Scandal that involves Marcy Kaptur now developing, Democrats returning money- Local silence

The campaign finance scandal that Marcy Kaptur is involved with to the tune of 40k, is now causing some Democrats to return money. Today in the Hill is reporting some questionable behavior by the donor, the same donor that gave Marcy campaign contributions this past year. **On a side note, this story is a gut check for the Toledo Blade. For a newspaper who made a point about campaign finance scandals, this one involves Marcy and now they have cold feet. If they were to follow the path they so proudly highlight, will they apply it to Ms. Kaptur? Will they treat her with kid gloves? Everyone read about every Republican who received money from Tom Noe and the taint that it brought? Will the Blade investigate why Marcy now receives most contributions from a shady donor? I guess we will see the answer on that. If they don't apply the same standard, then they do confirm the bias that a news organization should not have. While there is debate on what to do on this scandal, you can keep informed about it right here.

PMA lobbyist was in business with questionable donors

The embattled defense lobbyist who led the FBI-raided PMA Group has entered into a Florida-based business with two associates whose political donations have come into question.

According to corporate records filed with Florida’s Department of State, Paul Magliocchetti is listed as an executive for Firenze Partners with John Pugliese and Jon Walker, two Floridians who since 2005 were listed as PMA associates and were part of the PMA board of directors. The two men, however, had nothing to do with lobbying and politics.
Some Democrats are returning PMA money:

Several prominent lawmakers are returning donations linked to the men and the lobbying firm.

A spokesman for Rep. Pete Visclosky (D-Ind.) said Tuesday that the senior House appropriator was returning about $16,000 in contributions he has received from Pugliese and Walker.

In addition, a spokesman for Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) said he would return any donations that are identified by federal authorities as “improper.” Nelson has received more than $6,000 in contributions from the two men, according to campaign finance reports.
Read the rest at:

More on the Dems returning money:

The Next Abramoff Scandal? Pols Ditching Cash from Lobby Firm

The 'Culture Of Corruption,' Redux

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Wow...NONE of these articles mentions Kaptur. Maybe they're ALL in on it....Any news from the Toledo Free Press on this?

Pink Slip

don't because she has remained silent, same with the local media. Other Democrats know what this scandal is which is why they are scrambling to return the money.

Maybe you missed this story:

***Cleveland Plain Dealer did not miss her. Still sticking with your story?

You know there is a problem when an NPR blogger says culture of corruption and it is not even February. 2010 is looking pretty good right now.

Marcy received $9500 personally from the guy at the center of the scandal. She seems to have a long relationship with him since it goes back to as early as 1999, maybe earlier. Cozy with the special interests.

KAPTUR, MARCY (MARCIA) C House of Reps Democrat OH 09 G $500 02/29/2000
KAPTUR, MARCY (MARCIA) C House of Reps Democrat OH 09 P $500 10/13/1999
KAPTUR, MARCY (MARCIA) C House of Reps Democrat OH 09 P $500 02/29/2000

KAPTUR, MARCY House of Reps Democrat OH 09 P $1,000 03/29/2001

KAPTUR, MARCY House of Reps Democrat OH 09 P $1,000 03/27/2006
KAPTUR, MARCY House of Reps Democrat OH 09 G $1,000 03/27/2006

KAPTUR, MARCY House of Reps Democrat OH 09 G $3,000 02/15/2008
KAPTUR, MARCY House of Reps Democrat OH 09 P $2,000 03/09/2007

Imagine what would happen to a candidate who received $9500 from Tom Noe.....

Blade archives returns 0 results on Magliocchetti

Nothing on Murtha:

PMA nothing:

Cleveland Plain Dealer has 3 articles (although 2 are AP reprints)
A larger search reveals many more older articles on the Plain Dealer's site:

All quite strange for a newspaper that prided itself on investigating campaign finance corruption why they are so silent on this scandal.

How many articles does TFP have on this?

Pink Slip


Free Press is not priding itself on taking down corruption, especially with campaign finance.

Try harder to not appear to change the topic.

The Free Press is not priding itself on taking down corruption

But they do cover the news. Don't you think that a newspaper would at least mention "a scandal the bigger than Noe or Abramoff"? My God, they are really missing the boat.

Pink Slip

if the Free Press is missing the boat, then that means the boat left the Blade dock weeks ago because they pride themselves on this type of stuff. Thanks for allowing me to re-highlight my main point. It is a good sign that you have nothing to say to defend Marcy or the scandal, so you talk about the Free Press. If I were Marcy or the Democrats involved in this scandal, I would be worried that even Pink Slip can't defend you.

Get over it. She isn't being investigated. Nobody is implying that she's done anything wrong/illegal. [UNLIKE NOE, THURBER, et. al.] I'm sure she will return any improper donations once this is all sorted, like Visclosky and Nelson.

you did not have to sit through the holier than thou rants I had to sit through where Marcy was saying that what she is doing now is so wrong.Maybe if you did, you would also be shocked that this is happening to Marcy, unless she did not mean what she said. Plus, she specifically criticized Larry Kaczala for taking special interest money, and now who are her top 3 donors? Not only this, there were many Democrats that used Noe and Abramoff as reasons for the culture of corruption in 06, yet now that Democrats are involved all you have to do is criticize the messenger? Murtha did not need to direct the hundreds of millions of dollars to PMA group. Marcy did not have to accept their money and we all know what happened to any local Republican who received any money from Noe. The tables have turned and the money and greed that flow around DC is now in the Democratic party.

political hackery at work. Enjoy the chuckles.

"This will be a neutral forum"....

"The content is controlled by you, whether I agree with it or not..."

something very partisan/hackish can easily be proven wrong. No one has said what is wrong with with this or is defending Marcy. It should very disconcerting that no one has anything to say in defense other than attacking the messenger or trying to change the topic. BTW the page you quote, if it is read talks about posts other people make. It makes no sense, but if you have nothing to say, you try to change the topic.


"When I was at a candidate seminar at the Ohio State University in 2004, one of the speakers welcomed us and then said we will never be normal again since we ran for office. Since I am no longer normal, some of you may be concerned that I am running the site SwampBubbles. I am creating this page to ease your concerns. First and foremost, I believe in the integrety of the site and I will not do anything to damage that. The content is controlled by you, whether I agree with it or not. I decided on purpose not to use my real name on the posts now because I don't want people to think this site is about me. I will take credit for my other sites (and due to legal letters, I will be taking more credit in the future), but I don't want to damage the integrety of this site. I will maintain a low profile and once the site takes off, then I can start commenting and posting under my name."

All you do here is talk about yourself and how under the rader you wanted to be for the site's sake...for neutrality sake. This isn't about other people, This is about you. These are your words.

You ran for office as a conservative Republican, right? That's your political leaning, right? It's fine, it's your site, do whatever you please, just square up here and own the fact that every political post/comment you make on here is part of the agenda you're associated with...on an official level, as a prior and possible future candidate for office.

Please, tell me, exactly am I wrong in this assertion?

So, the site 'took off' and you began posting, and pushing your conservative agenda, under your own name. Again, fine....just stop being mealy-mouthed about why you post what you do.

Party on, Garth, and say whatever you will about Kaptur and by the way, I have no problem with her placed under the microscope with this latest 'scandel' but if you actually think this ends up landing in Noe/Abramoff territory you...make that you and your associates...will likely be sorely disappointed. But as Curtis Mayfield once sang....'keep on pushin"...


can debate posting methods, but hijacking thread after thread doing it is not a behavior that you like or others like. You are walking a fine line here and for you to do this is especially bad, since you went off on other users for hijacking threads.

Obviously you are applying your own interpretation to that page, which is wrong. I will explain more, but not on this thread and not right now. I do object to all of the assertions you are making, but again this will be on the appropriate thread later.

BTW since you are now the spelling police, you may want to fix 'rader' in your comment unless that is a new noun.

Have you noticed that The Blade lost all but one of the reporters from "Coingate"?
Only Steve Eder is left and he is busy reporting the lack of e-mail scandal in the Seneca Courthouse story. Too bad that county had to waste $20,000 on legal fees for nothing.
Look for your local daily to miss the boat on most stories from here on out. Of course, favorite sons and daughters will benefit from this lack of reporting.

Mad Anthony
(Go Generals!)

Do you believe this is going to take Kaptur down? Kaptur will remain in office until she decides she no longer wants to be there. I do agree that the blade picks who they want to destroy and who they want to protect but again, there is nothing anyone can do about it except hope more people become informed.

I've been scanning the Daily Local for quite a while and have seen NOTHING on this developing scandal.



Or is this yet another shining example of why Democrats do not want a REAL Fairness Doctrine?

Their back-room dealings and money laundering would be exposed if all media outlets were not in their pockets or attached to the nipple of mommy government.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Mr. Magliocchetti, the firm’s founder, was previously a top aide to Mr. Murtha. Former top aides to Mr. Moran and Mr. Visclosky also worked at the company.

Experts in political law said the lawmakers could be required to return the improper contributions or, if they had turned a blind eye to fraud, they could be in legal trouble.

Campaign treasurers have a duty to scrutinize contributions and return any illegal ones, said Robert Walker, a Washington lawyer who previously directed the staff of the Senate Ethics Committee.

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