the public interest?

Bash chris all you like, but like I said - if Brian Schwartz decided to make his file public, I'd read it in a heartbeat, and in my book, if you post it on the net - you've done just that, made it public domain.

I sure as HELL would NEVER post ANYTHING on the internet that could cost me my job!!

Right. You wouldn't, I wouldn't, HistoryMike wouldn't and Helen darn sure wouldn't.


Billy, please don't take this as an insult, but my observation here is that you are very probably of average intellect and education. So am I. Mama didn't raise no dummy - no genius maybe, but no dummy. I think that it's very likely Jason Webber is in the same group.

Think: Why would someone who is at least of average intellect and wisdom post something on MySpace where he must know that it isn't secure, and leave it for six months? Mr. Webber knows he is in a high profile position and he writes about his experiences and labels the writings as belonging to him. He leaves this data unprotected for some months.

Having finally read the published data over, I found it boring and singularly unenlightening, as McCaskey pointed out there isn't anything new to be seen here.

So Chris gets hold of it somehow and publishes it. I haven't seen much by way of retaliation by the presumed owner, Jason Webber. It's as if Mr. Webber thought about this eventuality and simply shrugged it off.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

"Teachers’ privacy on MySpace has created controversy across the world. They are forewarned by The Ohio News Association [18] that if they have a MySpace account, it should be deleted. Eschool News warns, “Teachers watch what you post online.” [19] The ONA also posted a memo advising teachers not to join these sites. Teachers can face consequences of license revocations, suspensions, and written reprimands.

The Chronicle of Higher Education wrote an article on April 27, 2007 entitled "A MySpace Photo Costs a Student a Teaching Certificate" about Stacy Snyder[20]. She was a student of Millersville University of Pennsylvania who was denied her teaching degree because of an unprofessional photo posted on MySpace, which involved her drinking with a pirates’ hat on and a caption of “Drunken Pirate". Due to this, she was not given an English degree."


Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I understand that Stacy has filed suit, but no trial date has been set.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Ms. Snyder, aka Drunken Pirate, has been a wonderful example for my students.
She is wearing a pirate hat and holding a plastic cup. It is the caption Drunken Pirate that cost her her diploma and teaching certificate, not to mention her livlihood.
Just another bitter lesson in this ever-changing world: You can alter an audience's perception of a photo with the words you choose to caption it.
I hope she wins her suit, honestly. I feel sorry for young people today. They do not have the privacy older generations had (see: Michael Phelps) and they don't understand the value of privacy. Everything is a show; everything is recorded for the amusement of others (even Twittering falls into this category).

Personally,I don't understand why any1 cares what Jason or any1 else writes about Carty! I sincerely believe we ALL have alot more stressing things to be upset about . ( like our economy ) Do you really think Carty even gives 2 whoots about what people think of him?
I say if Jason is doing his job,leave him the hell alone! It's NOBODY'S business what Jason thinks.They are his thoughts,his inner feelings!

As my sister would say,"wipe yer own ass before you worry about things that don't pertain to you"

Sure, the story was here first, but all the TV stations jumped on it. Where's the criticism of how they handled the story?

un-tag this "news" and we'll pretend you've apologized

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