I love Michelle Rhee

Who doesn't?
http://features.csmonitor.com/backstory/2009/01/27/is-michelle-rhee-the-... - Is Michelle Rhee the new face of education reform?
http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/story/2009/02/01/ST20090201... - Really good - Education Heavyweights Prepare for D.C. Contract Fight

Raised in the area, doing a great job improving education.

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I guess that brain drain stuff is really true.

From the Christian Science Monitor: While growing up in suburban Toledo, Ohio, she attended the private Maumee Valley Country Day School. From there, she went to Cornell University. When she graduated, she entered Teach For America (TFA), which is like the Peace Corps for young teachers.

Note that Ms. Rhee did not attend Toledo Public Schools. You know, I've always wondered why TPS doesn't get together with MVCDS, find out what they're doing, and imitate them.

Then we have this quote from Erik Rhee, again from the CSM article:

“I was actually surprised when I heard she was going to do Teach For America,” says Erik Rhee, her older brother. Growing up in a community of hyper-achieving Korean-Americans in Toledo, Erik says “the basic expectation was doctor, lawyer, something like that. It was generally understood that you were just going to be successful.”

I think this might be an example of a back handed compliment.

About the only questions I have about Ms. Rhee are: What does her husband do for a living? How long has Ms. Rhee been working with the DC school system in her current position? Are the students learning more than before, and if so how much more?

Mad Jack
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cutest . I can't believe she is divorced .
If she gets the contract language she needs, her reforms could work

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