Top 15 Twitter users in Toledo

Here are the top 15 Twitter users in Toledo:

Rank Name Bio Followers
1 allenmireles
Social media marketing/PR strategist who loves work & family & never gets enough time in the garden. Endlessly curious. Constantly learning. Often joyf 1,031
2 drigotti
(Dave Rigotti)
I'm Dave Rigotti, an online marketer with a passion for search, social media, and word of mouth marketing. 996
3 biztube247
(Victoria Kamm)
Teacher, mother, entrepreneur, early adopter, trend spotter, obsessed with SEO/SEM. 1,683
4 raywatts
(doctor Zhivago)
Missional Christian, software engineer, conservative advocate of limited government, pro-life #tcot, composer. I'm going to be okay. I like soup. 1,009
5 marciahoeck
(Marcia Hoeck Steger)
Marketing/branding firm owner, staff development consultant, crazy dog mom, funnest grandma, and tinkerer. 1,212
6 tekrat
(Ervin Kosch)
Lucky geek with good life 1,090
7 maggie82
one of the few conservatives in NW Ohio; radio talk show host, columnist, blogger, #tcot 906
8 JayRushMusic
Jay Rush is a singer/songwriter that has worked with Foxy Brown, AZ, and Styles P. Check out his music and if you're feeling it, forward the links to friends. 930
(NEWS 11)
WTOL is the CBS affiliate serving northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. 460
10 bobwelly
The health and wellness wizard--wanting to make the world a healthier place.Inventor of the internet. 664
11 vagabundo
(Javier Lopez)
12 joshuawhite
(joshua white)
photographer, video producer, husband, awesome. 302
13 LivingNaturally
I'm married, with 2 dogs and 3 cats. My blog provides tips for reducing exposure to chemicals for your health, home, garden and yard 426
14 Adamhansen
(Adam Hansen)
government office worker from Toledo, Ohio 274
15 jfollas
(Jason Follas)
.NET and WoW... Is there anything else in life? 257

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I'm more of a facebook guy.


I am sort of old school when it comes to writing, and I prefer blogging over Twitter because my site is more like a collection of essays: lengthier, sometimes ponderous, and if I choose to spend 10 minutes mulling over an especially important phrase or sentence.

Some Twitter users actually compose thoughtful prose on the fly, but far too many fall into the sort of uninspired "here's what I am doing right now" genre, like this set of Twitter posts from a user with the TwitterFon app (picked at random from Twitter's search function):

Trying to score some me time, but it is impossible when no one wants to leave me alone!
about 1 hour ago from TwitterFon Heading out to dinner. Have no idea where.
about 5 hours ago from TwitterFon Reading during a thunderstorm. Learning how to be the Queen of My Castle!
about 6 hours ago from TwitterFon I am in need of an ah-ha moment right about now.
about 7 hours ago from TwitterFon I'm flying a kite. Literally.
about 8 hours ago from TwitterFon Hates when plans change and u have to start from scratch.
about 9 hours ago from TwitterFon Lunch @ Hooters. Why do I always get suckered into eating here on Saturdays?
about 11 hours ago from mobile web I have to go get my GA driver's license first! Sucks! Hope the line isn't too bad!
about 13 hours ago from TwitterFon Heading to Savannah! For fun and shopping!

Admittedly I sometimes write essays about some arcane aspect of my life, but I usually have a point or some insight as to why I wrote about, say, when I walked to the local park the other day.

Again, I am no Charles Dickens, but I find most Twitter users to offer little in the way of compelling narrative.

I wonder how long it will be before some enterprising post--post-modernist strings together a collection of Twitter-ish posts to create a "compelling narrative" ?

And Mike, if you were truly "old school about writing," you'd be writing longhand on a BigChief steno pad...or carving in stone. Blogging counts as progressive, especially when you actually have something worthwhile to say that enriches someone else's life in some way. I haven't read everything on your blog, but do see that your writing fits that category!

College-level-writing textbooks are beginning to address blogging as a genre, rather than a hobby.

The paper of choice for Ignatius Jacques Reilly. I am humbled by the mere presence of the hot dog quaffing Big Easy resident.

I admit that I am clueless to the point about Twitter (I guess I am that old). I fail to see why anybody needs to post a minute-by-minute run down of their daily life for others to read. I am more perplexed as to why anybody would care enough to bother reading this drivel. The world seems to get more abrievriated all the time. We have voice mail, text messages, instant messaging, blogs - and now, twitter. People seemed to manage just fine pre cell phone & computer - and I do 'get' how this technology has improved our lives, I still think it's being taken to an absurd extreme. To think that there are probably millions of people who 'twitter' their daily moments for public viewing, and worse, that there are just as many who take time from their lives to read the rambles of others is amazing to me. I do not classify forums and many blogs in the same catagory as twitter, face book, my space, etc. - but most that I've seen just seem a waste of time, boring beyond belief - who really cares what somebody did or thought 10 minutes ago? Nobody really cares to see photos of other people's kids or how the toilet training is going, or that so & so got a new job or how sally is doing in school, or how the party last week went & who made fools of themself (with photos that often damn them later).
What has inspired the masses to make their private lives so horribly public?

Let's see, I'm clicking on someone's Twitter page who goes by 'Pop17'...just a random selection

'and I still have a cramp from dancing with the girls'---8:52 p.m. Feb. 28

'Moving my bed around. Whoa that's an effort'.---2:25 p.m. Feb. 27

'I'm not going to the National Arts Club after all. It's too late to go now after dinner'--5:03 p.m. Feb. 26

'Going to get some coffee to sip while reading news. Any good news I should be aware of?'.--8:09 am. Feb. 26

'I don't have a soft spot for cupcakes right now. On the other hand, ice cream'--6:11 p.m. Feb. 23

Good Gawd. The Apocalypse is here.

Heading to basement rec room to watch DVR of last week's '24'!! Yes, I'm an occasional nighthawk!!!Eating bowl of Wheaties while I watch show!! Wearing old Outer Banks T-shirt and yes I'm wearing pants!!!!'---
McCaskey 'twitter'----March 1, 12:28 a.m.


it's ok if you don't get it! :)

I'm just too friggin' old to get it, LOL. Or maybe I just don't find my life interesting enough to have to update all my friends as to my comings/goings/doings, etc. several times a day.

i think you'll find most people's twits are quite mundane
that being said.. it can offer a glimpse into you friends lives, and can be quite addictive if you give yourself some time exploring it! :)

I think i'm at the point in life I need to reduce my addictions, not add to them, lol.

is this top list bases on follower #'s ?

grader bases them on # of tweets and followers. I think they also toss in replied messages too.

Chris: Did you know about the Toledo Tweetup we had a couple weeks ago?

Sorry if you and others were not aware; we'll make sure everyone knows next time. For a list of Toledo-area Twitterers, see the list that were at the Tweetup:


the heads up.

I wanted to do it last time but I was out of town.

Want to be heard? Leave a voicemail at Toledo Unplugged: (419) 464-7952
We'll put your voice in a podcast every Monday and Thursday

It's like putting all the crap that floats through your head into print for the public to view - as if it matters, or as if anybody cares - the mental ramblings of boring people (or bored people) - good grief, what ever happened to keeping some mystery about outselves? Just too much irrelevant information. Not sure what I find more pathetic - the ones who twitter their mindless thoughts because I assume, anybody who does this is on a huge ego trip (or incredibly lonely) , or the ones who are so bored & have such empty lives that they have so much time or interest to care to read this crap (or incredibly lonely).

Pink Slip has joined the realm of twitterism (if that's the word). No time to really create a blog, so maybe this will suffice for now. Plus I get to point out hypocrisy---like when Maggie Thurber claims to "show the proper respect" when she references people in office, yet refers to the Obama administration as "radical leftists".

Pink Slip

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