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This will destroy American life as we know it. I hope all you shining beacons of Hope and Change enjoy the smoldering ashes of our once great nation because you all caused this to happen. I am absolutely beside myself with disbelief that the Dems are allowing this to happen. And, as for the three Rep. in the Senate that voted for this, I hope they enjoy the little time they have left in office.


It is truly an example of government out of control. I guess this is the change the Democrats and Obama were talking about. Instead of moderately out of control, it is now on a full scale send me to a mental institution and put me in a straight jacket out of control.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day:

I'll keep my money;
I'll keep my guns;
You can keep the change.

Translation--Republicans voted against this without reading it. How long has this bill been bouncing around?

Pink Slip

is one of the most ridiculous arguments you have made. It is responsible to vote against something you have not seen. It is irresponsible to vote for something you have not seen. I am sure it was bouncing around in the D caucus rooms for a long time but never released to the public or anyone else. Nancy did not even give the 48hrs she promised to provide. I guess this is the "change" we can expect? Out of control spending and secret bills being put together and brought out at the last minute for a quick vote, and no debate? Wow sure sounds like there is a new attitude in Washington.

If they didn't read it, why were they complaining about all the "pork"?

Pink Slip

were they given it? And what about Nancy's pledge? You admitted there were 7 billion dollars of pork in the bill. That is a lot by common American standards. You really are in a bad situation Pink, defending the same bad behavior that you rallied against.

I'm not "defending" anything. Boehner should have read it--it's his job. First he says there's too much pork in it, then he says he didn't read it?

Pink Slip

you actually control the vote, you can make sure there is not time to read it. I have noted you have not addressed this and just continue to say "he should have read it". That is not the issue, railroading the most out of control bill through Congress is.

I am sure Boehner probably read from you that there was almost 8 billion in pork and was only passing on what he read here. Plus, he did look at the first version of it. It was the version that came out of the conference committee, the final one, was not given until last minute.

'You admitted there were 7 billion dollars of pork in the bill'

'I am sure Boehner probably read from you that there was almost 8 billion in pork '

By the time your next comment arrives, will it be up to 9?.....10? billion dollars of pork? Maybe qualified with an 'almost.'?

Just curious, where exactly are you getting your figures for the amount of pork contained here...the pork Boehner 'knows' is in the bill, yet evidently hasn't read?

it will either work, to one degree or another, be seen as a success to one degree or another by those who write the history books, or it will be an abject failure that will have shown to prolong or even worsen the economic agony...that Obama inherited by eight failed years of conservative 'leadership.'

The 'nobody has read it' hue and cry is just pissin' in the wind politics as usual. John Boehner? Spare me. He'd rather have spent the time in a tanning booth than reading the damn bill anyhoo. Now the Republicans all of a sudden are the principled ones about spending constraints? After what we've seen the last eight years? Too funny.

We will see what we will see. Check back toward the end of 2010 (yeah, it's gonna take at least that long). If things are worse, we know who to blame. If things are better, we know who to credit. End of story. Everything else is just flotsam and jetsam.

for the eight years the Republican President pissed away money for a sham war and other crap, along with the pillaging of America's energy resources for personal gain, it's a hell of a day for these "Republicans" to crawl out of the woodwork to bitch about something that's meant to bandaid a mess that Republican President put us in.

Just watch, America's failure will be Barack's fault.

I just keep in mind the Republican President allocated a $350,000,000,000 bail out to the financial institutions with no oversight and Barack had the foresight to place restrictions on money the Republican President signed for.

blah blah blah waaa waaa waaa it ain't even been a hunnered days.

Let us just remember how things work, yes Obama inherited a bad economy. But to complain about the last 8-years of Republican mismanagement or failed policies is just missing a very important point. It is simply that the President can NOT spend money if it is not appropriated by the Congress, that includes the House and Senate. Obama was elected to the Senate in 2004, therefore for HALF of the 8-years of failed policies and over spending Obama was voting in FAVOR of said spending and policies. So what exactly did he inherit? 8-years of failed policies, most of which he approved and voted to put into law. Give me a break!

Have straws, must grasp...

It's all Obama's fault that 4000 Americans are dead and trillions of $ will/were spent in Iraq...

questions why the rush, since Obama is taking 3 days off. Why not wait until Monday or Tuesday to pass it?

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