Brian Wilson hurting Take Back Toledo cause?

From the Toledo Free Press:

"[T]he signature-collection drive has been slow. Take Back Toledo’s Ed Nagle said the group has about 2,700 unvalidated petition signatures with a goal of 30,000 to meet the mandated 19,937. With an April 12 deadline, that would require collecting more than 500 signatures every day for the next 56 days — a daunting task."


"The main voice for Take Back Toledo has been WSPD, primarily through morning host Fred LeFebvre and afternoon host Brian Wilson. WSPD has no Toledo competitor for talk radio, so the platform is priceless to the cause. But the nature of its approach, especially through Wilson, is colored by a coarseness that is antithetical to the business intellect Take Back Toledo most needs to reach. “Pantload” and “S for brains” may be colorful — and accurate — nicknames for Finkbeiner, but the conservative Toledo business mindset is not eager to align itself with such a perceived personal attack."

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I'm sure Wilson is not helping this ridiculous recall effort. He is apparently trying to outdo Carty in the childishness department with his lame insults and his asinine banning of Carty. For someone who is supposedly a broadcasting professional Wilson is awful. The tired catchphrases, the stuttering and stammering, the inability to debate with those who don't agree with him... what's not to like? He drove me away from WSPD (sorry Fred). He is the last person I would want out front for anything.

I think for many voters the TBT campaign is seen as a one-note "boot out Carty" show. Personally I question the energy and money spent on recalling Carty Finkbeiner months before an election in which his chances are already iffy. This effort could better be spent promoting a better and more forward-looking candidate than simply blasting away at the mayor.

I hear few people around town saying they would vote for Carty these days, but TBT might backfire, making Carty look like he is being attacked by the big, bad business owners. Remember, too, Carty for all his deficiencies is a pretty tough campaigner, and he knows how to work the festivals, pancake breakfasts, and fish fries like nobody else in town.

Also, TBT is perceived by many people as being a progress-by-negation: "Get rid of Carty, and things will improve." This is a tougher sell than: "Vote for me, and all your wildest dreams will come true" (nod to Napoleon Dynamite). I am not critiquing the campaign here, just pointing out the inherent difference between a recall and a candidate electoral campaign.

As far as Brian Wilson: little of a factor in terms of hurting the campaign. Carty's supporters will already despise BW, Carty haters will nod their heads, and the undecideds will split evenly.

And that's just in the WSPD audience. The other 90-95 percent of Toledo residents who never listen to BW or WSPD will be unswayed by any trash-talking he does on air.

I agree with history mike - seems a waste of time & money so close to the next election - why bother?

And I came up with 5 possible outcomes:

1) The petition drive will work and Carty will be removed from office thereby eliminating a 2nd term and 4 more years of damage

2) The petition drive will appear to work and Carty will resign to save face thereby eliminating a 2nd term and 4 more years of damage

3) The petition drive will not work but will embarrass Carty enough that there will be no possible way that he can get re-elected thereby eliminating a 2nd term and 4 more years of damage

4) The petition drive will appear to be doing well and Carty will choose not to run for a 2nd term in order to save face thereby eliminating 4 more years of damage

5) The petition drive will not work, Carty will run for a 2nd term and the voters of Toledo will elect him again

So it looks like there are 4 out of 5 ways that Carty will not be around for another 4 years to do more damage.

As for me, I moved out of Toledo when the Strong Mayor proposal in 1992. I remember the billboard on the Trail that said "Carty for Strong Mayor. Scary, isn't it?"  And when the proposal passed, then the people of Toledo DID elect Carty, I saw the writing on the wall. 

The future of Toledo was put into the hands of the person least able to lead.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I do not listen to the two babbling boobs on W.S.P.D., Brian or Phred. I choose to listen to a more informative and entertaining program station. I got three letters for ya W.J.R. Toledo is a small area, and to continue to beat down everything and anything all of the time is not only annoying but boring. Take back Toledo is not a bad cause; however, W.S.P.D. has turned me off enough not to even care about this administration's short comings.

WSPD's numbers are really good. You may not agree with what they say but they are filling a void in northwest Ohio media.
As for those that say "I question the energy and money spent on recalling Carty Finkbeiner months before an election"... that's the thought process that has kept the these people in office for 30 years. Make a stand, man.

This question is unanswerable because there is no objective way to measure why people might refuse to sign the petition on the basis of BW's "perceived personal attack."

Personal attacks or not; "colorful — and accurate — nicknames" or not; those do not negate, diminish, or falsify how the mayor's policies have contributed to the decline and decay of the city of Toledo. And those policies are in fact objective and measurable.

Any business which is not "eager to align itself" with a so-called "personal attacker" is one of the ways to be misled and a way to personally attack a personal attacker, so the argument for their lack of "eagerness" is self-defeating.

P.S. Does anyone think that any of the "business intellect" cared that the U.S. military had "nicknames" for the Japanese, the Germans, and Italians during WWII? Do you think that Willys would have said, "let's not align ourselves with people who have a "coarseness" while human beings were being literally eaten for lunch, made into lampshades and hung from bridges, raped and pillaged?

"Civil courage can only grow out of the free responsibility of free men… It depends on a God who demands responsible action in a bold venture of faith, and who promises forgiveness and consolation to the man who becomes a sinner in that venture." -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

the whole process. It appears to me that the petitions are being placed where a lot of Toledoans may be. But whatever happened to good old fashioned door-to-door signature gathering? just gather the volunteers every evening or even day for those now unemployed and hit the neighborhoods. I am not a Toledoan but I do agree Carty must go and be locked out of ever returning.


Carty......SHAMED into not running??? BBbbBWWwwAAAaHHHhAAaaa!!!!!!!

Are you people nuts?? NOTHING 'shames' this egomaniac, and that is NOT an option. Don't worry-he'll run, and you can take that to the bank.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

I totally agree with your statement. Carty is not the type of personality to be shamed. One would have to have a sense of decency to begin with.

Would it be possible that the petition drive could tarnish what is left of his image enough so that he could not be endorsed by A Team or B Team Democrats?


Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

At the present time, the Democratic Party in Lucas County is bound to give the endorsement to the top placing Democrat from the primary. So if Carty runs, gets the most votes in the primary, he is the Democratic endorsed candidate. Now comes the question: will the Dems change the process if Carty wins the primay?

I agree that having radio personalities (Wilson, LaFevre, Stuart) spearheading Take Back Toledo has interferred with a premise that is correct. Toledo needs change; Toledo needs a business-friendly atmosphere. Enough is enough.

However the business people I talk to view this a ratings ploy for a radio station. Many people feel that there needs to be intelligent discussion. The people I talk to find the radio talk language offensive and are turned off to the whole approach. These same people agree with the premise but feel the implementation is greatly flawed. Where are the Toledoans? Why is the main spokesman an out of town radio personality? I know Mr. Schlacter is supposed to be the "chairman", but we hear from the radio station 5 days a week, 6 - 9 hours a day.

Thoughts to consider:

Where is the chamber of Commerce? They should be looking at the Charter and supporting business friendly candidates. The Chamber is supposed to be the business advocate; they should be spearheading the effort to provide a business friendly climate in Toledo. They have a vehicle to communicate with the business leaders of the City. The National Chamber does an excellent job of this; I would like to see our local chamber take the lead.

Have the leaders of Take Back Toledo really spent any time considering what happens if Carty is recalled? Are we giving pre-election power to a union official (who would take over for the last month of Carty's administration)? This could seal the election for Mr.  Sobczak if he decides to run. Is that the business-friendly candidate the committee is looking for? Or is it possible they have not thought that part out in their rush to oust Carty?

Why has the group not followed through with a complete committee and volunteer list as promised December 8, 2008? Or is it really just the radio station and people the media and Carty have said have a bone to pick with Carty? Where are the true advocates who want change because Toledo needs change?


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