Tsunami of donations by PMA brings up questions of illegality

I listened to the NPR segment on the PMA Group online this evening and one of the things it mentioned was:

Among the PMA donors were two of the company's board members, who are friends of Magliocchetti from Florida, where he has a beach condo. In campaign reports, contributions from the two Floridians often appear to be coordinated — same day, same dollar amount, same recipient.

That could suggest PMA was making the contributions in their names, which would be illegal.

While they did this with a good number of representatives in Congress, this particular behavior shows up on Marcy's donation list.

From February 28, 2008 to March 4, 2008 there were $11,000 in donations from people affiliated with the PMA group, including John Pugliese, Linda Lynch, and Jon Walker who are suspiciously tied to Paul Magliocchetti. All donations were of the same amount, all in 4 working days.

That is 11k in fairly large donations in 6 days.

One has to wonder, if someone were to receive such a large influx of money from people affiliated with one group in 4 working days, why that does not raise a red flag? Marcy appears to be unconcerned being she said that this morning on WSPD that she has no plans to return the money.

Magliocchetti, Leslie
Fairfax Station, VA
22039 Self/Homemaker $1,000 P 02/28/2008

Giardina, Julie
Arlington, VA
22201 PMA Group/Government Relations Advi $1,000 G 03/01/2008

Kaelin, Richard
Gaithersburg, MD
20878 PMA Group/Associate $1,000 P 03/01/2008

Lynch, Linda********
Woodbridge, VA
22192 Self/Homemaker $1,000 P 03/01/2008

Cunningham, Daniel
Springfield, VA
22153 PMA Group/Government Relations Advi $1,000 P 03/03/2008

Derosa, Rebecca
Gaithersburg, MD
20882 PMA Group/Accountant $1,000 P 03/03/2008

Green, Kaylene
Reedville, VA
22539 PMA Group/Vice Chairman $1,000 P 03/03/2008

Magliocchetti, Paul
Arlington, VA
22202 PMA Group/Chairman $1,000 P 03/03/2008

Pugliese, John
Fernandina Beach, FL
32034 Self/Consultant $1,000 P 03/03/2008

Roberts, Elizabeth
Washington, DC
20003 PMA Group/Consultant $1,000 P 03/03/2008

Walker, Jon
Fernandina Beach, FL
32034 partner/EVAS Worldwide $1,000 P 03/03/2008

Koloszar, Melissa
Arlington, VA
22204 PMA Group/Government Relations Advi $1,000 P 03/04/2008


*******If you notice there is a new name on the list of Linda Lynch, she wrote down homemaker on Marcy's donations, but she is obviously affiliated with the PMA group:


The NPR story also mentioned:

Over the past 10 years, the firm made nearly $114 million in lobbying fees, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. And its clients have done very well.

It is quite possible that they needed to continue the success and had to come up with different ways to contribute. Wouldn't it be ironic if Marcy gets wrapped up in the same contribution eagerness that destroyed a lot of people here in NW Ohio?

You can listen and read the NPR story at:

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