Interstate 73 may get a new look


Interstate from Toledo to Columbus? Would they convert 23 into 73?
Among other projects that could get a new look are two interstate highways last proposed in the early 1990s.

Interstate 73 would provide the first interstate link between Toledo and Columbus, continuing on to Portsmouth. A proposed 84-mile Interstate 74 would link Cincinnati to I-73 at Portsmouth.

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You can already travel between Toledo and Columbus on 4 lane highway the entire way. Yes, from Delaware down, theres suburban traffic, but the road can handle it. There's no current need to upgrade the current road to an expressway.

There's even less need to build freeways from Columbus and Cincy to Portsmouth (and across the river). This is not the change we need.

If these roads are such a good idea, Taxin' Ted should put out an RFP to companies that could build and operate the roads. If there's a need and a profit to be made, they'll do it. Otherwise, leave my money in my pocket please.

I'd drive it because Delaware is a speed trap.


Yes, traffic is heavy, but the limit is reasonable. Driving faster than other traffic is asking for trouble in that area. I'm sure the local police wouldn't move to enforce the limit on a new freeway, right? duh.....

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