CNN Breaking News: 100 idiots trapped on ice near Toledo

You just gotta love it..... Flipping thru channels, and as I pass CNN, I see a map of Lucas County on the screen. I stopped and went back (like I'd watch CNN, puh-leeze), and sure enough we are currently breaking news. 51 degrees here, and 100 idiots decided to go ice fishing. Gee, the ice is breaking up and they are trapped..... Apparently both Lucas and Ottawa Counties are involved in the rescue.

Each one of these morons needs a bill for services rendered to save their a$$es today. I don't care how thick you THINK the ice is, you don't go out on it on a 50 degree day! Amazing....

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" reports that those stuck had used planks of plywood placed on a thin layer of ice to walk out to the lake, but when the ice melted the wooden path sank, stranding them away from shore."

C'mon people what are you thinking? "Gee the ice is cracked, so let's build a bridge and go farther out!

This is Darwin at it's finest. Government to the rescue!

Yes the numbers are high.

"The Ottawa County Sheriff estimated there were between 175 and 300 people trapped, spread out along the coastline. "

Who would be out there with such high temps and wind. Idiots.


EVERY YEAR......and no one ever learns anything. Ever.

It's similar to people who've lived here their entire lives and yet don't seem to understand what snow is when it first begins to fall each winter.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

Hey...its all good.

Only 1 life lost, and only about $20K-$30K of taxpayer money thrown away to rescue the rest of 'em.

Those consequences aren't too bad...let's all go have an ice fishing party tomorrow. Meet you on the lake!

Agreed that the Lake Erie icefishermen exhibited very few signs of cerebral activity. What is especially difficult to comprehend is that hundreds of area residents each came to the dubious conclusion that parking their tents, gear, four-wheelers, and snowmobiles onto Lake Erie on a 51-degree day was a good idea.

Sure, I'll buy the idea that an occasional fool will get stuck, but how do this many people suddenly and simultaneously achieve such a level of mass imbecility?

not sure if they all parked at the same place to go out on the ice, but might it have been smart to post a deputy at the entrance to the parking lot? Make them sign waivers, advising that they'd be responsible for the cost of their rescue?

They should have been left out there to drown. Why are we hindering Darwinism? Morons.

They should have been left out there to drown

and lost their tax dollars? Maybe the cost of rescue can be coverd under the stimulus bill. Ya know...keeping Fire and Rescue employed!

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

each one of them there geniuses is totaly depended on to run red lights and pay taxes.

and now they're going to need used cars and attorneys.

keeping the economy going....

but wow, got to 51? How many of em were wearing tank tops? I got to know.

Well, like the man said;

"You can't fix stupid".

They should al be charged to cover the cost of their rescue.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

“We were in no danger,” said Norb Pilaczynski of Swanton, Ohio, who was rescued from the lake along with several of his friends. “We knew there was enough ice out there.”

It's all about the Walleye (see the person in the video)

"There wasn't hardly any" crack when they went out, Richard Hammer said as he stood on the snow-covered beach after the ordeal was over.


"I was told the lake was froze all the way across," said Sanger, 51. "I didn't think the lake could go anywhere."

"I thought we could get away with it for today," he said. "When you're crazy for fishin' I guess, and the fish are biting, I just couldn't resist it."

How many of you want to bet some of them will try to get their 4 wheelers?

Chris asked: "How many of you bet some of them will try to get their 4 wheelers?"

Fox News reported today that around 20 of them returned to the ice today to get their stuff. There's your answer :)

These guys were trying to sneak into Canada for health care. If we continue to sneak into their country and exploit their social services, Canada will be forced to build a sea wall to keep us Gringos out of the Great White North.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

you may have something here.


Best laugh of the day, HandBanana. Maybe some kind Canadians will build temporary ice shelters or leave portable heaters for the border-crossing illegal Gringos. Maybe the Canadian reactionaries can decry the "peach menace" the way ours scream about the "brown menace" creeping in the southern US border.

Darwin says let these people die. Survival of the fittest etc.

So shouldn't these sub-humans be allowed to finish the job they started? Thin out the herd by removing themselves from the gene pool?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

How do we know that they didn't come FROM Canada, eh?

They could have caught Lou Dobbs and Marcy Kaptur on CNN discussing Squatter's RIghts and thought this would be a good time to seize some American property...

When the Coast Guard arrived, the stranded men were given plates of fries and offered a choice of catsup or gravy. No one took the gravy.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

aerial footage from the US Coast Guard of idiots on ice (no this is not a new Disney show):

134 Ice Fishermen Rescued

Mel Dargan, Customer Representative: "That's not fair. I live near Lake Erie and have been waiting for years to be rescued."

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

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