Jon Stainbrook has just effectively isolated himself

I was alerted to this story by reading Glass City Jungle, so I went to the Blade article and read the details. Back in March, I speculated Jon may be ruining his trust by recording conversations and posting them on YouTube. Well it now appears that he just may have destroyed any chance on talking with anyone on the phone and basically anywhere. This is bad for a party chair who lives and dies by the phone. Who knows what the real story is and why a Board of Elections employee was dismissed, but Jon in trying to prove a point and win a battle just may have lost the whole war. I doubt by doing something like that to someone like Lynn Olman is pretty much the kiss of death in your connections around the state of Ohio. I am not saying that because of Lynn being vindictive, but everyone likes Lynn Olman and he is well respected in the State. You could be forgiven during a campaign for chair, but not while you are chair. This is obviously releasing the audio is a gray area, but it is poor taste.

For more information about the audio taping:

The issue that initiated it:

Apparently Jon is wondering why a Republican manager was dismissed and not the Democratic manager. Apparently he released the audio to prove that Lynn Olman is not telling the truth, by saying one thing in private and another in public, but I don't think this is 100% clear.

I saw the report yesterday but with the Kaptur stuff I had no time to comment on it.

Ah but this story reminds me of something I need to pick-up, more on thin in the next week or two.

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OK, here's something that happened at my office not to long ago:

An email went out to all parties who'd need to be informed that a certain employee had left the company "to pursue opportunities outside the company..." and then went on to explain who would be handling their responsibilities till the role was backfilled.

Privately, I was told that there had been some theft that resulted in the termination - The emloyee was fired yet the company chose to still preserve their dignity.

Could this not have been the case with Olman and the board of elections? Publicly the woman's job was eliminated due to 'restructuring' but certain key people were told another story on the QT so they'd have all the facts that wouldnt necessarily need to be made public knowledge?

Losing a role due to restructuring has no ill effect on someone's resume, but publicly stating that they were not performing certainly does. Perhaps that was what was being attempted to avoid.

Seems plausible to me. If this is the case and all Olman was trying to do was preserve someone's reputation, then how is that anything but honorable. If the stain cant understand that then he should go back to where ever he came from.

Excellent point, Billy. Well stated.

to slam him on a regular basis.

Anyone else notice how long it's been since Jon has had his name splayed across the information highway?

Talk about shooting one's nose off to spite one's face.

Jon, all you're going to amount to is being just another punch line in Toledo Politics.

Well, I suppose I should have checked Swamp Bubbles apologies.

Folks should a remember that Jon Stainbrook does have people that think he is doing a fine job of trying to rework the LCRP...knowing what he had to start with I think its still a bit early in the game to call him out..

As I recall, and Chris, I am slightly disappointed in you, the 'old way' of doing things really didn't benefit many candidates now, did it?? Mr. Meyers, I really don't remember you faring all that well under the Bernadette regeme, and i beleive I was one of attendees that actually paid cash to go to your fund raiser.

At the risk of repeating myself, I will go on record and state that Jon Stainbrook has been welcoming, pleasant, friendly and helpful since my move back to Toledo...I have genuine affection for the man and will speak up if I think he is being maligned....

Submitted by mindyj on Sun, 2009-02-22 10:40.
"I have genuine affection for the man and will speak up if I think he is being maligned"

I don't know about anyone else but I reserve my "genuine affections" for my husband. I don't know if you two are dating or if he is just a good friend either way, you, as a good friend should be telling the man when he is wrong lest he make a fool of himself.

It seems to me the man maligned a fellow Republican when he made public the recording.

do you happen to be in politics yourself? Because you do an admirable job of tap dancing around the issue, dredging up bernadette's name who had nothing to do with the post, while the whole time skipping right over anything having to do with the stain's skanky habit of recording what are thought to be private conversations and then making them very public.

Care to comment on what reason he might have for doing this, AND on whether you would feel confidant in having a conversation with the stain yourself in re subject matters you'd just as soon not be made public?

concubine #3. I know of at least 2 (megan gallagher, kelly bensman) that stain is currently diddling with. He likes em young and dumb so they can be easily manipulated. Do you fit the bill Mindy?

What the heck is going on in Toledo???

I think Kyle is a Republican consultant in Columbus, so word is spreading around the State about this.

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