Favorite non-chain Toledo area restaurants

Discuss your favorite Toledo area restaurants, preferably non-chain places. Even better, make it a hole-in-the-wall joint, like the dinner I had at Pat and Dandy's on Laskey Road tonight.

Truth moment: I really wanted to start a post so that DB-A's goofy mug and his book were no longer the first thing I saw when I loaded Swampbubbles. However, I did have a great slab of BBQ ribs at this neighborhood bar and grill, and at $12.95, it was a heckuva bargain. Meat fell right off the bones, and the sweet-tangy sauce was worth remembering, especially the ever-so-slight hint of cloves.

But really, David Ben-Ariel's smarmy face ranting about Obama's citizenship again was just too much. Of course, now DB-A will show up and bust me for eating th flesh of cloven-hooved animals, but too frigging bad. I'll bet Jesus would eat two slabs of Pat and Dandy's excellent spare ribs.

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Is the butter-brushed NY Strip at Ahmeds Steakhouse on Alexis.

With soup, salad, fries included it's also a good deal.

Kudos to the gang at Ahmeds.


You know it's a good meal when if ears are ringing when you leave the table.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Chris, please do not allow DB-A to post pictures on the main menu page. I am with HMike on this and and don't want to see his mug when I bring up your site. He is using your site for his despicable, racist, bent, religious propaganda.

Beirut/Byblos/Poco Piatti. The food is always excellent, and the owner is a great supporter of the community.

I still like Poco Piatti., but their old menu was much better.

but have never been there and have no idea where it is.

What kind of food? Sounds Italian.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

It’s a tapas restaurant. Basically it only serves appetizers. They run from 3-13 bucks and are traditionally Spanish in nature. Like any restaurant in Toledo, they have adapted their menu to include some Greek and Lebanese as well. I do like their paella as its way too much trouble for me to make at home more than once per year at best.

Also their Sangria is top notch. They’re menu as of late has gotten away from Spanish tapas and gone more exotic like Tia. Good, but not the same.

Chuck E Cheese


You are a definitely a pot-stirrer today, Chris.

Depends on what I'm in the mood for...

Burger - Dale's Bar and Grille, hands down the best in town. Add an ice cold Stella Artois (or three), an order of fires and a football game and you have a great afternoon.

Prime Rib - White House Inn - The medium is huge and if you get the home fries as the side you can feel the table strain under the weight.

Wings - Fricker's, but I do like Trotter's tavern's bannana pepper wings too.

Sandwich - Rosies prosciutto and arugula panini - I dream about this sandwich

that gets whatzisface off the top of the page...

Andres's Lounge---for soups

Jo-Jo's (original location W. Toledo)/J&G (tie)--for pizza

Manhattan's--for drinks/burgers

Mancy's Italian--for, ummm, Italian

Ahmed's/Mancys (tie)--- for steak

The Seafood---for, ummm, seafood

The Gourmet Garden--for Chinese

Mayberry Diner--for breakfast

all my favorite regional non chains can be found here:

In no particular order, here are a few favorites that I remember well:

Classic Cafe - casual breakfast or lunch

Barry Bagels - lunch

Cafe Marie - once in a while for late breakfast.

Tony Packo's on Monroe St. - Lunch

J & G Pizza in Downtown Sylvania - Pizza, Gyros. Excellent!

Avenue Bistro - Lunch

Gourmet Garden on Monroe - Chinese

Shorty's BarBQue - Ribs! Beer! Sit outside!

Rosie's on McCord - Lunch in the summer, sitting outside.

Rose Thai on Monroe St. - Excellent Thai

Angelo's Northwood Villa on Detroit - Dinner, dancing.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

One thing about Toledo is that there are a lot of great independently owned restaurants... I like going to Reynolds Cafe or the Glendale Garden Cafe for breakfast... a whole lot of food for a low price... and the lunches and dinners are the same way... comfort foods at a good price... but what do I know...

those places are great.

Here is a piece I wrote on the Cafe's on my own Blog awhile back.

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You can't leave Inky's off the list.

Or Loma Linda's

Agree on Dale's burgers... but Shawn's Irish Tavern is close.

Jing Chuan for Chinese - absolutely the best!

Michael's downtown for Chili Mac - their daily specials and hamburgers are really good too.

Doc's in Tontogany for ribs - YUM!

I agree with SensorG - the White House Inn is the place for prime rib and the home fries are wonderful, just be ready for lots of left overs.

Maggie's in P-burg for Fried Chicken - I've never tried the food off the menu because the specials are always delicious.

Barry Bagels has a great baked potato with tuna - a regular craving food when I had my last child.

Inky's is good, their portions are HUGE and at a reasonable price.

Real Seafood - the crab cakes are awesome and so is the slaw.

The Blarney - Potato Latkes are perfect with a half & half.


And what is this now, food/restaurant thread #2149?


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Mi Hacienda on Glanzman and The Flower Drum on Byrne
I'd be lost without those two, best mexican and chinese food in town IMO.

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