Paul Harvey Dead, Will Taylor Kia Show Respect???

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I'm hoping that Steve Taylor at Taylor Kia/Cadillac will now find a new way to get people in his dealerships. I've always found his "celebrity voice" commercials offensive, especially since there's been no "celebrity voice impersonated" disclaimers. Here's a great opportunity to add some class to your dealerships. Please take it.

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this is the contact form. I agree that this ad appoach is old and worn out.


Please allow me to add my complaint about Banner Mattress ads on tv, the background noise, presumably meant to get your attention is very annoying.
Paul Harvey RIP. He will be a missed voice of commen sense.


especially since he's now passed, but I've found most of the others over the years using Clinton, Bush, occasionally Cheney (when he shot his friend while hunting), Michael Jackson, etc. pretty damn funny. On the 20-25 minute drive to/home from work they were often the best thing on.

I'm afraid we'll have to agree to disagree on the humor of the commercials. I think they are incredibly disrespectful of our elected leaders. Regardless of party.

Doesn't really make much difference to me. My Dad once told me that if a car dealer ad talks in commercials about anything but selling cars, or shouts in commercials, then they are not a dealer you want to do business with. Since Kia seems to try to sell to those who normally would only be able to afford a used car, the commercials don't surprise me. But to use such lowbrow commercials to sell Cadillacs must make GM cringe. I'd love a CTS if things like children and ever increasing property taxes didn't get in the way. But I'd never even think of shopping at Taylor, even though they are right down the street from me.

they never once gave me the inclination to buy a car from Taylor. I was in it purely for the silliness and probably tuned out whatever 'deal' was being hawked, although I do remember something about a job and $199.

'I think they are incredibly disrespectful of our elected leaders. Regardless of party'.

Quite honestly, sometimes our elected leaders aren't worthy of our respect. Regardless of party.

Maybe now that Paul's up there, he can manage some sort of smiting for the "impressionist". Maybe some boils or something.

While I understand the effectiveness of "badvertising", I could not stomach those Taylor Kia ads mocking Paul Harvey. The voiceover "talent" sounded nothing like him. In a vain effort to sound like him, it was almost impossible to understand him.

Only two radio commercials are so painful to listen to that I have to change the channel. That is one. The other was the Osterman Jewelers radio ad with the guy singing. it was painful!


First of all, I think that it's a great loss... Mr. Harvey was a wonderful part of some great memories as I was growing up...

That said, I seem to remember from my broadcast classes as well as some FCC rulings that if one were to use a celebrity sound-alike, they had to run a disclaimer as well as contact the celebrity or they would be held liable... Fred, maybe you know the answer as you've been in the industry a bit longer than I...

Yeah, I've often wondered why there was no "celebrity voices impersonated" in the commercial. Seems to me that they actually did at one point, but then it stopped....

and from early on in my tenure made my opinion known that not only was this possibly illegal...but the "impersonation" wasn't even that good and annoying at best. Of course, station staff and management had no interest in any opinions from those who were not in the "inner circle."

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