New name for CoSI


CoSI looking for a new name.

How about this;

W onders
A nd
S cience
T echnology
E xhibit

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We need an "emoticon" of me rolling around on the floor laughing. Good job, JM.

S cience
C hemistry
A nd
M oney
P it

S cience and
H istory Museum for
I ndustrial
T echnologies

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

How about:

Toledo/Lucas county Centre for Screwing Taxpayers or

You all should submit those.

Not that they would use em but you should send them in.

I was at the Detroit Science Center on Wednesday for a press preview of the Star Trek exhibit that opens this Saturday. It runs until Labor Day. Here's the differences in Toledo and Detroit. Toledo- 2 floors mostly broken exhibits, Detroit - 3 full floors and a fourth for special exhibits like Star Trek. Toledo-downtown next to nothing else a visitor can walk to easily, Detroit- across the street from the DIA, the African-American Museum, the Detroit Public Library and the Historical Museum. Toledo-levy passed after center closes. Detroit-center closes for one year, Daimler Chrysler givew $1.5 mil to reopen, state give $5 mill, and a capital campaign is launched which raises $30 freakin' detroit for cryin out loud.

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You are missing one very important point Fred. Yes Detroit has all of those other wonderful things to go see on your visit, but you are forgetting that you have to go outside, in public, in downtown Detroit to cross the street...that is practically suicide. In Toledo that is much less of a worry, there is nothing else to see once the money pit reopens...and I know there are no people downtown during the week, in good weather I sell hot dogs outside of edison plaza. it isn't easy!

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