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Eleven people have been named to the newly formed Dog Warden Advisory Panel, The Blade calls for a new dog warden and it appears that Ben Konop may have stepped into a small animal trap when he chose to question and possibly criticize the actions of dog killer 'Baby Doc' Skeldon and the Lucas county Tonton Macoute. Don't be too quick to chew your leg off, Ben. I think you'll find some help from the voters in Lucas county on this one.

From The Blade editorial: Whatever he may have been 22 years ago when he became the county's chief dog officer after his uncle, Democratic icon and former county commissioner Ned Skeldon, put in a good word for him

Baby Doc Skeldon should never have been appointed in the first place, but it seems that blatant nepotism was overlooked back then. Let's get rid of all the Skeldons while we're at it. Tina Skeldon-Wosniack has over-stayed her welcome for some years now. Put her in the unemployment line right behind Pete Gerkin in the next election.

My only question is this: by the title, Dog Warden Advisory Panel, it would seem that this panel has no real authority. If the panel recomends the removal of Baby Doc Skeldon, how will the county commissioners deal with it? Tina Skeldon Wosniack should recuse herself due to an obvious conflict of interest, although I doubt she will do that. That might leave Ben Konop vs. Pete Gerkin. How would the tie be broken?

I'd suggest pistols for two, coffee for one... Ben could prove he not only supports the second amendment, but could also get a strong nomination for the Humanitarian of the Year award.

Here are a few links to The Blade:

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Thanks for your diligence in keeping this issue front-and-center. The sad (but telling) part of this story is that some of the new board members found out via the Blade that they were selected. At this point it appears that the Dog Warden's office coordinates the calling of meetings, which probably means that: a) there will be few meetings; and b) that Skeldon will control meeting agendas.

My understanding is that Skeldon has quite a few "safe" members on the board, with only one or two who have been outspoken critics of the dog warden.

PS - "Baby Doc" was a funny touch. This was almost as hilarious as your Tonton Macoutes reference on another board. It's a lot more humorous to dredge up obscure historical goon squads than to take the easy comedy road and holler "Nazi."

(disclaimer and full disclosure: historymike writes in his own capacity as an area citizen, and not as a spokesperson for any animal rescue groups with which he is affiliated)

More thoughts about Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon on my blog.

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