PMA questionable behavior demonstrated by some of Kaptur's donations

The person at the center of the PMA scandal, Paul Magliocchetti, is accused of funneling money to candidates sometimes through fictitious names. It is clear he tried to pump money to candidates through different means. Lets look at some examples of questionable behavior on Marcy's campaign.

Marcy was #19 out of #20 top recipients of PMA money, of course this is the money where the donors wrote down PMA as an employer.

One example of questionable behavior is that two women, Jennifer and Leslie Magliocchetti, also donated money to Kaptur. They wrote down housewife so their money was not included in the PMA numbers. This either means they love Kaptur or that Paul was using others to funnel more money to candidates, including Kaptur. Being they were lobbyists, one would put money on the latter.

Magliocchetti, Leslie
22039 Self/Homemaker $1,000 02/28/2008 P KAPTUR FOR CONGRESS - Democrat

Magliocchetti, Paul
22202 PMA Group/Chairman $1,000 03/03/2008 P KAPTUR FOR CONGRESS - Democrat

FAIRFAX STATION,VA 22039 SELF/HOMEMAKER 8/6/08 $1,000 Kaptur, Marcy (D)

Another example of questionable behavior is Julie Giardina, a lobbyist for PMA. Not only did she give Kaptur $1,000 on 3/21/08, but she donated $5,000 to the PMA Political Action Committee on 1/28/08.

Giardina, Julie - ARLINGTON, VA PMA Group/Government Relations Advi $1,000 03/01/2008 KAPTUR FOR CONGRESS - Democrat
Giardina, Julie The PMA Group, Inc./Associate $5,000 01/28/2008 P PMA GROUP, INC. POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE, THE

The PMA PAC donated $3,000 to Marcy then on 2/15.
KAPTUR, MARCY House of Reps Democrat OH 09 G $3,000 02/15/2008

So Julie donates %k to the PAC in Jan, then the PAC donates 3k to Kaptur in Feb, Julie then donates in March directly to Kaptur. Since this is a lobbying group you know what the specific purpose of pushing money to candidates and there probably is no coincidence here.

BTW, this does not even include 07 money, I am focusing in on 08 money.

Of course the whole Magliocchetti clan donated the to the PAC in the spring too in addition to giving money to Kaptur.

Magliocchetti, Jennifer
Fairfax Station, VA
22039 New York Yankees/Sales $5,000 P 06/17/2008
Magliocchetti, Leslie
Fairfax Station, VA
22039 Womens Business Enterprises/Directo $5,000 P 02/01/2008
Magliocchetti, Mark J.
Fairfax Station, VA
22039 The PMA Group, Inc./Associate $5,000 P 01/31/2008
Magliocchetti, Paul
Arlington, VA
22202 The PMA Group, Inc./President $5,000 P 01/07/2008

Marcy on WSPD said she does not know anything abut it, but it is quite clear that in the spring of 08, PMA affiliated money sure lined her coffers.

I did not look at other PMA lobbyists but I am sure that their behavior may reflect what Julie has done here. You can see this is the behavior of a group deliberately trying to push money into the system to create influence on projects that benefit their clients. Marcy was a fairly large recipient of this cash.

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are you looking at ALL money going to ALL congress people? i suspect there has been constant funny business like this going on all along, and that it's quite possible the congress people have no idea. you have to think, with the amount of things they do day to day.. they probably trust the people around them to vet where the money is coming from?

From CQ Politics:

"This chart lists members of the House who secured earmarks for clients of The PMA Group in the fiscal 2008 defense appropriations law, which was enacted in 2007. It shows the value of earmarks for projects requested only by that one lawmaker, those requested jointly with another lawmaker, and whether The PMA Group's political action committee or its employees gave that House member campaign money between 2001 and 2008."

It looks as though Kaptur secured a $1.6 million earmark for PMA.

Pink Slip

that you found it too.

Yeh Chris, they're so busy reading 1,000 page bills that they can't keep track of all the money coming in. Oh wait......they didn't read the bill before signing it. Well I'm sure she was busy writing out one of those giant checks to bring back to Toledo.

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