Detroit 2008 is Toledo 2028

Frozen in indifference: Life goes on around body found in vacant warehouse

Take a good look. Found bodies will become frequent for Toledo 2028. And it will also take 3 calls to 911 to get any response to them.

Toledo's decay is inevitable. Investment in public needs is constantly hijacked by the elite as they build downtown edifices to their own, monstrous egos. Detroit's example is just being followed to the letter. Unless the working class wises up and downsizes the government to a minimal size only needed for law enforcement and utilities delivery, the class is similarly doomed.

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Man, that's cold. I can understand the slow police response seeing as how the man is dead and frozen into a block of ice. It isn't as if he's going anywhere and any witnesses have vanished a long time ago. The thing that bothers me is a group being able to play hockey next to the body and not think anything about it.

Mad Jack
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That was part of my point. The man's death evinced zero or little interest in many parties, from nearby squatters, police, even the reporter (who was only doing it for a story). The lackadaisical response to his death illustrates the cultural price to pay for letting everything go to shit for purely financial reasons.

We need to "de-finance" our government in Toledo before things get this bad. All the government pukes care about is money, and so that's all they spend their time doing: herding cash. Reducing our government will not only save us money (and we're the place where the money belongs, not in government coffers), but will reduce this cash-herding behavior. Having reduced that, eventually a Humanistic approach can rise up in government operations.

At one of my places of employment after the service I worked with a guy who had been a flight engineer on a C-47 flying around the Pacific during World War II (though he spent most of his enlistment flying over the Himalayas into China).

He flew into one island a few days after it had been taken from the Japs. There were still a lot of bodies of dead Japs on the island. Rather than get his boots muddy when he went to the office to report he used the dead bodies for stepping stones. He did not feel bad about it at all (even after almost 30 years).

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