The Stainbrook tapes

Michael Miller of the Toledo Free Press pens this week's column on the "Stainbrook tapes". An interesting read if you are following the whole saga. Also of fun are the proposed messages that Jon may have on tape.
Lucas County Republican Party chairman Jon Stainbrook recently said on a FOX Toledo “Talk Back” segment that he often tapes telephone conversations. Stainbrook said these conversations are taped because he is a “journalist.” Putting aside the fact that Stainbrook’s contributions to journalism are on par with my contributions to designer fashion and Arctic exploration, the catch is that the people being “interviewed” apparently do not always realize they are being taped.
In full disclosure, I am not on any tapes because I have not talked to Jon on the phone or one-on-one at the office. I don't imagine that happening in the future either.

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I'm glad to see the drug theme arise. Stain where did you start your drug habit? High School? Which one? Possibly some hospital stay? Opps nobody is suppose to know that one. Maybe at Frankies? No, strictly music promotion going on there. Maybe from a hospital patients room? True love is a women who will steal drugs for her babe. Gotta go now, need to be constructive today.

“Jon Stainbrook? This is Michael Miller of Toledo Free Press. I heard you say on Lee Conklin’s show that the Free Press ‘stole your book,’ but I’ve looked all over my office, and I can’t find a copy of ‘OxyContin Addiction for Dummies.’ If one shows up, I’ll get it back to you.”

OK, anyone here want to flesh out the details of this? Something officially on the record? Arrest warrent? Or just insider information where someone's talking out of school?

Because it strikes me that if there isn't anything on the public record about this someone's probably getting someone who apparently enjoys doing just the story itself indicates.

Truth is, just tossing it into the story with no qualifier or explanation strikes me as highly unprofessional journalism.

what's with the OxyContin reference?

Read this thread and the police reports for more info. Rumor has it (ATTENTION: JUST A RUMOR) that Meghan is not the only one with serious OxyContin problems.

Of course, there may be public disclosures of the drug habits and/or police records of other related individuals of which I am unaware, since I would have to work full-time to keep up with the legal and criminal hijinks of these clowns.

Somehow i missed (or had forgotten) this thread back in Oct.

OK, I don't personally know these fine folks, but I still must say, the reference in Mr. Miller's column continues to strike me as potentially libelous. I'm not an attorney, but the column is about Stainbrook, not Megan Gallager. Rumors and innuendo aside, if Jon Stainbrook hasn't been officially connected with abusing/being addicted to the drug....

I find the reference to be reckless in the least and, again, tossed about in the column as if every reader is supposed to be part of some inside joke, awareness, or secret handshake.

It leads to more questions than answers, which I never find to be solid journalism, but maybe that's the whole point...(people like me asking questions about this)....

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