should city workers' pension contribution be increased?

No, they deserve to live higher than the rest of us. They are public servants
11% (4 votes)
Yes, we pay 7% into SS . They can too.
32% (12 votes)
Toss their pension. Put them into Social Security like the Post Office already did for their workers
57% (21 votes)
Total votes: 37
No votes yet

...under FERS. Those who are under FERS have the option of putting funds into the Thrift Savings Plan, and the government provides matching funds, This is somewhat better than just Social Security. The original link, which I cannot get to show, shows that the governments will match up to 5% up your paycheck for a total of 10% going to your savings every pay period.

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Larry, you're under the old CSRS I think. This new SS started in '84.

New hires are already being put into SS, only the long-time workers are still in PERS.

Given enough time, the problem will die off. . .

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...while FERS has a basis in Social Security, and the government also puts an additional 1% in a savings program that an employee can chose to match or not. Under CSRS I could put in a smaller amount that the government would match. I did that my last 15 years. This link,, shows one fellow's computations for retirement.

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