Basements keep flooding in West Toledo

From NBC 24: Another example of the large list of capital improvements that need tending to. These neighbors just want their basements to stop flooding. How long will it take for it to get done? Has not been done for 8 years in this neighborhood.
TOLEDO, OHIO -- Residents on Capistrano in Toledo’s West Side are tired of their basements flooding every time it rains. So, one resident went door-to-door getting the names and addresses of more than thirty people who received flooding in a three-block radius of his home on Capistrano.

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... the bailout of fiscally irresponsible state and local governments by the feds, I do think that IF the feds have to spend money on infrastructure in order to 'boost' the economy it should be directed at things like this - projects that have a huge cost, possibly well beyond the capacity of the local government to afford, and yet without it property values decline, businesses and homeowners pay huge costs everything time 'it' happens. Another example of this is the flooding in Findlay. That's just not a problem Findlay can fix, because there are issues up stream and down stream that need to be addressed and the cost would be astronomical.

Reality is that the county and Toledo have put addressing storm water drainage issues for years, maybe even decades, and now their 'fix' is to wait until people are desperate enough to suck up and take another tax in order to 'fix' the problem that they should have been fixing the entire time if they would just devote general operating dollars to the issue instead of bypassing infrastructure needs for their pet projects and causes.

I don't even know - was this flooding issue on Carty's wishlist to Obama?

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