Mayor Announces New Economic Recovery Plan & Ticks Off Council Members Too

In a story that WSPD broke first this afternoon Mayor Finkbeiner announced his new plan for getting rid of what he now says is actually a $14 million deficit for next year. Included in the layoffs and involuntary furloughs is a plan for non union workers to pick up co- pay. The mayor is also asking fire and police unions to agree to give-back 5-day furloughs, co-pays for health care, and 15-percent pension givebacks saving roughly $1.4 million .
And a plan that will surely have uninteded consequences involves citizens who work in other cities and pay taxes there. They will no longer receive a 100 percent credti. The mayor wants to cut it back to 50% which he says will raise $5.2 million.
Council met this morning but the mayor chose to ignore that meeting and the opportunity to inform them of his plan in favor of a press conference in front of his department heads. Only three councilpeople showed up, Sobczak, Sarantou, and Craig.
We'll talk about this in the morning. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Many people are taking pay cuts, etc. - but city council & govt. workers squawk when it affects them. My husband has not had a pay or cost of living raise in 8 years, and his salary is being cut 3 percent to save the company money. Our health care deductable is $4,200. & he had to pay almost 5 grand into his health care savings plan on top of it. It's not just a random case - most people are getting hit this way. Council should quittheirbitching.

on the people who live in toledo but work out of town?
what exactly is this going to do to them?

I thought that the cities in the area had a tax reciprocity agreement. did that stop? I think if Toledo changes the agreement other cities are going to do the same. I think more people will exit the city quickly and look for jobs in other towns.

City of Toledo takes action to balance budget
Posted: Feb 12, 2009 03:42
City Council reacts to budget crisis plan
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Full text of Mayor Finkbeiner budget remarks
By Rob Wiercinski - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The mayor rolled out his new budget balncing plan while drastically reducing the number of employees facing a layoff. He detailed that plan at a press conference Thursday, February 12, which includes a combination of revenue enhancements and spending cuts.

* One provision calls for Toledoans who work outside the city to have their income tax credit reduced from 100%, to 50%. That's expected to raise $5.2 million.
* Another move is taking one fire apparatus out of service, reduce the minimum daily staffing from 103 to 99, and reduce fire overtime spending by $2.5 million.
* Other parts of the plan includes exempt employees switching to a 36-hour work week.
* Savings are also expected from the implementation of a citywide automated trash service.

He forgot to include a "no double dipping" clause. Once you retire you should not be able to come back at top pay or if you come should be at entry level wages.

...and what about the job vacancies that have not been filled and are still open, yet are being budgeted as though they were filled...where is that money?

...and aren't many of the exempt employees high paid salary employees...does working 4 hours less a week really affect your pay when you are salary?

Glad the mayor's priorities are straight...looks like we may be eligible for some grant money to help out with the marina district and southwyck mall project.

Im sure they make one we could send to the city workers --


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