Marcy Kaptur in her own words on special interests, lobbyists and campaign finance

Back in 2007, I noticed that special interests were creeping into Marcy's
campaign funds
. Of course Unions are special interests, but I was referring specifically to lobbyists. I found a quote from Marcy and put it in that story suggesting that she should heed her own words. Well she did not and continued accepting even more money to the point that a lobbying firm was her biggest donor during the 2008 cycle. Some have wondered why single out Marcy? The reason is simple, because she has been very outspoken in the past about special interests and the problems it creates, yet here she is right in the middle of the problem.

But that post I made in 2007 prompted me to want to look up more about what Marcy has said about special interests, lobbyists and campaign finance, so without further delay, here is Marcy Kaptur in her own words:

On special interests:
What a shame that Washington is so out of touch with the real America. People are rapidly losing hope and trust. They believe their government has been captured by special interests and no longer cares about them, and they are right.
Congresswoman Kaptur Warns of Potential Conflicts of Interest in Bailout
Marcy Kaptur today warned of potential conflicts of interest that could compromise the integrity of the $850 billion bailout plan that was passed in Congress over her strenuous opposition.
They want a nation that preserves their freedom, defends their interests, and protects the future. Our people have had their fill of political doublespeak and the corrosive impact of special interest money on the governance of our nation.
“I want our Caucus to be a deliberating body, not a cheerleading body. We should get the influence of big money out of Congress and construct a progressive economic agenda for America.”
Rather than competing for corporate campaign money, she says, Democrats “should hold up key Republican fundraisers, such as Jack Welch and Kenneth Lay, as the poster boys for the failed GOP economic strategy. Yes, we should hold the Republicans’ feet to the fire on rising bank fees, skyrocketing insurance rates, tax breaks skewed to the richest Americans and a failed deregulation strategy.”
Inevitably, those candidates have to turn to the superrich or to bundlers, to special interests and unsavory characters who care only about themselves and their special interests and very little about our country.
We should be asking ourselves what must our children think, before it's too late. We can act now to curb this out-of-control arms race. I have introduced a bill, H. Con. Res. 6, that reaffirms that the presence of unlimited amounts of money corrupts the political process in a fundamental manner.

The projected Presidential spending will exceed the annual gross domestic product of 25 nations on this planet. Where is all this money coming from? If the Presidential campaign surpasses the $1 billion mark for the first time in our history, who will own the next President? Isn't that what the American people are asking? Will it be middle-class voters, who are holding on for dear life, ordinary working folks trying to pay for gasoline, put food on the table, pay insurance bills, pay utility bills, pay tuition costs, pay taxes? Will they have more influence over the next President of the United States? Or will the big-money special interests have more influence? We all know the answer to that question.

The people are telling us they are deeply troubled. All the polls show the American people feel that Washington is totally out of step with them. It's hard to imagine a Presidential candidate who is not beholden to special interests. It's hard to imagine that a candidate who relies on hedge funds, multinationals and special interests will be able to stand up for the middle class in America. The middle class is asking where is the President, where is the Congress.
So, Mr. Speaker, let me just say that the administration and its powerful allies will be back for more bites of our Republic's apple. I really do think that we need a responsible budget. We expect the President of our country to lead us to a higher calling. The future of our country and its stability should be our primary goal, not the gratification of powerful special interests that was so evident here during last week and, in fact, today.
Mr. Speaker, we have many skilled workers in our country whose future depends on strong and competitive machine tool industries. We do not want to be undercutting them just to cut a special deal for a special interest. But according to the AP, Stanley Works, headquartered in New Britain, CT, sells tools that were cast or forged in foreign plants.
There were a lot of special interests that were accommodated as these discussions ensued, but the truth is that the needs of the American people were shelved as people took care of their regional interests.
Marcy Kaptur was on WGTE's "Deadline Now" talking about Congress and touching on special interests. She starts talking about influence and money about 1/3 of the way in:
Talking about people being beholden to special interests and how she wanted to change that. (This unofficial transcript may not be 100% correct. Please watch/listen for yourself).

If you look at where every other candidate in both parties are raising their money, ask yourself, who will own them once they get in there. They will deny that they owe any of those interests which are largely wall street interest, any allegiance, but if you listen to their parsing of words in the debate you can tell they are already afraid to offend those interests.

I very much want a more independent minded candidate someone who doesn't trace their support to Wall Street's interests because I don't think Wall Street's interests are one with the country anymore.

Moderator: ...when people give you large sums money they want something for it.
Kaptur: They get access, they get first call and I was elected to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that is a duty that weighs heavily on me, and I think we need to free the Congress from these monied interests. At least now we have more disclosure and maybe it will lead us to a better path, we certainly need one. But we need disarmament on both sides of the isle, but it just invites corruption there are investigations on both sides of the isle. The last Republican majority leader, Mr. Delay, was thrown out, he is involved in all kinds of other cases. Other people quit, because they were afraid of what they will be investigated for what they have been a part of. It isn't what the American people desire nor what we should have.
To run for statewide office, unless I win the lottery, I don't want to have to owe any financial interests, I would want to be free of that financing burden if I were to run for one of those offices.

On Lobbyists:
I am introducing a package of four bills dealing with the need for real limits on campaign spending as well as slamming shut the revolving door on lobbyists that allows too much foreign-generated influence and money inside this legislative branch.
The bill grew out of scandals that have sent onetime lobbyist Jack Abramoff and former Republican congressmen Randy “Duke” Cunningham of California and Bob Ney of Ohio to prison. Members of both parties remain under scrutiny

It was approved 396-22, with 210 Democrats and 186 Republicans voting for it. Voting no were 15 Democrats and seven Republicans.

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio), one of the dissenters, said it was “just scratching at the surface of a problem that we must fix
Twenty-two farm groups said early last week that the appropriators should not change policy in the farm bill, and Kaptur told reporters farm lobbyists had inundated her office with e-mails reminding her they had made contributions to her campaigns. Kaptur said she found it “reprehensible that I'm faced with this choice” but that she did not want to her hurt her region of the country by losing the provisions that would benefit them.

On campaign finance:
Political campaigns revolve around the cycles of fund-raising, she said, tying politicians to the interests of lobbyists and the wealthy and distancing them from constituents. And, she argued, the problem is just as severe in Ohio as it is in the federal government.

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As my husband and I were going to Loma Linda's a few nights ago, I asked him whats with the field with the panels?
He explained:
Solar panels cover about 3 acres of land next to the Toledo Airport to supple energy to the National Guard air base.

It cost 8 million to build, will save $125, 000 per year in electricity and 500 tons of coal at $32, 000 per year equals $157,000/year total savings. Divide that by the 8 million dollar cost and it will take 51 years to break even....maybe because in 51 years the technology will be better. THAT IS A POLITICAL BOONDOOGLE !! Both parties do it----and it is hurting us...meanwhile Marcy gets her photo ops for solar energy and she even gets some extra points for the fact that it's a military base. The ONLY jobs that were created were solar panel company jobs that were already subsidized by the government. NO ONGOING JOBS AT ALL!!!

I begged him to run against her in 2010....he's thinking about it.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

He'd have my vote.

I don't think you're considering the cost of pollution. (which is the point, by the way)

Pink Slip

I bring this up because I saw a story somewhere yesterday that There is CURRENTLY an investigation into Murtha. I'm sorry I'm just leaving now but don't think it would be too hard to find with a search.

When I have time I will post if someone else doesn't do it before.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

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