WASHINGTON- Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) made the following
statement after voting against H.R. 1, the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act of 2009.

"Stimulating our nation's economy cannot come from pork barrel spending.
The Democrat majority have littered H.R. 1 with wasteful government
spending that only puts our country further into debt with no real
effect on our economy in the immediate future. The non-partisan
Congressional Budget Office projects that 60 percent of the
discretionary spending in this bill will occur after 2010.

Our economy needs fast and immediate relief, and unfortunately, spending
$50 million on the National Endowment for the Arts, $600 million for new
cars for federal government employees, $1 billion for the census, and
$194 million for repairs to the Department of Agriculture headquarters
and the Smithsonian Institute, do nothing to quickly pull our country
out of recession. Furthermore, members of Congress have asked
repeatedly for numbers showing how many jobs will be created with this
package. To date, we have yet to see any statistics that prove this
package will work in terms of job creation or reducing the growing
unemployment rate. I, along with my Republican colleagues in the House,
believe that the fastest way to recover from this recession is immediate
tax relief for small businesses and incentives to promote job growth.
The private sector, not the Federal government, is best suited to
stimulate the economy and this can be done through tax relief which will
put money directly in the hands of American families and businesses-
where it deserves to be.

The Republican alternative reduces the lowest individual income tax rate
from 15% to 10% and 10% to 5% which will put an average of $500 and
$1200 respectively back into the pockets of American taxpayers. This
plan would also save married couples up to $3,200 per year as well.
This package allows businesses to take an (up to) 20% deduction on their
income which will allow them to put our neighbors and friends back to
work. People in the housing market with 5% down would receive a $7,500
tax credit for new home purchases. By drastically reducing the size of
the spending package, including much needed tax relief and an extension
of unemployment benefits, our package is far better suited for both
short and long-term economic growth.

With our national debt at a staggering $10 trillion, the American
people, along with House Republicans, know that we as a country cannot
borrow and spend our way out of this recession. Americans already owe
foreign governments $3 trillion, with China owning $683 billion of that
alone. With the final price tag of H.R. 1 being over $1 trillion, we
cannot in good faith continue to drive our national debt higher and
place future generations of Americans in peril by enacting a plan that
is little more than a "shot in the dark."

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The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office projects that 60 percent of the discretionary spending in this bill will occur after 2010.

Really? Is this the same CBO report that ACTUALLY says 65% of the spending in this bill would occur by the end of 2010? Oh well, Bobby tried. In fact, he gave it a 125% effort

Pink Slip

I don't disagree, BUT! ... where were these fiscally-conservative Republicans in the last 8 years?

FUCK, where were they only 4 short months ago? How did they vote on that "$700 billion" bailout last October? Oh, I spy with my little eye, something that sounds like "fiscally liberal Republican Party":

"President Bush signed a $700 billion financial bailout package Friday, shortly after the U.S. House passed the rescue measure, in a vote of 263-171. {...} The Senate approved the bill Wednesday, 74-25."

Screw Latta and his pack of thieving little liars. They are not fiscal conservatives. They need to rename their party to something else, since they are NOT Republicans. Maybe the "Me First Party" or something.

have been in the MINORITY , in the last two years !! Or, are you among the B.O., voters who believed by 72%, that the R's, controlled Congress, the last two years?! And, hopefully, you recall government classes where, CONGRESS, writes ALL laws!!! The Prez., simply signs the bill into LAW ! More a perfunctory aspect of his job, other than keeping us from being ATTACKED !! This ,4 trillion dollar pork-bill ,the Demonrats, are wasting our tax dollars on includes NOTHING, but payoffs to Dim., constituents !! Mafia museums, to the Iti's,for all the good,the mob does ! S.T.D.,prevention , for the San Francisco crowd.And, etc., ad-nauseum !! Even B.O., says it will take years for anything to happen ?! HONESTY , from him is something no one sees..even HE, must have read some accounts about how FDR's , plans did NOTHING but, produce higher prices and SHORTAGES !!!! !! Why ? Because HISTORY proves IT, FDR's, tax and waste madness , PROLONGED the depression.This jackass, burned millions of cotton bales.Why? To increase cotton prices for farmers ??! At the same time it produced higher prices, it PRODUCED cotton shortages !!! ! He killed pigs, beef cattle,and more to the same dismal result...higher prices... due to... SHORTAGES !! What a guy, what a guy !! And , FDR, called Stalin, Uncle Joe ??!!...what a moron !! A hard core leftist , who killed 10 times , the people Hitler killed !!

Maybe Fred can post a "Latta Lied!" thread...

That's right, he's a Republican, he gets a pass.

he didn't vote for this complete, total, useless, socialist ,wasteful, idiotic LAW. NO REPUBLICAN DID !!! Kaptur, did though....of all the GREAT things she has done to enrich herself and, her brother... you would need an electron-microscope, to find ANYTHING , this ignoramus has done to benefit ,TOLEDO !! To argue against this point, will take a lot more than whining, moaning,ad-hominem attacks, sentence structure complaining, spelling corrections, and of course, the one I love the best....jumping up and down screaming to CENSOR .And, as Pavlov's' , dog will happen anyway...all those involuntary impulses take over and, nature takes its course. Commense...DROOLING...droolers !! NOW !!!

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