McTigue Middle School PTA meeting tomorrow @ 6pm

I am looking forward to attending tomorrow's PTA meeting at McTigue. Mrs. King (a wonderful principal who has high expectations for both the students AND parents), according to the pre-recorded phone call left in our voice mailbox, has "retired", and the new leadership will introduce themselves at this meeting.

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Didn't look like new leadership to me, everyone just moved up one notch. Is this a good thing? Will the new leadership bring about anything new/better than the previous principal or will it be more of the sameold sameold? Were has Mrs. Wilson been proir to here promotion. Why did Mrs. King retire in the middle of the school year? Mr. Brown? staying , going?



I keep wondering why employment contracts for TPS can't be constructed where administrators and teachers are required to complete the year and then can retire. I can understand health, illness, pregnancy... but retiring is voluntary.

Sounds like TPS administration and the board should consider changing how this works - if they can. Who knows there may be some kooky state law prohibiting TPS from acting.

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