Holding TPS accountable for stimulus money press conference

Four Toledo, Ohio groups, concerned with the plight of black students ask U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to hold the Toledo Public School's Board of Education accountable for any "stimulus" funds coming into the district. President Barack Obama has demanded accountability from Mayors and promises to "call out" stimulus recipients who use monies to further their own agendas or to perpetrate fraudulent distribution of funds. We promise the same scrutiny and accountability.

We are asking for an accounting of past monies generated by the 821 Million dollar Building for Success program and the negative impact the program has had on the black community by the Board of Education not adhering to the Inclusion Plan for minority contractors.

The Toledo Board of Education, it's leadership Steve Steel, it's superintendent John Foley and his administration have neglected and failed black students attending it's public schools with unfair discipline policies and by not providing quality educations for them.

We have asked the U.S. Secretary of Education to bypass the Board of Education, TPS and other oversight agencies with the economic stimulus expected to be allocated to Toledo for education, special education and any building program.

The Press Conference will take place:
Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Frederick Douglass Community Association Building
1001 Indiana Ave- Gymnasium
9:30 AM

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Unfortunately, as has been reported by 13abc and the toledo blade, TPS is not a part of the governor's plan. The request will be a very easy one to fulfill if the governor's plan for the state's stimulus money actually happens. TPS is the only urban district of its size to not receive any additional funding from the state through the stimulus package. In addition to not receiving more money, they will actually see a decrease in funding in 2010. Meanwhile, other school districts of similar size and similar enrollment drops as well as all the major cities will see increases in spending.

I am actually surprised that when the governor released his plan for spending the state's share of stimulus that our city did not throw a fit. Instead, it seems to have been all but ignored.

last night, Foley and Steel are eagerly awaiting their piece of the pie.

"Based on the Governor's proposal, TPS would see no increase in funding in 2010, and a 2% decrease in 2011.

Toledo has seen a drop in enrollment over the last ten years, but so have larger cities like Cincinnati and Columbus, and they're funding is going up."


"TPS Superintendent John Foley looked at his district compared to the other large urban districts in the state and had no answers as to why they were going to get increases and Toledo is not."


"Strickland's plan invests an additional $275 million in local school districts over the two-year budget cycle, which includes a heavy infusion of as-yet-unsecured federal stimulus money."


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