UT College Republicans to Help Local Businesses

The University of Toledo College Republicans have started an effort to give back to the community by choosing local businesses to visit each month to bolster their sales totals with the large group and are asking other community organizations to participate. Tonight, the UTCRs will be heading to Murphy's Place in downtown Toledo around 8 pm.

All are encouraged to come down and take some time to have fun and help this cornerstone of Toledo culture. For more information on other ventures to help local businesses, please visit foxtoledo.com.

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since only about THREE , businesses left are Republican.They have ALL been driven out by EXCESSIVE taxes, workers compensation nightmares, anti-business laws / regulations,heath care costs ,and etc. Visit, Perrysburg, Maumee, Holland, Oregon, Temperence, Lambertville, Sylvania, Delta,....where they mostly fled to. Is it any wonder that the SCHOOLS , WAY OF LIFE, AIR QUALITY , and less CRIME, are so much better also ??! See any parallels there ,you loving and peaceful socialists ??!!

...besides bars and clubs? Broadway Food Center is an independently owned grocery (near Broadway and South) near the downtown. Are they worthy of your efforts. What about all the "convenience" stores that are independently owned?

Old South End Broadway

But what locally-owned businesses need are sales every day of the year. Are you doing your part by passing over Walmart in favor of a locally or regionally-owned alternative? Or did you have dinner last night at The Olive Garden instead one of our locally owned gems?

I pass over Walmart--I only set foot in one a few years ago to prove that they a) do not overall have lower prices. If you shop there exclusively, you may not be saving anything. b) Are higher on some items, and c) are taking advantage of people who are not skilled in shopping/economic literacy. in other words, some of their product sizes and multiple packaging on some items might have a price that seems lower, but per ounce or pound is as high or just as high as another store.
SO, is their buying power really passing on the savings to the consumer?

All my union-member friends shop there.

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