US Soldier defies Obamma!!

A US soldier has openly defied the president!

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slow news day huh?

This wont go anywhere for the soldier, but seriously, what's the big deal with Obama just pulling out the Birth cert?

Hell, I hadda pull one out just to get into Canada last year!

My god, how many times do people have to see it?

It's ironic to me that we've seen Obama's birth certificate MORE than any president's in history

Pink Slip

...that year are U.S. citizens. I imagine they all had the same kind of certificates issued. I wonder if they could get some kind of compensation for being illegally occupied by U.S. forces.

Old South End Broadway

You can never convince a conspiracy theorist. You produce the birth certificate, and they will claim it was faked, or that the Obama campaign paid a Hawaii state official to retroactively issue a birth certificate that still does not meet SACRED CONSTITUTIONAL STANDARDS.

Dear nutcases: the reason why the Constitution is vague on defining "natural born citizen" is that innovations such as jet airliners, copier machines, and computers were not around in 1789. In a smaller country with just a couple of million people it was relatively easy to establish someone's citizenship - you just asked around.

For the record, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution sets the basic qualifications to be elected as President:

1. be a natural born citizen of the United States; (CHECK)
2. be at least thirty-five years old; (CHECK)
3. be a permanent resident in the United States for at least fourteen years. (CHECK)

But hey: conspiracy nuts will just claim I am either a willing dupe or (ahem) PART OF THE GLOBAL CONSPIRACY TO INSTALL AN AL-QAEDA OPERATIVE AS COMMANDER IN CHIEF.

(historymike leaves thread to get some Excedrin)

weren't you voted best commie-jew blog by the brownshirts? If so that puts you right in the conspiracy and probably gives you motive to want to spread disinformation on the conspiracies that do exist. ;)

I wonder who he thinks he's fooling with that pathetic fac. birth certificate. And not one single person who voted for him gives a rats' ass where he comes from-after all, he's the messiah!


If it were a Senator going to Syria after the State Department disapproved the trip, that would be "news"

"Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida, a member of the Armed Services and Foreign Relations committees, met with Assad after the State Department said that it disapproved of his trip. The United States has limited diplomatic ties with Syria because of its support of Hezbollah and Hamas, which the U.S. deems terrorist organizations, and President Bush has expressed reluctance to seek help from Damascus on Iraq until the Syrians curb that support and reduce their influence in Lebanon."

"Pelosi and a delegation of five congressional Democrats and Ohio Republican Dave Hobson met for three hours with Assad, including a lunch with him in Damascus' historic Old City."

Or if it were a former US President breaking US policies and meeting with terrorist leaders, that would be "news"

"Former President Jimmy Carter met with a top Hamas official on Tuesday, according to the Associated Press, despite criticisms from the White House and Israeli officials that meeting with the terrorist organization would legitimize its actions."


Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

The soldiers have exposed an apparent president usurper who they shouldn't just blindly follow orders from, especially since Barry Soetoro has FAILED to prove he's a natural born citizen (or when he changed his name).

God bless those brave souls who are defending our country and Constitution!

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