TAKE BACK TOLEDO! Turn in Signed Petitions


The leadership of TAKE BACK TOLEDO will be on hand at Dave's Home Cooked Foods, 1855 S. Reynolds Road Wednesday, February 4 from 5:30 -- 7:00 PM to accept signed petitions and hand out new petitions. Notaries will be on hand to notarize those signatures for you.

Dinner is just $8 and benefits TAKE BACK TOLEDO. Anybody turning in more than 100 signatures eats for free.

We are also looking for paid canvassers. If you are interested in making some money in your spare time and serving a worthy cause, stop by tonight and we'll get you set up.

See you there!

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Do Ra Mi Fa So La Ti Do

where is the money coming from for that?

You could hire ACORN!

this is the worst time of year to collect signatures.
People are into comfort and space. They don't want to stand in the cold to listen and sign. People should absolutely be rising up against this administration, but they don't yet realize the full pain that is coming..
I have 4 signatures on my sheet.

Complete failure.

I think Brian is just trying to keep everyone informed.

Would the BOE still accept the petitions if they are singed? Wouldn't the process of singeing the petitions also run the risk of burning off important voter information?

(historymike runs off to Snarky Poster Corner)

I'd be happy to sign.

Mickey Mouse & Tony Romo

Pink Slip

I stopped by this event this evening toward the end of it to sign a petition and to get dinner. There were about 15 people there and a couple of people came in and out while I was there. This was at 6:30 in the evening. Again, this is definitely different.

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