Ben Konop’s pay at UT has more questions than answers

I was forwarded a tip from a concerned citizen about what is going on with Ben Konop at UT. I will be doing some follow-up but the concerns were about the time that Ben spends on his commissioner job while working at UT, his pay, and his ethics pledge.

The basis of it was some discussion back and forth between Ben and someone at UT where Ben is wondering why the UT Foundation has not been doing payroll deductions from his check. The person from UT responds that they have not paid him since 2007 and to check with the Law College. When I heard that, I wonder how many accounts is Ben being paid out of? He is saying he is getting some pay checks, but apparently not from that unit? Also, is he doing this as a pre-tax or post-tax deductions?

This also goes back to his ethics pledge and when he did swear to not take any outside money. I believe he said he would donate his UT money to a charity, but do we have verification of this? How many hours is Ben now working for the University of Toledo? Will the numbers of what he gets at UT match up with his charities? Another issue is the amount of time he is spending teaching. It seems like with all of the issues with the County he should probably devote all of his time to that. There are obviously lots of questions, one wonders about the answers.

I have contacted Ben to get some answers to these questions about this. We will see if he responds and I will post them here. There will be some more to this I am sure.

I also apologize for the generalities. I have more details than what I posted here which I will be following up on.

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I'm certain Ben wasn't expecting this to see the light of day.

Looking forward to see where this goes.


I don't doubt Ben is not giving it back because I've never known him to to act like people like Gerken. However I would be interested in what you find out.

If anything it shows me the UT foundation is grossly mismanaged if they can't even say if they are deducting the proper pay. They should know if they are or at least point you to a specific people or office who could tell you. Tell you to talk to a whole dept shows they don't know what they have and where they get it.


But the prudent part of me says shut up. No, not about Ben Konop, but on the other (paying) half of the equation, where my personal financial experiences in dealing with this particular UT entity and its ....ummmm... no, better shut up. No need to bite any proverbial feeding hands.

Carry on.

you are coming from. I am not going to focus on any potential payroll mistake. My open records requests should be going out tomorrow or Thursday about this particular issue.

BTW Ben has not responded to my questions. I noticed that he has responded to Lisa's question today so he was online. Ben check your facebook account, my requests are waiting there. I think this is another ethics pledge violation if he does not respond. But I don't need his answers on what I can prove through other routes.

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Any updates?

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

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