WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) made the following statement after voting against S. 352, the DTV Delay Act.

“Once again, delaying the Digital Television Transition only adds confusion and additional costs to this important conversion. Today’s vote to delay the transition to June 12th does not move any consumers off of the wait list for converter-box coupons and undermines the extensive public outreach programs that have been in place for the last four years. Our nation’s first responders are now forced to wait an additional five months for their communications frequency that has been allocated to them to further help them carry out their important job.”

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Does anyone have any estimate of how many people aare actually affected by this conversion?

The media has hyped this up, run their PSAs and scrolling cautions as if the majority of houses in the nation's sets are running off an analog signal. We know that that can't be true, simply judging by the reduced number of television antennaes!

If tomorrow morning I wake to a blank screen, I'll rush to Best Buy and pay full price for a converter box, rush home and install it by 9 pm when The Office starts. I'm sure most of America would do the same (Grey's Anatomy is on Thursday, too). If they, and every other store, are out, I'll catch the show on the Internet.

What the fear here? That if people don't convert, that they'll toss their TVs out and take up reading and writing? GASP! That millions of American Idol voters will be disenfranchised?

Missing out on television signals is not a national emergency. The banking debacle...the economy...the public education those are national emergencies.

it won't matter if they instituted the change tomorrow or four months from now... there will still be people sitting at home wondering what happened and wondering when the government is going to come and make their TV "all better" (and for free, I might add)... and the stations were mandated to keep reminding folks of the impending change... it's not as if this hasn't been an ongoing informational operation for years...

Markintv is correct. The same people who have not made arrangements to move to digital will still be unprepared in June. However the TV stations will have to continue to rent analog transmitters costing millions of dollars while the government panders to the dullards who are sitting there waiting for someone to pay for the converter box and install it for them.


The same waffling morons who brought you the digital transition, who brought you regulation of cable TV, who brought you the Community Reinvestment Act, who gave you the banking bailout NOW WANT TO CONTROL YOUR HEALTHCARE.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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