More Good News For Toledo-Vacant Houses Disappearing At A Faster Rate

Just saw a report on NBC24 about vacant house fires in Toledo It appears we have found a way to get rid of the homes quickly. TFD reports that the number of vacant house fires has increased from 113 in 2005 to 190 in 2008. Of course we also have the lowest manpower levels in six years and no class planned.
Let's try to look on the bright side though since it involves the mayor. Those burning homes provide heat and light if only for a short time to the underserved neighborhoods of Toledo. In a move toward green energy we should try to capture the heat generated to power some of the abandoned buildings downtown.

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...down. Both have already been gutted. A couple in Illinois owns one (that's why they do not have to shovel snow from their sidewalk), and the other (across Chapin St.) is owned by a mortgage company (since it is a business it is not required to shovel the sidewalks of the properties it owns). That's why I will not bother the city if squatters move in, and use candles for light and heat. Hopefully, one thing will lead to another.

Old South End Broadway

I was thinking we could dismantle the houses and ship them to Kentucky to assist the people without heat from their ice storm a week or so ago!

On Carty's side, does he get to count burned out vacant houses as getting rid of eyesores for his "state of the city" statistics?

The destruction of housing is not something to cheer. It's POTLATCH. We're NOT so wealthy that we can wantonly destroy pieces of our wealth just to demonstrate how wealthy we are.

If people REALLY want to get rid of these houses, LET ME COME IN and start removing all the 2x6 and 2x4 lumber that makes up the majority of the house structure. I'll pay you $1 for each 8ft of 2x4 and $2 for each 8ft of 2x6. For insulation batting, I'll pay 25% of MSRP for R13 or better rated material. 25% of MSRP is about what I'd pay for any material that I'd remove.

But DON'T just burn it, or hope to have it burned. And I'll gladly sign a waiver for your liability should I fall through a floor and rip open my leg or something.

I know what's inspiring all this potlatch. People are deeply afraid of poverty. They are more concerned about "my property values" than about the importance of recycling and making cheap (NOT free) housing available for the poor. It's vicious and it's stupid and I urge you people to STOP DOING THAT.

...these properties and recoup their investment. There are mortgages on these houses. The owner of one house received an insurance settlement when there was flooding in the apartment above. He sunk it back into the house. After he did that the house was stripped to the timbers from the inside by a company he hired, new copper piping installed, and this pipe was stripped one night by a gang.

A neighbor reported them around three in the morning, and the police got one guy who convinced them the copper pipe he was carrying he had found on the walk. The owner of the property went to jail for being a sexual predator a month later, and the mortgage company that carries the mortgage is probably trying to get the best deal it can (or maybe they cannot sale it until he relinquishes his interest).

The other property was vacated when the owner moved to Illinois because her company moved there. She had taken advantage of several programs where she got grants and loans to improve the house. It was in pretty good shape when she left, but the house was stripped since. I suppose she is "underwater" (owing more than the house is worth), and hopes some fool will take it off her hands at her asking price.

I doubt either party would take advantage of your offer. If they have the properties properly insured they can pay their mortgage, and have some left over if the property burns to the ground.

Old South End Broadway

Toledo receives $12.2 million for neighborhood improvement

"Stable Toledo neighborhoods threatened by the rash of foreclosures will be targeted with a $12.2 million federal grant announced yesterday by the Finkbeiner administration.
- Demolish 220 dwellings."

That means 220 less dwellings that POOR people can possibly buy, where they can continue to live cheaply but DECENTLY as befits their station.

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