Income Tax Hearing

I have received many, many emails inquiring about the proposed ordinance that would increase the income taxes for people living in Toledo but working in the suburbs.

Toledo City Council's Committee of the Whole will be discussing this issue and will take public testimony at a meeting Monday, March 2nd at 4:30 p.m. The committee meeting will be in City Council chambers at One Government Center on Jackson and Erie.

Tom Waniewski

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i work from home in toledo for a business in chicago
they take out my taxes just as they should and everyone follows the rules. now toledo wants to penalize me for staying in toledo, instead of moving to chicago. all of my money is spent here. i own a house toledo. i just bought a car in toledo. what is the incentive to stay? adding a double taxation is insulting to those that choose to stay here!

Carty is nothing if not insulting.

If they do decide to go through with this, it should make the surrounding communities very happy as it will increase their tax base as people leave Toledo to move into the communities where they work.

I'm interestred in seeing how this tax will affect me,I work in toledo for a co. that si HQed in NJ. It may not matter for much longer ,I'm looking to get out of toledo anyway.

how this is even legal.
i spoke with a city council person who said they thought this was double taxation.

one other aspect that frustrates me about this is (and sorry if i seem too hung up on this concept):

when I was a freelancer, and was doing work for cities outside of Ohio, I was responsible for my own taxes, so of course everything was going directly to Toledo (as they obviously prefer). BUT during this freelance time in my career, I was also responsible for my own health care, had no benefits or job security etc. i was at that point, MUCH more likely to move for work, and leave the toledo area.

now that i have the full time job.. health care etc.. and am therefore in a more stable position in life and MUCH less likely to leave toledo for greener pastures.. they want to give me a tax increase based on my stability.

i realize that this new tax idea is probably more targeted at people that live in toledo and work in say.. perrysburg or maumee.. and people like me are not the norm. BUT... living in the old west end, there are a lot of people here who live in Toledo specifically because of this neighborhood and it's history.. and who would not be here at all if it werent for the neighborhood. many of these people teach at BGSU, or work for companies outside the city and state. i wonder how many of these people will consider leaving if this passes? i suspect quite a few will be weighing their options

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