Web of intrigue in the mayor's race

Actually it is interesting this is a story, with everything else going on...but still it is a 21st century issue that elections must deal with. Why Keith would let the domain expire does not make sense. You should plan to keep your domain for at least 4-5 years after you stop using it because people may snap it up. Normally spammers do and sometimes what they will put up is worse than paying to keep it for 4-5 years. Doing something like this prevents any questions and image problems you may face when someone notices the site. This is some free Web advice today for those of you out there thinking of starting or ending your own Web site. Enjoy!
Four years ago, Democrat Keith Wilkowski ran for mayor using the Web address wilkowskiformayor.com.

It said it all. The perfect Web site.

But that Web site address wasn't available to Mr. Wilkowski this year as he tools up for another run at Toledo's top government position.

That's because his Republican opponent, Jim Moody, already snapped it up.

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even if Wilkowski gave up his domain name, why would Mr. Moody buy it. Don't you think that is a little childish?
Isn't that the kind of stuff that lost the presidential election for the Republican party? People are tired of the silly stuff. As the president said in his inaugural address, it is time to put away "childish" things.

It shouldn't matter if Wilkowski did not pay the money for the additional years, it is a matter of Moody buying it as if in a na na na na na.....

Being an Independent, as a disclaimer, Wilkowski, will not get my vote.

It's about what is right. I want to see the people in charge with scruples and values and Moody just blew it for me.

Purnhrt might find this "childish," but buying up an available domain name is just like if Moody bought up a building Wilkowski used for his headquarters and gave him a 30-day notice to vacate. If Moody is smart, he'll just post some redirect code and forward that Wilkowski traffic to his own campaign site.

Wilkowski (or his staffers handling his Web presence) ought to know better than to let the domain anme lapse. This is like forgetting to renew your driver's license or pay your taxes.

And as Chris mentoned, Keith is lucky that the site didn't get snapped up by a porn purveyor or a phishing operation.

Mea culpa, touche and all that jazz, while not actually a technophobe, the virtual world mystifies me. To me it was a meanspirited thing to do in either world.

Moody = Douchebag

talk about tacky

Why not buy your opponent's website name? It is a great blocking move. It can also be seen as a telling statement of attention to detail. Mr. Wilkowski not so much, Mr. Moody more. score one point to Moody.

dirty politics.


Well just so you all know he tried giving the site to him for free but got no response and will still give it to him for free anytime. Or if you know where it can be pointed I can try and tell Jims internet people. he also bought other sites, ones that other people did take for free from him because Jim new that people called cyber squatters might try and get them to try and sell to the candidates or use to be negative and didn’t want that to happen to anyone. People of course don’t want to hear that, only the negative. I can say he does realize that even though that he meant good intentions its now back firing on him.

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