Of mice and men

Ok, what should be done with Phakit Mann on this site, please sound off here. Should he stay or go? If he is allowed to stay, what limits should be imposed? Should we even do anything? Have your say now. Anything goes. Post your thoughts here.

After seeing what you think, a decision will be made on Monday.

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Honestly, I know reading his posts can be annoying, but just the idea that someone can be shut-up because others don't like what they say is frightening.

Once you cut one person off it is easier to silence someone else. While I realize that you aren't necessarily protesting his viewpoints, but instead the way in which he communicates them, this is still dangerous territory....I say let him participate.
If you don't want to read it, pass over it.

Limiting the posts is a fair enough compromise, I suppose.

I made this thread, so we can discuss it.

Phakit's case is not like any other one that has come before.

I'd have to agree; there is no one out there quite like Phakit Mann, except maybe John Law, and Mike Coon.

I say you try to "balance" out his posts to make them sound fair. (haha, I'm kidding--can you imagine someone doing such a thing?)

Pink Slip

eat this up.

I'm guilty of contributing to his blather, and to be honest, most of it is just ignorant, yet harmless, babble.

I'm also guilty of aggressive postings over issues that insult me and when I see someone posting something ignorant with no facts to back up their comments, I make it known how I feel.

Censorship is only useful when the poster is a threat or is involved in delving into another's personal life and posts it on the site, and "El Mahico" was permitted full reign.

I suggest just ignoring Mike Coon and allow him to rant with his misinformation. It's clear that nobody's buying what he's trying to sell anyway.

Get rid of him/her. Permanently.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I think there is little use in banning Mike Coon/ John Law / Phakit Mann, because that will only egg him on. He'll just create new accounts, or use different IPs, or find any of a half-dozen ways to evade the ban. Besides, Chris will quickly grow tired of trying to keep up with the game-playing.

I suggest that for Phakit Mann - or any other poster who engages in the type of personal attacks and vile rhetoric he uses - we just delete the idiocy. Actually, there are a few issues I might agree with him on if he weren't spending so much time maligning the other posters.

Remember: Coon's game is not about left-right disagreements, but on blasting every one who does not chime in and parrot his commentary lock-step. He's attacked a number of right-leaning folks with the same foul-mouthed stupidity as he has centrists and left-leaning posters. Heck, even recently-arrived lunatic David Ben-Ariel generally behaves himself, albeit while spouting racist drivel.

Coon is more than a troll - he's a sadistic, mean-spirited jerk who thrives on getting a rise out of people. Moreover, his repugnant inclusion of bizarre sexual imagery in almost every post (pedophilia, bestiality, and lurid homoerotic passages) turns every thread into hardcore porn.

If Coon wants to post and spew his commentary without the grotesque obscenities and personal attacks, I say let him post. But if I have to read a thread and have to put up with being called a pedophile or donkey-f**ker, I as a SwampBubblian will eventually migrate elsewhere rather than read the prurient idiocy of someone whose emotional age seems stuck on 12.

That type of post should be immediately deleted without any worry about censorship. Most sites I frequent have some basic rules about participation, and trolls who cross the line into attacks and pornography get booted.

some people just won't grow up.

Beat him with a Bacon Explosion!


No censorship! Let him rave on.


WHAT BULLSHIT! Bitching about this guy from SG, Mc, Pinky, etc; some of the biggest trolls on the damned boards. LEAVE HIM ALONE unless you're going to censor them, too.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

all the libs on here are 'trolls'.

Whatza matter, no grade 'B' movies to review over on TT? Aren't you ridin' tall in the saddle all of a sudden. Still carrying around your can of mace, Mr. Action Figure Hero?

I know, if I respond to what you said, I'm a 'troll.' Oh, well, how will I ever sleep at night?

I rest my case, Meyers. And being a 'liberal' has nothing to do with it. Kooz is a troll also. If you're going to put up with this stuff-which always gets personal and contributes nothing-then stop bitching and put up with Mann. Or, BEST SOLUTION-get the IGNORE feature software, as Billy said. If you can totally ignore COMMENTS by individuals, it works. It's been proven on other boards. I don't know how anyone else feels about it, but I'd be willing to contribute a donation toward it, if it's expensive. Anybody else?


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

Oh, well, how will I ever sleep at night?

Depends on how much you've had to drink that afternoon...

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Are there rules? If so, remind the offending party of those rules. If the offense continues, follow thru.

No rules? Then he/she has 'free reign' to do what they want without reproach.

That's pretty 'black & white'.

censored, we can go into his world whenever we feel we have the emotional stamina . He is one who will drain us. It is not good to be exposed to a drainer continually.
Then let him out to the main page sometimes.- once a week
All publications edit , make decisions like this

Everyone should put on some Motown, groove with it for a while, and let themselves put the Phakit out of their minds. Let the music make Phakit disappear. If you really dig it, you won't even notice Phakit if he/she reappears.
Peace and love to you all.
Everything is going to turn out all right.

Patience is a great virtue.

Maybe we could make Phakit and David Ben-Ariel have a duel to the death? That could be fun.

So It is on my head if s/he continues to write. I do not blame her/him. One thing I've learned: s/he will ask questions, but seldom responds to them. I write just ignore him/her/it.

Old South End Broadway

HEY MR CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT PUNCH IS FOR EL MAHICO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you know who

++++++++The names I have been called on this thread are: Bonehead, fucking racist ass, sick worthless racist, self serving sick freak, racist pig, blind stupidity, usual self righteous and stubborn manner, and RC. +++++++++++

SincE mOSt who posT here DO NOT beLIeve In CeNsoRsHiP if YOU don"T want to READ PHAKIT MANN"S posts, JUst don't reaD THEM. I DON't like Two be CALLED NAmes bUT NOone haS MuCh of A Problem when THIS haPPens to ME. I WOUld AT least THINK that HEaLEnWhEales would HAVe COmmented WHen tpsTeAcHer24 caLLed me "RC" since SHE schOOLed me ON hOW Offensive it is TO woMEn.

"+++++Racial Comment+++++Racial Comment++++
Submitted by purnhrt on Mon, 2008-10-13 22:09.
It must be a white thing because I don't even know what the word means. That word whatever it is means to you tpsteacher24, means nothing to me."

RC, I have no idea what you are talking about. The word ADMIN EDIT means nothing to you remember...and since you are racist...you should take no offense at me referring to you as RC. Right?....or please correct me and let me know you are a liar too.

Well, she now knows what the word connotes and denotes and now that she knows, the word obviously does mean something to her.

Count this as my first flagged post.

Refering to someone as a racist is not in itself offensive, even though it may inflame and incite. But adding the "c" word onto it is a baseless, ad hominem attack.

I DO have a problem with name calling..it usual demonstrates a lack of control and an argument lacking substance. And if you missed it, I did make some comments about people unfairly using your real name.

I must not have seen that post by TPSTeacher24--it's a horrible name to call anyone, and anyone who feels that using it helps them get their point across is sorely mistaken.

So, I agree with HistoryMike and Purnhrt, maybe there need to be some standards set for this forum as far as acceptable language choices/obscenity, etc...

Hi all,
I am new here but have been reading the posts for a few weeks. I have been reading everyone's fear of censorship on this thread, but it is important to note that only government censorship is a violation of a person's rights. While this is a "public" forum it does have standards of conduct for posting. If those are violated, then there should be a penalty paid. This would be akin to a person behaving rudely and loudly inside a restaurant or other store, managers can and do ask people to leave if they cannot act appropriately. The alternative to the situation is to just ignore the offending posts and hope the person gets tired and goes away. On the other hand, after reading several of the questioned posts, they rarely make sense and are always badmouthing another individual's post or their person. So the offending posts are not really adding anything of substance to the conversation, they are in fact background noise and the webmaster has every right to block them from the site. Just my 2-cents from a new reader.

and here are some samples of whatitzname's work that I believe to have crossed the line by a mile on what people on here should have to put up with:

"108th , family reunion this summer.One of the longest ,continuous reunions in America !! In, Ireland, they will celebrating the 340th, family reunion !!! I know this doesn't answer your question however, a non sequitur , is all censors are worth. Maybe, if you knew who your parents were, you'd understand better .Have you tried to touch your toes lately ? DISIPLINE MAN DISIPLINE !!"

"Pavlovs' dog drooling .It is involuntary and you prove it ...BIG TIME. DISIPLINE NANCY DISIPLINE . Did you see the school indoctrinater in Illinois, who over thirty years of indoctrinating children, molested over 75 BOYS !! He's a history indoctrinater also ! You , no doubt, know him very, very well !"

"There , the Sumo wrestlers are like GODS. Since , their girth won't allow them, cleaning up after defecation, they hire young boys to do it for them. This is considered a HIGH and GREAT HONOR !! Do you have any boys doing this for you...a gob of goo ??!!

Utter, vile garbage. Solely intended to incite and inflame. I've enjoyed mocking this assclown, and actually still believe that to be the best answer, but when someone takes over every-other thread with crap like this it's arguably time for stronger measures.

And actually censorship can only be done by the government. The other times we call things censorship it really is not.

It's a word like diva. People use it a lot for what it really doesn't mean.

As for the issue... it's chris' thread and he has the right to do whatever he wants to do. He could ban me tomorrow and there isn't a thing I can do about it. We should all acknowledge and respect that.

On a side note. Unfortuneately I will not be on here next week. I will be in the field. However after I return I leave here and am off to California where I will be for the next 2 years. I will stop by Toledo on my way out there. If anyone wants to have a drink while I'm in town I am up for it.


im a member of several message boards
and on a few of them, there is an ignore feature
and when implemented, if you click ignore next to someone's posts
they basically go away

no need to ban
just give us the option to make this horrible user go away

His posts are annoying, for sure, and having an ignore feature would be welcome. Frankly, I find a couple others actually disturbing, those that are truly racist and propaganda-ish in nature (David B-A, for example). Although I have been baited into commenting on some of their posts in sheer revulsion, that is a breakdown with my discipline in not encouraging their behavior. I'm and adult and can choose not to read what they're writing.

However, I think it also depends on your vision of what SwampBubbles is and represents, what types of conversations you want to represent your baby. Total free and open discourse vs limitations on dialogue. I admit I've walked away in timeout from SwampBubbles for awhile a few times because I was just darn tired of reading about some of their crud ~ I can read that in 20 other places, and that's not why I come here, and when in uber-writing mode, their posts just overwhelm the dialogue to a point it's not worth even participating. My gut is that I trust your decisions on what is appropriate here, and if I ever didn't I'd pipe up about my thoughts. But I also know you probably don't want to have to step up that level of management of the site ~ I'm guessing that's a LOT of work, especially for a hobby.

You've already demonstrated that you will edit user's posts if they don't fit your political views despite your pledge that the content on this site will be controlled by the users. Why is banning a crazy person such a moral dilemma?

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

But give us a more encompassing ignore function than the one that was out there. Give us one where if we choose, we can put trolls off our radar completely.

That way, if these trolls put out postings and get zero reply after zero reply, they'll eventually just go away - and even if they don't, those of us who have them blocked wouldn't know anyway.

the former ignore user function only worked on main posts PM's contributions are mostly comments. I don't think that there is an ability to ignore a user's comments, without having a burden on the entire system. I am looking for a new host, but in the meantime, wondering what else to do. Regardless of what Pink or HB says, while other information is added to posts on the main page keeping the original intact, I don't touch user comments unless they are spam, use swear words, or make threats, or are pissing matches not dealing with the original topic or anything that has come up (e.g. Brian and El Mechico's).

PM's comments are not spam, 80% are not pissing matches, although with them being so incomprehensible they do appear to be garbage and the quantity of them cannot be ignored.

So that is the quandary. If he could actually make a point, maybe there would not be a discussion.

Keep the thoughts coming.

PM's comments are not spam, 80% are not pissing matches

No, they are in fact worse than this, as in the samples I've cited.

And HB is 100% correct on what he posted and his linked material says it all.

Honestly, it's occured to me that if PM were posting his brand of trash from a liberal/Democrat viewpoint, it might have been banned/heavily edited long ago. And, I for one, would have been just fine with that.

"Honestly, it's occured to me that if PM were posting his brand of trash from a liberal/Democrat viewpoint, it might have been banned/heavily edited long ago."

Maybe in your world that would have happened, but the facts prove you wrong. The only users who have been put in penalty box would fall into the right side of the spectrum for their comments. But you are allowed to whine here about things that don't happen.

Also, it is interesting you have to preface your comment with honestly.

HB's comment in fact proves you wrong, and hypocritical to boot.

Just curious, did you ever admit you were wrong by labeling Pinky a 'paid Democratic operative from California'? Maybe I missed it.

Anyway, you can have your say now, and then we can get back to topic on PM. If members side with 'ignore', that's the way it goes. Majority rules.

it makes you and HB look like whiners complaining over things that never happened.

The original post is maintained and not edited, adding more information is something done on many threads. Eventually you will look stupid for complaining about things that don't exist. Editing the content of a user post never happened as well as thinking that left leaning would be considered banned more than right leaning.

So you are 0-2 on this thread; 100% wrong on both counts.

We don't know who PS is, as far as we know PS is a paid operative, especially if you look at PS's post history. PS is welcome to say who he/she is so we can verify it.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

OK, let's check HB's link--

Let's see--Wombat, Libs, Neighborhood, all agreed with what you did at the time was unneccessary, LisaRene thought Pink's link was 'great--it compares both sides.'

On your side, you have Cogitate and...ummmm, well, El Machico. Can't speak for Cogitate, other than I bet he/she watches alot of Fox News, but the other guy's in jail and reknowned by one and all in Toledo blogosphere, not in a positive way.

This isn't whining. This is calling you out for what you did and who you are. If you don't want to be reminded of it, better delete the thread, or start 'balancing out ' posts pertaining to Carty, unions, the Blade, Stainbrook, local Democrats.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Handbanana.


let's see, you and HB fail to prove "editing" and you fail to show people the other posts where I have added more information. You did prove I added more information to that post, but fail to show the about 20 other posts which I have done the same thing. Of course if you linked to all of them your case would be pretty weak. But, let's not let the facts get in the way of your spin now shall we.

You also have failed to prove your allegation that the only way we are talking about PM is because of his right leanings. Anything to try to prove a point huh?

I would say if you make allegations about this site, they better be good and verifiable, not some lame attempt at trying to spin something that does not exist.

Webmaster, we've been through this before and no one has backed you. As others have pointed out, when you add your idea of fairness to a post you change the content of the message. This is a form of censorship. It's your site, and if you want to censor that's cool---just cowboy up and admit it.

Pink Slip

and drop the juvenile assumption you're some 'paid Democrat operative' because you don't reveal your actual name...like about 95% of all members on here, all for very legitimate reasons like not wanting psychos like PM to be able to look you up.

Let's see, you've been a member here since it's inception and for years on TT before that. With all that dough, Pinkie, you could assist with all this bailout stuff, you know. Come on, cheapskate, help a brother out.

plus a very weak definition of censorship. Censorship means pulling or changing the content, none of that was ever done. Of course facts don't fit your claims so let's just stick with claims, shall we.

I love chocolate
1. I love salt (that would be changing content)
2. Comment removed (this would be censorship)
3. I love chocolate (and be sure to check the other sweets, and here are links to different types of chocolate)

Since #3 was what was done when more info was added to about 20 posts, it does show how petty you really sound. You would think that with such major allegations, you would have proof 1 & 2 were done. But since there is none, and since you don't link to other examples, well you have nothing more than hot air to offer. It it must make you feel good to say such things, regardless of the base in reality since you continue to do so.

BTW McCaskey, always making excuses for odd behavior. I don't have a problem with posters here, Pink should not either unless he/she really has something to hide. If I was paid, I would not want verification of it either.

Think of it this way Chris. I post something that compares the health plans of both presidential candidates. You alter the post by claiming it's not "fair" and then add more info to try and "balance" it (in your mind). Now, instead of me posting an article comparing health plans, you change the intent of my post by claiming it favors one candidate over another (rather than letting the reader decide based on the facts). So by changing the intent of my post, you block the original message from getting through. This is a form of censorship

Pink Slip


have a winner!

Pink Slip thinks #3 is censorship; that is quite disturbing. Of course I have yet to find a definition that says providing more information is in censorship, but Pink Slip wants you to "think of it" that way.

That's right--when you add something, you change the meaning. And the original meaning is gone. Suppressed.

Pink Slip

prove I did #1 or #2. It is that simple. According to your big words of censorship and suppression, you should have some clear examples of #1 and #2 which fit these big words. How many times have I asked you to prove it, and how many times have you avoided it? We are all waiting. You are beginning to look like a tap dancer avoiding the issue.

What are you talking about? I'm not "avoiding" anything. I've explained it to you several times, and you continue to deny it. That's fine...it says a lot about your character. I can understand your hesitance to admit to something like censorship---probably doesn't look good to someone with school board aspirations (if you still have them)

Pink Slip

please note that after asking pink slip to prove "censorship" and "suppression" multiple times, pink slip has nothing to prove. Pink continues to make claims without proof and says content of post have been changed yet fails to show where the content and meaning of a post was changed. I think case is closed.

I see we are at an impasse. The link is provided that shows you changed the post, and I have commented several times that adding to a post (assuming editorial control) changes the meaning and how this is a form of censorship. You disagree--fine. But I've had a couple of posters agree with me....while NO ONE has backed you on this. Not ONE person.

Pink Slip

BTW McCaskey, always making excuses for odd behavior

Flesh out the meaning behind this sentence if you will. I really, really, want to know.

I don't have a problem with posters here, Pink should not either unless he/she really has something to hide. If I was paid, I would not want verification of it either.

What percentage of contributors on here use their 'real' names? All the others who don't --does that mean their comments/posts are somehow reduced in significance because of that, or is it only Pink?

excuses. You first say that people are afraid. I say I am not afraid, and pink should not be either, and now you need to come back with something else. What is is? Ah the tried and true "everyone else is doing it". I don't think that got very far with your mom, does not get far with me. Nice try. Fact is if someone wants credibility they will post under their own name. You and pink refuse to, then you better accept the loss of credibility. You must be a little sensitive to this since you are making such a big deal about it. I wonder why? Will you honestly tell us?

Kindly never again mention 'my mom' and 'you' in the same sentence again or in any other sort of reference. When your life experiences involve real adult matters like marrage, parenthood and the like, instead of frivality like 'Jonstainbrooksucks.com' or whatever other Peter Pan-like endeavors you undertake, stop back and perhaps we can discuss as equals.

Perhaps you should begin a thread asking all members of Swampbubbles if 'real names only' should be allowed, and if those who don't use theirs would have nothing of value to contribute. I'd be very interested in that discussion. I'm sure those who choose not to use their names would appreciate your statement--'fact is if someone wants credibility they will post under their own name.'

We've all seen threads on here where 'real names' were being used, or least disclosed--the Animal House-quality food fights between BrianinFla and El Machico come quickly to mind--and I wouldn't say the level of discourse was exactly...raised because of it.

More interestlngly, you post under your own name and yet somehow that vaunted extra credibility that should come with it manages to remain elusive.

give me your real name so I can exploit your personal life, asshole.


McCasky has nothing else to say, But your suggestion of a food fight makes me think of the Pizza Papalis thread.

I enjoy the site you started and have maintained. You're to get the lion's share of credit for that and I appreciate the work you do here. We've wasted too much time and energy on this other stuff.

My objection with what you did with Pink's posts stems from my belief that, in my opinion, you began to insert yourself more in the general political direction this site took, beginning after Labor Day when election season began to heat up, specifically after Palin was announced as VP candidate.

Your posts took on a more partisan tone and your comments on others' posts began to get equally partisan.

I always thought your role was what jr's was on TT, that of a 'background' moderator who overlooked the site, cleaned things up when needed, offered an opinion or two on occasion, but someone mainly behind the scenes, letting members do the posting and commenting for the most part.

Your 'new direction' was ok with me, although I felt it unusual, and not in a positive way, until the Pink episode of you 'adding' to his post. That crossed the line in my mind, as PH would say.....'BIG TIME, !!.'

All this is just my opinion. It's not meant to be a statement of fact. It's how I interpreted events beginning from that time period going forward.

I've had my say. Again, I do appreciate the effort you put into making this site a quality one.

And my name is Chris.

I don't agree with the assertions, but it is noted. We can debate and can agree to disagree. I respect you for this comment.


I understand why you got into with EM at such a personal level. My point was, both your 'real' names were disclosed, and that added absolutely nothing to the 'discussion', such as it was, for the rest of us who rubber-necked on the various threads that you two were hard at work trashing each other on.

I believe you can understand that.

that's fine.

but to compare it to something so trivial when it was so invasive and antagonizing is insulting to me.

I believe you can understand that.

thank you.

oh, and yes, I harbor some anger towards Chris for his lacksidasical approach in dealing with Gary. Penalize him for having to delete posts, yet allow him to smear slanderous statements about me is fine especially after contacting him with the proper channels? Nice message.


I understand everything about your comment here. It's good with me, hope the same with you.

thanks and appreciate your understanding.

mucho grassyass


The original post is maintained and not edited, adding more information is something done on many threads.

But the message has changed. Instead of allowing Pink to present his viewpoint, you've insulted Pink's judgment and attempted to discredit his opinion. Regardless of your definition of the word "editing", the changes were pointless considering you could have easily created a rebuttal post.

But you've free to do as you wish because you pay the bills. However, I've met Dr. Hussain, the man that Mike Coon threatened relentlessly, and I won't be part of a community that allows him to spew his racist hatred unchecked. Just as you have the right to make editorial decisions on your own site, I have the right to go elsewhere for discussions about local events if I disagree with your editorial decisions.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at


it's clear to me that this moron isn't contributing to the site.

He's failed after several requests to provide names of professors which he's communicated with, yet continues to type out this worthless drivel.

I felt that given the opportunity that Coonie boy would freely provide the information to back up his claims, but it's clear from just today's contributions that it's not going to happen.

But seeing that he's left the office for the day, he's not going to ramble on into the night, but I fear he'll exploit another non-existant fantasy about a war veteran to play us like fiddles.

I wish to change my vote to "shut this idiot down".


if the original post is intact 100% and more information is added it is impossible to change the meaning. In your mind it is disturbing but what it has done is add more value to the post. You can only complain if I altered the post, which has not been done. In every instance the original is maintained and ****and the most popular post on the site is one where I did just this***** about Gagon and the DUI deaths. There is no way that post would be the most popular if I posted 30 little posts with all of the information, which according to you and others should be done. If there is a reason for me to add more information to one so there are not a ton of back and fourth posts or heavily diluted information, that is my prerogative. But for anyone to say that is censorship/supression or anything else when the original post is intact, you are wrong and most likely are just grasping for straws to criticize me. Until I edit words of someones post you have no reason to complain.

I believe it would help you understand why others take issue with your interpretation on this if you examine your precede on the Pink post in question:

'Since PinkSlip is incapable of being fair, this is what will now happen on postings that get out of control. I will force fairness by taking them over and putting in both sides of the debate, so you can decide what you want about the post. Unlike others on this site, I am not afraid of you seeing both sides of the debate.'

The phrase 'this is what will now happen' suggests this is the first post you just happened to 'add to' and the direct reference to 'Pink incapable of being fair' also suggests a certain personal reason for the 'adding on to' his post.

Take this is the spirit of the other night when we had a friendly exchange on this. But if you seriously don't get it, then I guess you just don't get it.


"on postings that get out of control" you are ignoring the context of what happened. See my preventing, tit for tat postings above.

Fer cryin' out loud, let this thing go. Censor? Ban? Rifle squad at dawn? Put a platter of Motown on the turntable. A little Four Tops will get everybody feeling groovy. Have a great weekend!
Phakit Man

Patience is a great virtue.

but if we go with the Temps, Marvin Gaye, Martha & Vandellas and the Philly soul groups (Delfonics, Stylistcs, etc.) I'm more on board with this gameplan...

PM would prefer Insane Clown Posse, since two of those words refer directly to him.

I realize that I had complained to Chris in a different thread about this jerk - but the more I thought about it, it makes more sense to simply ignore him & not bother reading his comments at all (even when they consume entire threads). I do not believe in censorship - ever, unless it's porn where minors may be. So in hindsight, I'm not quite sure what I'd expected Chris to do about him - to silence him is the same as censorship, so let him rant on, and just ignore him. I stopped reading his comments after the first 2 - just angry, hostile gibberish anyway, and too convoluted & confusing to bother trying to make any sense out of.

I do have to wonder about what type of person he must be, to know that everybody on this board dislikes him so much - and yet that seems to fuel his rambles & rants. I imagine a person this disagreeable & unpleasant is probably the same outside of this board - sad for his family, doubtful if he has any friends left.

Just ignore the user. Why get riled up while ignoring the name-calling of others? Purnhrt is a prime example: her concern and advocacy for some of the most vulnerable members of this city have attracted vile comments and name-calling. Yet, there was no "Call to Council" from the Webmaster. Why? Because we have the power to ignore the user(s). What's so different now?

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)

People seem to read it differently than it is written.

The 1st Amendment says:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

If Congress cannot make a law prohibiting the free exercise of speech, then it seems that Phakit Mann as every right to spout off no matter how offensive people find it.
HOWEVER, this is a privately owned website. If the webmaster decides that inflammatory speech by others exposes him to repercussions, then by all means protect yourself.

As for me, the Constitution guarantees "freedom OF speech". The Constitution does not guarantee "freedom FROM speech". I use the same philosophy regarding religion. I am Agnostic, yet fiercely support the freedom of religion. Otherwise my right to not believe can be infringed upon also.

Don't like the stupidity? Use the IGNORE feature.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I rather like 2BN11FA's comment, This would be akin to a person behaving rudely and loudly inside a restaurant or other store, managers can and do ask people to leave if they cannot act appropriately.

He/She/They are behaving badly. In fact, most - no, make that all - all of Phakit Mann's comments make Purnhrt appear to be the absolute epitome of a rational, kind, forgiving and loving human being.

Why are you prolonging this, Chris? Entertainment? What? Just get rid of Phakit Mann.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I waited patiently for Coonie to provide his sources he claims exist that feel his is of a superior being and we're a band of rag-tag misfits.

It's not going to happen because it's just conjured up in his mind.

But it's apparent he's here to kill time from working, judging from the hours he's posted here this week. His wife must control access from home. lol

But I guess when people stop patronizing a service ran by an utter idiot, there's more free time to blather his mess here.

I wish to change my vote to "ban him" and let him harass his employees instead.

So true on the 1st amendment!!!!!!!! unless your someone with a name that starts with L that in my opinion is not very good a very good blogger. and why should phakit mann or anyone else be singled out!!!!! i suppose everyone needs a scape goat to pic on and so forth. yours truely s

It makes more sense to implement an "ignore" feature than to actually ban a user. PM doesn't bother me; my eyeballs already have an ignore feature installed.

If I write a letter to the editor to the blade that's filled with scathing remarks and they don't print it have my 1st Amendment Rights then violated?

If I make a videotape and send it to channel 13 and they refuse to show it have my 1st Amendment rights been violated?

If Fred doesn't take my call on his show have my 1st Amendment rights been violated?


that good ol' Coonie is doing his postings from work.

Agreed, Brian. PM posts show up during business hours M-F. Either he doesn't have Net access at home, or he has to play nice on the computer at home for unknown reasons (draw your own conclusions).

the weekend is coming up and there must be another injured iraqi war veteran within a full gas tank range just begging for Coonie and his clan of idiots to preside over their festivities.

Shame he dosen't realize GI Joe isn't a real human being.

Let him stay. I can choose not to read his comments.

...and he has a sinecure to keep him out of worse trouble. Or maybe he is just retired (like me).

Old South End Broadway

the overwhelming are saying keep him but see if there can be an ignore feature or make sure he cleans up his act better. I have looked at some other of the options. I will probably make my decision early Monday or late tonight.

BTW you can feel free to rate PM by clicking on his name and choosing the 5 star bubble feature on his user page.

Nothing in our Constitution protects us from being offended by what someone else says. Therefore, logically and legally if someone wants to be an offensive racist they have the right to be so. So while I cannot condone Don Imus calling black female BB players Nappy Headed Hoes, Jesse Jackson referring to Jewish people as Hymie's or Rev. Joseph Lowery stating "when white will embrace what is right." or even PM 's irrational rants, they have the right to do so. The right to freedom of speech is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

To that end I say let everyone post what they want. If it violates the set rules that the admin has established then he can delete them at will with no other explanations needed. It's his site. Otherwise, just ignore what you do not want to read. I do it all the time. If you feel that some post or comment has violated your safety, privacy, or in some way slander ed you, you always have the legal option of suing the poster.

At least I know where these idiots stand and the bigotry they profess. I am not mislead by the spin of some Political Correctness Bullshit.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Its the best way to handle them in my opinion.
Let him or her babble on as much as they want, if no one takes their bait they will eventually get tired and go away.
If they keep getting a rise out of people then they keep coming back.

They should be kept to the rules when it comes to personal attacks/threats/divulging personal info of other members though.

What should be done with Phakit Mann? I believe in the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, that where there is hatred let me sow love, Where there is injury, pardon. And if that doesn't work, then it is always better to understand, than to be understood. It takes a real man to say to your nemesis, "You have my blessing and pardon and wishes for a long and happy life, I hope despite whatever is bothering you that you would find peace, for this earthly life here is but a twinkle, and soon will be swept up into the dust of the ages. Where also have I myself gone astray, and betrayed my own principles, in the "supposed search for justice", as truly as I am a man or possibly also like a horse with blinders on, and cannot see through my own clouds of continuously reiterated rage which well up within me? Were it to be fully examined, the conclusion may be reached that I myself have also been in the wrong, and have done things which were perhaps beyond the pale, and become also in part what it is that I had raged against. Therein lies the power of Phakit Mann to disturb serenity and upset the emotions, playing like a screeching violin, the self-reiterating theme of chaotic destruction, perpetuated by the responses of the emotionally fragile souls which he has managed to gather together in his very own personal incubial type of man- made maelstrom. The cure for Phakit Mann is to forgive Phakit Mann, for it is only by saying "F**k it man" that we can begin to move forward again and forget about Phakit Mann.

for an Iraqi war veteran ( absolute hero /disabled / lost a third of his brain )and, his R.N., at Boyne Mtn., and what do we come home to ??! Screamers, droolers ,and phlegm spewers wanting to censor , banish or,even kill P. Mann ?!?! CAPITULATION !! WHITE FLAG SURRENDER, YELLOW DOGS RUNNING AWAY ... FAST !! I devoured, so much... HUMBLE PIE ..after reading this crap, I am GORGED !!.....In a public forum, I would be reluctant, as an American, to even contemplate for a second, CENSORING, one of you herd mentality jackasses ! You thin skinned , humorless, buffoons WONDERED, where I was over the weekend??! Get a life you whiny , weepy, worthless bacteria. My family and I had an absolute great weekend with a young man who has more guts and fortitude , than all of you TRAITORUS COWARDS COMBINED !! NO RESPECT INTENDED !! I forwarded this insanity to my Ol'Prof., at UP, who sent it to an econ. prof., who sent it on to a history prof.!! They are AMAZED , at you zits ! Their , thoughts...forthcoming !!

Please don't tell us this is 'Princeton.' If it is, so much for getting fair value for the cost of an Ivy League education.

Nah, suppose Princeton would be 'PU'. University of Pittsburgh?

told you the idiot would eat this up

it is hilarious that his mind short-circuted and he started typing german lol

post their thoughts. I would love to see what they say.

You know what your expectations are now. We will see if you can live up to them.

Lord, PLEASE let them get back to him on two fronts, just as they would on any paper presented to them by any other student - at least if they're worth the sheepskins they most likely have posted on their walls...

I'd be very interested in the opinions of these learned men on the subject at hand (censorship), on the subjects on which you post and/or comment, and on what keeps me skipping over most of your comments, which is your complete and total butchery of the english language.

Note from my past postings, and comments here, Im against censorship, but what keeps me ignoring your posts time and again, is YOU CANT FRIGGING READ THEM!!! I could care less about spelling and grammatical errors, Im just talking about an intelligent train of thought and some semblance of cohesiveness! After reading a couple postings 2-3 times to try to figure out what thought you're trying to get across, I just gave up.

Honstly, proofread once in a while before hitting Save!!

If you cannot comprehend WORDS, blame your parents, and the T.P.S., schoolteachers, whose classes you SKIPPED out on !! No respect, intended !! Please, do not swear..it greatly diminishes your incomprehensible RANTS ... BIG TIME !!

HONESTLY ??!! If you could learn to spell, maybe you wouldn't have a problem with ... READING !!!!

two thousand times, and then, post to someone who CARES !!!

Billy said it better than I did - so true. I found this guys comments impossible to read - no logical train of thought, gibberish that gave me a headache, so I just stopped trying to read his comments. Easy enough to ignore them. But I'd think by now this guy would get a clue that he could use a class in remedial writing & sentence structure. (and anger management). I too, would love to know what his professors think about his writing "style". No excuse for censorship - but also no excuse for grown up Americans to spew nonsensical garbage like this all the time with hopes that it passes as intelligent thought.

too bad for you...such memorable, sensible, thought provoking , nothingness happens here and, you cannot enjoy it ! I am sad for you....now ... post to someone who cares !!

Guys, leave him alone lol

Sergiu Zburatoru,

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