Super Bowl Predictions - Post 'Em here

I made my case for a Steelers victory over the Cardinals in my annual Super Bowl prediction postbut I always enjoy reading the thoughts of others on this game of games.

Perhaps this will be the one thread where civil discourse will reign, though sports sometimes brings out more heated debate than politics.

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I will go with underdog Cardinals with their old guy
qb Warner

the recepients of all the revenue from those overpriced commercials. Why do Pepsi and Coke spend millions for one minute of advertising for a product that everyone already knows and uses. It would be easy to be considered a genius as an employee for one of these companies. Just suggest not advertising during the Super Bowl and save the company millions. But, that would make to much sense for the wizards who run these big companys

Kurt Warner and the high-powered offense with Boldin and Fitzgerald can be dangerous.

But then again, so are the #1 ranked defense in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It will be interesting, as the Cardinals did beat the Steelers a few years back. But that was not in a Superbowl.

Steelers must pressure the QB up the middle to block his vision. The defensive backs must keep the Cardinals WR's in front of them, and limit their YAC.

Steelers must control the clock and keep the Cardinals offense off the field. Also Steelers must force the Cardinals to rely on their ground attack.

Lastly, the Steelers must score when in the red zone and minimize unnecessary penalties.

On the other hand, the Cardinals are going to have to be able to pass and get the YAC. They are going to have to stop the run attack of the Steelers, and stop them on 3rd downs. They will need to play a flawless game.

Taking all this into consideration, the Steelers will win by 6!

Angels by two.

Patience is a great virtue.

but don't care who wins. Will enjoy the goodies Mrs. McCaskey will make. Steelers' defense probably too tough; suppose they'll win. And I like the Rooney family.

Has anyone noticed how there seem to be more Steeler fans around here now than Browns/Lions fans put together (I know, they both suck, but still...)? It seems, at least where the NFL is concerned, this part of the country might as well be couple hundred miles to the east.

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