A stimultating conversation about stimuli of the stimulus package

If we were all sitting down to coffee together, I might ask you how YOU each personally believe that Congress could better allocate $790 billion dollars to rev up the economy.

Some at the table would counter that they shouldn't spend $790 billion....maybe they should do less; maybe more. I am just curious as to what choices you would make with that sort of money in an effort to truly revive/kickstart commerce and economy,

I have some ideas and I'll share, but I would like to hear yours...

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...and perhaps continue as we have, and face the same problem in a few years then I would suggest "giving" every working adult $5,000-$7,000 dollars. If we want to really "cure" our infrastructure problems then I guess we have to allocate money to local governments for bridges, roads, sewers, etc. Whether either of these will occur is unlikely. There will be lots of waste, and little of the money will go to pick-and-shovel workers. I am sure that those who "manage" these projects will do quite well.

Old South End Broadway

Repeatedly on these very pages, Democrats have harped, cried and whined about Bush and Deficit spending.

They yapped about the so-called "Clinton Surplus" and how Bush ran America into the hole with his deficit spending.

"And what will there be at the end of Bush's term with the deficit spending a the tab for the war on terror and invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan."

"Americans now believe that Democrats can handle the deficit better (52 to 31), taxes better (48 to 40) and even terrorism better (44 to 37)."

"Wasn't there a surplus in the government at the time of Clinton?
And what will there be at the end of Bush's term with the deficit spending..."

Now, in less than a month of being in power, the Democrat controlled Congress and Democrat President are putting American taxpayers on the hook to the tune of $37,000 PER PERSON. Every man, woman and child in America.



Where is that outrage now? Where is that crying and moaning now? Why can't I hear you screeching about the Dem controlled government SELLING YOUR KIDS FUTURES?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

"Once you carry over government's outstanding deficits from prior years, the total national debt comes to just over $10.6 billion right now." That would to put me on the hook for about $35.00. Anywhere I can pay that, and get off the hook?

Old South End Broadway

...or the idiot who wrote the piece. Let's see, a total national debt of $10.6 TRILLION of which the Democrats contributed $1.2 TRILLION. That means we already owed $31,-32,000 for every man, woman, and child in America because of the efforts made by the previous administration.

Old South End Broadway

What, you got wax in yer ears, LCBM? I don't approve. The Dims are well on the way to doubling the debt-doubling that the Repukes did. But this entire thing is still bipartisan. Obama on Monday said that when the Dim proposal went into bipartisan meeting, all the earmarks (Obama's magic term for PORK) were "removed" ... yet the damned thing only got LARGER. Spending by Repukes and Dims is out of control. And it's going to extend the Great Depression II by a LOT.

I consider the federal government to be out of control. The first bailout bill showed their consideration of what WE think. You should be more concerned about LOCAL taxation, which is going to also explode out of control since local pols know declining incomes and property values can only implode their revenue stream. RECALL THIS F*CKER, for example. Send a message.

I think the stimulus thing is a stupid idea that will backfire & produce nothing. But if the govt wants to stimulate the economy this way, I have to agree with oldsouthend on this. 5 -7 grand for every citizen over the age of 18 would do far more to stimulate the economy.

I just realized this evening that the president is taking longer to decide on which dog to add to his family than he did writing this "stimulus" bill. I guess I know where his priorities lay..Sit boy, Sit!

Take the bananas out of your ears!

I wouldn't spend it. This is a bad idea that is going to prolong the inevitable worsening of the depression.

My second choice would be to divide it up evenly between all the adults who are in the country legally and who make less than $250,000 per year. That's right, it's not fair. So what?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

This is the result of putting the Republicans in charge. They run up the debt (Reagan, Bush) and first Clinton comes in, shrinks the size of gov't and balances the budget. Then GW comes in and runs it up again to the point of a depression. I shrudder to think of what they'll do if they get control of Washington again.

Pink Slip

First off, your premise is seriously flawed:

From HelenWheales: If we were all sitting down to coffee together

The contributors of SwampBubbles do not have the social skills to sit down with each other while simultaneously having coffee and a civilized, intelligent discussion. For instance, Pink_Slip's last comment about Slick Willie has caused me to examine the Federal Hydro-Shock ammo in my .357 while fantasizing about someone breaking into my apartment.

Slick Willie started this whole mess with his NAFTA legislation, sending jobs off shore and deregulation of the banking and mortgage system. The last item had been in place since the first great depression and was created to prevent a repeat. That law protected the United States right up until the moonbats got hold of it and canceled its ticket. Now look where we are.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Maddie, I'm wounded. We've sat in the Distilley all together and friendly-like, and although you appeared to have been uncomfortable without a full bottle of JD at hand, still coffee was had and civility was endured. More than once.

Perhaps the Wisconsin air is too oxygenated for you, affecting your memory. :^)

I'd sit down with any swampy bubbler, except that supreme dickhead from the Blade (sheesh, it's been so long, I've forgotten his name). I even shook Schwartz's hand the other day, and nothing bad happened. I didn't even feel the need to wash. :^P

My comment about Clinton was accurate. He shrank the size of gov't and balanced the budget. Although I can't argue about your NAFTA/deregulation points.

Pink Slip

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