Water commisioner retires over lewd text messages - nothing done for 6 weeks

The Newsmeister, George Tanber, is reporting on Toledo's own text messanging scandal. You can hear more on Fred's show on 1370 WSPD at 7:30am.
TOLEDO,Ohio – When the city's water commissioner, Willie Perryman, Jr., suddenly retired on Sept. 23 from his $65,000-a-year job, there was little surprise at City Hall.

Perhaps Mayor Carty Finkbeiner and his top aides, Tom Kroma and Robert Reinbolt, encouraged him to leave. Or maybe Perryman, the longtime pastor at Jerusalem Baptist Church on Dorr Street, had had enough after a tumultuous six weeks.

In his brief memo to Finkbeiner, submitted the day he retired, Perryman, 49, said he was leaving his job to devote more time to his ministry.
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After reading those text's , that's some text book hard core harrassment.

If that was my wife, ol' willie'd need to be watching his friggin back for sure!!

Now on to Carty. WTF is up with the 6 weeks???

Another great Dim., with a make-work job, highly compensated, friends of Marcy, business as usual, nothing changes, typical way of RIPPING off citizens,.... and, they will all be re-elected in the next election !! The best thing about this is, this fine, reverent man,will settle a RACISM lawsuit with the City of Toledo , for MILLIONS , of hard earned Republican money !! GOD, help us all... no respect intended , to the heathens out there !! You know, after every election here, I KNOW, that the Demoratic headquarters is brimming with very, very, happy Dims. Drinking goes on, back slapping occurs,everyone is smiling ,and in the back of their minds,they know....all they are doing is urinating on ALL you Democraps, who were ignorant enough to vote for these COMPLETE wastes ! And then, you go home as DRUNK as a 'fiddlers bitch', all on the backs , of fellow Dims. dime !! INSANITY !! THEN, the pathetic process happens .....AGAIN ??!!

This blog seems to have trumped the regular sources of information. He might become a conduit for employees willing to talk about the "underbelly" of working for the city.

Old South End Broadway

well at least Perryman didn't lie about it in court. That gives us one up on Detroit! I was surprised to read that he was a Ford hold-over. I thought Carty had cleaned house of them.

Perryman is obviously major-league scum. Six weeks? Yes, too long a delay to get rid of him.

But, ya know...

'Fuseini, who continues to work as a temporary clerk in Neighborhoods, also declined comment, fearing the city will force her dismissal, according to her attorney, Kathleen Kolodgy. Fuseini asked the city for $35,000, in part to pay for counseling. According to Kolodgy, the city never responded to that request. Fuseini has not filed a suit to attempt to collect the money'.

35 grand? Really? For 'counseling' regarding seven known lewd text messages and no physical contact? No stalking? No phone calls to her house? I'm don't know. Something seems a little...out of whack there.

I'm thinkin' there might be a little more to this story.

I think you're right, McCaskey. If those text messages are anything close to the truth, Pastor Perryman had best be gettin' right with the Lord. The thing is, most guys I know (or ever knew) wouldn't begin to send or say anything like that without a little encouragement.

Not that I'm making an excuse for Perryman, because I'm not, but I'd think the first message would be enough to get someone else involved.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

A man of the cloth as they say, gee, incredibly surprising, NOT.

I'm not sure if I even believe in heaven and hell anymore, but if they exist, there should be a specially crappy corner of hell for hypocrites such as this.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

but I'd think the first message would be enough to get someone else involved.

you cant always judge someone till you've walked a mile in their moccasins. Remember the part in the story where Perryman told her he knew Marcy Kapturd and could possibly help her husband get into the country? I think it would be a natural fear then that if she reported his texting that he could also use his connections to keep her husband OUT of the country. So, add that into the mix of emotions going through her mind - husband in another country, a supposed man of God throws her a possible lifeline of hope, then that lifeline turns sick and evil... Do you put up with it to get your husband back?? the story doesnt say if SHE is from Ghana or not, but the husband is - got any idea what he probably has gone thru? Maybe in her mind putting up with a few perverted text was small price to pay for getting her husband back, and then once she found that it wasnt going to happen (at least thru this scum), THEN she figured she'd go for whatever she could get - and Im willing to wager she CAN get what she's asking for...

And yes Jeepmaker, Heaven and Hell exist - dont let the actions of man let you doubt the creations of God. We live in a fallen world, and all men sin.

I read the article and it doesn't appear that anyone stood up for Ms.Fuseini. It strongly suggests the City Administrators had a blind eye until Ms. Fusieni's persistence was too much to deal with. I do understand why no one stood up for Ms. Fuceini. If they did, they would have been disciplined in some way, and maybe fired.

Look what happened to Mrs. Griffin, Mr. Daugherty and Mr. Morehead. The three of them stood up for abused City employees, and instead of the 22nd floor addressing the issues regarding the abused employees, they openly fired two of them and fired the third one and disquised it as a layoff.

The fact the City did nothing for six weeks regarding Ms. Fuceini is probably no surprise to anyone. If Ms. Fuseini wasn't persistent about her ordeal, we probably would have never heard anything about it.

Frankly, this is the type thing I wish never happened. It has hurt so many people already, and before it's over it will probably hurt many more. The way the City handled this incident and all the other cases is a stain on our community.

"Additionally, Kolodgy said she was disappointed that the city had not followed up on its promise to provide counseling for her client. Fuseini felt similarly. In the letter, Kolodgy said Fuseini wanted the $35,000 from the city "for harm caused by this situation and so she can obtain private treatment." Kolodgy also said Fuseini had been seeking a full-time job with the city and hoped she would be moved to a short list for any appropriate vacancies."

This happens a lot...the city uses temp services to fill many positions. The temp employee gets their foot in the door and then somewhere down the line find an opportunity or "cause" to sue for a permanent position which they usually get. Perryman is still in the wrong for not conducting himself on a professional level whether he was lured into this or not...he knew better. It would still be cheaper to pay her a settlement as opposed to giving her a job, but obviously she works for her Aunt's temp service, who no doubt probably knows someone higher up in the human resource department who can pull her the rest of the way through the door...permanently...by justification of lawsuit...during a hiring freeze and while layoff slips are being issued.

Look, sorry, asking 35 large 'in part for counseling' over seven text messages...that dog don't hunt. He's a jerk, and just maybe she's trying to take advantage of the situation beyond what it should be.

They need to check the Chief of Staff's computer to see what he has written. I bet it would be interesting.

Does anyone know how the good pastor's Sunday service went today?

loved to have been a fly on the wall.

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