Kaptur receives 2k from donor that never worked for company reported-does he exist?

Please bear with me, since this is breaking news, I will be posting quite a bit about the scandal as different angles appear or something noteworthy shows up.

The Hill is reporting another donor, Jon Walker, never existed or at least did not work for the company reported.

Unlike the donor in the Washington Post article, this donor has given to Marcy Kaptur.

From The Hill:


Jon Walker is listed as a partner for EVAS Worldwide, a New Jersey-based aircraft safety company, and gave $19,000 to lawmakers as an EVAS employee, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records. That is more than 40 percent of the political contributions from the company’s employees overall.

Yet Walker has never worked at the small company, and EVAS’s senior executive does not know him.

“I have no idea who Mr. Walker is,” said George Reenstra, president of EVAS Worldwide, after reviewing the campaign finance records faxed to him by The Hill.


Walker, Jon FERNANDINA BEACH, FL 32034 partner/EVAS Worldwide $1,000 03/03/2008 P KAPTUR FOR CONGRESS - Democrat

Walker, Jon FERNANDINA BEACH, FL 32034 partner/EVAS Worldwide $1,000 03/21/2007 P KAPTUR FOR CONGRESS - Democrat

Read the rest at The Hill:


Something else of note is there are several Jon Walkers from Fernandina Beach FL:



I am wondering if they are the same?

Here is a story in the Fernandina Beach News Leader on Jon Walker:


"The two others were John Pugliese, former sommelier at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island, and Jon C. Walker, director of golf marketing at The Golf Club of Amelia Island, and a former employee of The Ritz-Carlton."

You can also see the Open Secrets listing of Jon Walker:


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Fred, I think it's a little tasteless to call Representative Kaptur a "tramp".

Pink Slip

the same John Walker that was caught fighting with the Taliban! Of course he couldn't give his real occupation.........

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