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Ugh. Looks like it was recorded on a cheap digital camera with a video function. Plus the persistent camera shake in this clip makes it look like it was shot by a Parkinson's patient during an earthquake.

I am all about viral marketing campaigns, but Moody should spend $200 and at least hire a competent video producer to shoot this promo. This video looks amateurish.


there are businesses he could have hired locally...

based on that video alone, i will not be voting for mr. moody

You've got to be kidding. It doesn't necessarily follow that a bad video means a person will not be a good mayor.

Conversely, nor does a good quality video mean that a person will not be a mayor who is a tyrant, a manipulator of truth, or insistent on having his own way.

Remember Finkbeiner made an excellent, quality video about "his good friend, Scout."

Based on that video quality as the sole criteriion, someone might get the idea that Finkbeiner is a good mayor if that same line of fallacious reasoning is followed.

The fact is, that we now have a mayor who is condescending, arrogant, unreasonable, a hypocritical actor who tries to put on a good show--(state of the city speech is now on its 6th or 7th reprise).

A bad quality video only means that someone failed (for whatever reason) to make a good quality video. It says nothing about how a person would govern.

invests in local businesses by hiring professionals to film, produce and design his campaign. I want a pro-business mayor. Not some real-estate agent who comes across looking like a cokehead because he wants to skimp on a couple bucks.

The eyebrows and influxes are almost comical. Is he a cokehead? Or is it just a personality quirk?

Well, Moody could use some coaching on developing a stage and camera presence, but I wouldn't chalk up his mannerisms to drug use or personality. The first few times my ugly mug was on TV I looked pretty goofy, but these days I can usually do a TV interview without looking like Garth Algar.

Moody would be better off being filmed speaking before a crowd, instead of speaking directly to the camera. Only polished professionals can carry this off without looking like nervous rabbits or stiff robots. News anchors, Reagan, and Clinton are about the only people able to be convincing in the dead-on, facing-the-camera shot.

Get him on a stage, walking around and being more natural. Mix in some video of him shaking hands with supporters, or doing some work at a desk. He will be much more in his element.

...and perhaps he will "squeeze a penny" from our tax dollars. I can live with shaky video if it presages an administration that uses every tax dollar to the maximum advantage.

Old South End Broadway

It should be obvious to any Democrat that this guy is not ready to work. He still has his suitcoat on and his sleeves aren't rolled up. Just compare it to the Wilkowski video....his sleeves are rolled up, he's sitting at a kitchen table just like "regular hard working" people. He is definitely one of us. And coffee, he's drinking coffee. Why are we even waiting to elect him?

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

As a member of the media you know what we mean here. I completely agree that in a perfect world we would elect leaders based solely upon their qualifications and policy goals, but tons of voters use their gut reactions about how a candidate comes across in video and audio in their voting decisions.

And can you REALLY sit there and not scratch your head about the poor quality and production of this video? Moody is running for mayor of a major metropolitcan city, not for senior class president.

If Moody wants to use YouTube for low-budget viral marketing with a hand-held camera, he should do something more creative, like a Michael Moore-esque camera ambush, or a humorous political piece. Formal campaign ads like Moody aimed for here should use a professional videographer and editing service.

So Wilkie has the same strategy as "Scrappy Joe Biden from Scranton PA"??

and I come across on this video as a complete doofuss.

Hi Jim Moody, I'm a well-produced video. We've never met, but...

Pink Slip

I have to agree with a number of comments here, this video does not help sell Mr. Moody. First impressions can't be do-overs so it needs to be done right the first time. I don't object to the quality of the video as much as I do the lighting, his face is in shadow, and the hand gestures, they look unsure...and he is using the "credit card" move patented by Bill Clinton. Also the audio is a bit "tinny". I am very happy to see Mr. Moody running...alas so far he is the only non-politician to stand up for the city, but he does need to polish his image a bit. but I say Good Luck and God Speed Mr. Moody!!!

I was not sent this video by anyone. I happen to come across it in my daily traversals. It was public; I did not know what to call it so I used the title they used. The quality could be better, but I though the message was fine.

Just to clarify: my criticisms were not against Moody or his platform, parts of which I find interesting. I was just puzzled at the amatuerish quality of the clip. With some coaching on his style (watch him clench his hands around the 1:00 mark) and professional production, I am sure Moody will be more camera-ready.

I assume that Moody and his advisors plan to develop media-quality video and audio for the campaign. He should upload some of that to the Internet when it is ready, and yank this stuff.

There is always a place for low-budget hand-held video that can be effective (think Blair Witch Project), but this was a dud. I was so engrossed at the lousy video and production quality that I almost ignored his message.

but a coaxer. His website is skimpy on details of a plan. And it is a strange website. Each page his picture pops up with music. Jim, be bold , speak firmly, lay out a specific plan of recovery. People want leadership. Watch some Reagan videos.

I almost felt like it was shot underwater with the greenish tint and the sun (as in lighting) floating through at the top right. I admit that I started finding faults with the video and stopped listening to the message. I had to play it again and ignore the video to hear the message.

I bet this was done by Jon Stainbrook and his PR machine.

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