So what's West Toledo done to piss Carty off?

First he decomissioned out police substation on Sylvania, and now he's got the firestation on Laskey in his sights?

What did West Toledo do to deserve the police and fire service cuts??

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Oh, I have a theory on that. West Toledo is East Toledo II. People of means who could leave, have left or are leaving. Blacks are moving in steadily. Property values are falling almost as quickly as East Toledo. The area is becoming more and more the working poor. So to Czarty, the area is rapidly becoming invisible to him.

You might be onto something GZ. I used to know a lot of people who lived in West Toledo, but every single one of them moved to Sylvania in the last couple of years. (Well, the ones who stayed in the Toledo area anyhow.)

Edit: I take that of the families moved to Perrysburg.

But over in East Toledo, we have a substation, however drug deals go on RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET so its not like it does any good.

I'm in West Toledo.

A while back I said "our street hasn't seen a snowplow all winter".

Well gee, in their infinite wisdom, the city paid one of their employees overtime on saturday to plow, yes PLOW the less than 1 inch of wet snow we had gotten overnight.

We get, 8 or 10 inches, nothing, then they plow when there is no need at all. Hell, I think he laid down a thicker layer of salt than there was snow.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

I also agree that GuestZero may have hit the nail on the head. In the 70s/80s what was then known as West Toledo was one of Toledo's nicer areas. I am refering to the area bordered on the north by Alexis Rd/NortheTowne to all the way up to Sylvania Township, and bordered on the South at Central Avenue--a very large area.

This was where the shopping was in the area, two malls, department stores, and strip malls. Newer construction of family-housing and apartments,too. This is also basically "Whitmer" school district.

I've said it before here, but it bears repeating. When the easy loans were there for the picking, people abandoned what was reasonable, but perhaps small, housing and headed for the suburbs because they could get something bigger, newer, and better with relative ease. This took the smaller houses down in price, we saw more single-family homes converted to rentals, and neighborhood values plummeted. This is not a new phenomenon--as OldSouthEndBrdy...the same thing happened there--but sooner.

So, the "old" West Toledo is suffering from urban blight, decay, rot...One thing going for it is the school system, espoecially in this economy. The area is ripe with affordable housing and Washington Local/Whitmer just moved into the Excellent-rating category. We may see a resurgence...

Over the past few years, I've noticed TV news reporters (obviously new in town) refer to the area I described above as "North Toledo." As Brian in VeroBeach will confirm, if we Toledoans talk about North Toledo, we talk about the "north-end" of Toledo. Laskey and Secor is WEST Toledo.

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