America's Greatest Threat

The single most threat to the security of America today is Rush Limbaugh. The statements that I heard him make on Thursday and Friday are statements meant to inflame and incite. He called President Obama, “Saddam Hussein Obama.” This was a very irresponsible statement and could have far reaching consequences. What is the purpose of this rhetoric, if not to bring the country to it’s knees out of spite?

This is the time that we as a nation should pull together. Instead we have Rush Limbaugh, an admitted drug addict attempting to tear us asunder. “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” as stated by Abraham Lincoln.

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I just turn Limbaugh off when he is a raving partisan idiot, which lately is over half the time. Obama will sink or swim on his own merits, and nothing Limbaugh can say will change that. The Kool-Aid drinking Ditto-heads who parrot everything he says will hate Obama no matter what, and the rest of the country pays no attention to him.

Besides, Rush just does this stuff to get attention and notoriety, so we feed into his publicity machine by even commenting about such tripe. President Obama erred when he directly mentioned Limbaugh the other day instead of saying something like "loudmouthed radio hosts," because Limbaugh then could claim he was a victim of executive persecution or censorship.

If anything, Limbaugh is less influential now than he was in the pre-Internet 1990s, when his voice was the undisputed bastion of neo-conservatism. Now there are dozens of Limbaugh wannabes diluting his strength, plus an entire generation of Net-heads who never even listen to commercial talk radio. Rush still does well in his key demographics, but his audience is rapidly aging.

many, many ,close family relatives living in ghettos, doing NOTHING at all for them ? RUSH or, B.Hussein Obama ? You also, are too stupid to know ! WHY ?? You didn't read it in the Toledo Blade. Anything, NOT in the Toledo Blade is, way beyond your ken !! BIG TIME !!

my vote goes for Rush doing nothing for his neighbors, but the only time Rush concerned himself with the ghettos was to contribute to the drug trade by sending his assistance for purchases in the ghettos.

I recall Barack being the senator doing many constructive things for his neighbors, and many live in ghettos.

Time for your convoluted mind to take it's medication and go fuck yourself.

my spoiled, beautiful, wealthy wife, wants to know if you are alone in your mommies basement ? You are , aren't you ??! Get a new life ,and then, eat another Barney Fwank !! ENJOY !! Alone forever....pathetic droolers , drool on yourselves, take your own advise and, then eat ANOTHER BARNEY FWANK !!

...subject that Barack Osama's father came from Kenya. Unless a large portion of his extended family managed to immigrate to the U.S. I do not see how he would have a lot of "close family relatives living in ghettos". The relative you speak of is here as an illegal immigrant,,0,794636.story?t.... My question to you is: do you support the cause of illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S., or is Obama right in not giving her financial support that might be in violation of the law?

Old South End Broadway

Well, I suppose you could retaliate and call him Adolf Hitler Limbaugh. All these guys are entertainers and people should understand that they will say just about anything to up their ratings. None of them should be taken seriously. Keith Obermann and Bill O'Reilly -they're on the tube to entertain. They are not serious commentators. Most of the so-called news we see is entertainment. It certainly doesn't have depth.

According to the Project for Excellence in Journalism, only two groups have shown some growth for talk radio in the past decade: people aged 55-64 and those 65+. In the other 7 categories, talk radio is flat or falling.

The sharpest declines for talk radio were in adults 25-34 and 35-44. Now, the radiomeisters will spin this and say that the 55+ audience is ideal, since it has so much more disposable income (true), but they premise their model on the younger audiences acting like the current 55+ listeners when they get older (doubtful). My 92-year-old grandfather is a New Dealer, and he hates Limbaugh, but he listens every day because that's all that is on his AM radio. He would no more gravitate to the Internet than he would take up pilates or jazzercise.

My suspicion is that people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s will continue to use media and platforms that they are now using (Internet, iPhones, Blackberries and whatever else evolves), and not sudenly gravitate toward AM radio just because they got older. I also suspect that commercial talk radio will become increasingly irrelevant in the next 10-15 years.

Can a Limbaugh have even half his current influence on a platform like Sirius, were he to abandon his AM and FM base for a big satellite paycheck? I doubt it. His diehard fans will jump ship with him (like Howard Stern's demented listeners did), but the explosion of Net-based information options will really start eating into the mega-audiences of the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, and Savage in the next few years.

I first got into computers in the summer of '81. I bought an Atari 400 with 48KB of RAM (standard was 32), and a floppy that used 180KB disks. I bought it to play a war game called "Eastern Front". $1200 for a computer where I copied programs out of magazines line-by-line to run programs that we would laugh at now. The last three or four of my computers have fulfilled the promises made almost thirty years ago. But I find myself falling behind with some of the new stuff being offered. I will be happy to stick with platforms like "Swampbubbles" while others are doing things I have not considered on their desktops and notebooks.

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I don't believe the Arbitron ratings count internet radio.

I listen to both conservative and liberal radio on the internet and most of what I listen to are some of the bigger names on AM/FM just simulcast.

I do this because it's more convenient for my life.

It's like with the falling newspaper subscriptions. People aren't reading less news. They're just reading less paper based news. As newspapers shift to more electronic media they'll find they never lost readers. They just had to market to them differently.

I have no doubt the newspaper that finds the best way to merge it's print and online advertising will no doubt carry the day. Right now I believe the USA Today has the best I've seen yet.


twerps on the far radical left, howl , cry, and moan endlessly , when they do not have SOMETHING, someone else has WORKED FOR ! Petty, whiners on the left, whining , their very best ! To what avail? To vent their inadequacies, to other inadequate bacteria !!

credible information?

You've failed to link any of your delusional comments to anything with meat.

It's your flap trap yapping your ignorance.

Damn those kids of yours have to be such stupid fucks with a father like you.

shut the fuck up and cut your fingers off.

you'll be doing yourself a big favor and sparing us your misinformation, credibility boy.

very woman-like...wouldn't you agree Alice ?


On a related note, I know that I will probably be one of the last to embrace some sort of eBook format, as I prefer the feel, smell, and just about everything related to printed books. They were the medium I used for reading growing up, and I simply prefer to do my book-level reading while sitting in a chair or bed, ruffling through real pages instead of scrolling through "pages" on some electronic device like Amazon's Kindle.

Maybe Steve Jobs (before he kicks the bucket) can find a way to get that old text smell to ooze out of an iBook, but I suspect that - like today's 60-something AM fanatics - I will be very slow to give up my books for an eBook platform, no matter how many dpi resolution, levels of grayscale, viewability in direct sunlight, or available power to maintain a static image such a device has.

In spite of the warnings from my Mom when I was a kid, I occasionally try to tune in to a "progressive" talk radio show just to see if they might say something that might bring true progress. I gave Stephanie Miller on 1520 an hour of my attention recently and the best she could come up with was that Laura Bush had on so much makeup that she resembled The Joker.
The thought never occurred to me to ban her from the airwaves or even call her an unflattering name. Like historymike said, when I reached my limit I turned it off. I was relieved to find that it did not get stuck that way.

not like I'm giving the local boys any ideas :x

If you want your leader to actually lead you're going to have to get tougher skin.

No decision comes without criticism. But just remember the right decisions haven't always been popular and a good leader should never be afraid of doing what they believe is right even if everyone doesn't agree.

Sometimes being a leader is doing what makes others unhappy or unpopular. Criticism is just an effect.


..."Profiles in Courage".

Old South End Broadway

allowed a 72 foot P.T.boat , to get run over by a 700 foot Jap destroyer AT NIGHT, and is somehow a hero??!! Any where else on the planet , if the captain of a smaller vessel ,without a night-watchman, is run over by a larger vessel, it is ALWAYS AT FAULT. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS !!! Not though , if you are a Joe Kennedy spawn, no ,no, that wouldn' t do.JFK, was healthy ( Addison's' disease-a very debilitating mental disorder ,bad back-doper, etc.), he was honest ( whore monger-liar ), very brave man ( surrendered to CUBANS" ) ,all leftists lies to sycophants, drooling when they read LIES, in a book . SUCKERS , to the end !

John F. Kennedy as the author of a book on men who showed what he considered "moral courage". I do not remember mentioning him as a hero. I have to agree with you that I do not consider men who screw up in combat as automatically "heroes". By your definition those hundreds that died at Pearl Harbor were not heroes because they did not get to their guns fast enough. Those hundreds that died at Omaha Beach are not heroes because they zigged when they should have zagged. So I thank you for your clarification of who, and who are not, heroes.

Now as to the definition of "leftist". My father, who served as an infantryman in WW II, once got into a fight with a German-American over our alliance with Russia. The other fellow felt we should ally ourselves with Hitler against the "Red menace". My father considered himself a Democrat (as did many of those Americans who voted for Roosevelt and died in WW II). Perhaps he was wrong, and should have voted for Dewey. Maybe it would have made no difference to the war effort. At least we probably would have not had the GI Bill to contend with. Just think how different our country would be if we had not had that massive federal program. More people like you would be writing.

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Phakit Mann/Mike Coon screams "commie" and "leftist" at everyone to the political left of the John Birch Society. He has even called local radio host Fred LeFebvre similar names; those who possess an AM radio and an IQ greater than 47 can usually figure out that Fred is pretty conservative.

Phakit Mann/Mike Coon is not really interested in discussing politics. He just uses political debate to try to terrorize, irritate, and intimidate other human beings. The joy for this cowardly clown is in the reader's reaction to his rhetorical bile, not in discussing an actual political topic.

It's best to ignore him. Maybe Chris will turn back on the Block User function so Phakit Mann/Mike Coon can act like an idiot while regular users would not have to actually read any of his barely-literate drivel.

...respond to his posts, but I did find it rather irritating that he made the "logical" leap from my commenting that JFK authored (though there is some doubt that he "wrote") "Profiles in Courage" to that he was a "hero". Although, in my youth I did find him to be such. I have read about his philandering (as I have read about the affairs of Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Reagan). I guess that I might find these distasteful, but they seemed to have made good Presidents for the U.S. (although we will never know what we missed, except Nixon might have been better than Kennedy after Eisenhower, unless he would not have reached out to the USSR as he did to China a decade later). Obama might turn out to be a good President although I feel sorry for any man elected to office at this time. Being of the Democrat persuasion I wish McCain had been elected so his party could take the hit I think this country will in the next couple of years. Then we would not have these "conservative" fools in office for the next 20 years.

Old South End Broadway

Phakit Mann/Mike Coon is quite skilled at finding out which buttons to push to get a rise out of people, OldSouthEndBrdy. I usually pay little attention to him - mostly because his posts are largely unreadable - until he decided to call me a pedophile a weak or so ago. Nasty insult on crappy day, and I fell for the bait, probably wasting an hour of my valuable time blasting this Neanderthalic lunatic.

So I know all too well how insulting and aggravating this knuckle-dragging doofus can be, like some obnoxious 12-year-old on the playground who stays close enough to the teachers to keep from betting pummeled. I suppose we should just remind ourselves that every post he makes here means that some innocent writer of letters to the editor is not getting harassing phone calls at their home or emailed threats from Mike Coon. We are probably providing a useful public service in letting this sociopathic imbecile vent some steam.





always reads what I print,do not lie to yourself ,it is sinful. And, it doesn't work ! Take your estrogen, change your napkin, take two Advil, and hopefully, your cramped brain will soon be WORSE !! You are Pavlov's' dog to me...I respond like a typical edurat...drooling and screaming without an answer ...EVAH !! Stupidity prevails and you are too stupid to notice !! Eat another Barney Fwank,then, you will be satisfied !!


For a bio on a president that was NOT a philanderer (at least as far as historical documents prove),
I recommend "John Adams" by David McCullough.

I am enjoying it right now!

...from William F. Buckley to Phakit Mann/Mike Coon. Who has more of your respect for his opinions?

Old South End Broadway

advise moron.You HAVE to respond !! You are incapable of NOT screaming and drooling !! Your discipline is woman-like and you are too stupid to notice .Eat another Barney Fwank for me.

I would advise you to use a grammar checker so that I do not have to send this advice again. Check where I place my periods. I do them without a space after the last word in a sentence.

Maybe I am being too pedantic, but most of us here went through the public school system (as I assume you did), and learned a few rules about composition. You should try to use those rules (unless you would rather draw attention to your non-standard composition). You could shorten your comments, and still get an idea across to me.

Since we are communicating via text your vivid imagination must picture me as screaming and drooling. I would sound like a nut to my parent downstairs so I do not do that. Perhaps your wife has to deal with this problem, though. As for my discipline, I do make an attempt at it. It is easy to lose it, and get other men killed. I learned that during four years in the military.

I did not vote for Barney Frank . I suppose that is who you are referring to or perhaps that is just another example of your ignorance. Such comments (which could be excused as childlike) do not advance your arguments one whit, twit.

Old South End Broadway

you sad sacks of scat , bringing someones spouse or children ,into your intellectually vapid nothingness ?! The resident Toledo Blade Terrorist apologist, did the same thing , much, to his chagrin !! Did you hear about that terrorist appeaser running like a kicked cat when his home invaders came in ? He told the bad guys that his children were upstairs AND, then RAN !!! .Last week another home invasion took place in the N. End.When the old man ( very old ) heard his son struggling with the Democrap perp./invader, he ran down to assist his SON !! See any difference between the two , other than complete COWARDICE, on the terrorists appeasers part ?! Didn't , think so !! No respect intended ! Hey, SPELLCHECK this...........and then, eat another Barney Fwank !!

"My spoiled, beautiful, wealthy wife, wants to know if you are alone in your mommies basement ? You are , aren't you ??" As for the "Toledo Blade Terrorist apologist" he referred to his children perhaps as a ruse to frighten the invaders. What you bring up as a sign of cowardice can be viewed other ways. And what you bring up as brave could be viewed as a senile response. God help the man who stands at your side when conflict comes. He will die beside a fool.

Old South End Broadway

is the answer...says a local apologist for Toledo terrorists and their lackeys. CENSORSHIP, is the key to free speech ??! HMMMMM, you are a delusional Che Guevara sycophant, aren't you ? Uncle Joe. loves you with all his heart.

MORON ! You are as disciplined as a serial throat cutter.Same ol' , same ol', and you teach ??!! No wonder schools are repositories of Che Guevara jackasses !!

result of an investment in a "debate coach"?

you should have spent your time more wisely! lol

but nice to see you are capable of constructing coherant sentences.

well done!

this idiot not only has shown us how much of an ignorant moron his is, he's got a big mess to mop up.

unless he has his kids weild the mop and move his chair.

wouldn't put it past this pathetic troll.

...reading. The non-standard punctuation might actually work in his favor since it slows you down in your reading, but it is also irritating to someone brought up in the standards of the late 50s and early 60s classrooms. I just find it easier to read "," rather than "(space),".

I guess I was taught a certain way, and it is hard to "teach an old dog new tricks". I suppose I am just parroting what I was taught while PM is a "free spirit" when it comes to punctuation and grammar. As for what he has to say he is rather like an early Nineteenth Century statesman reflecting on the qualities of another. Remember Thomas Jefferson was called to question for having sexual relations with his black servants.

My standard has always been E.B. White. Perhaps someone has surpassed him in the use of language, but I really do not read enough for beauty to find a current replacement. If I were Phakit Mann, and wanted to be taken seriously as a purveyor of information then it might be worth his time to check out White's style book. One way to improve your writing is to find a solid standard, and slavishly copy it. That is what I sometimes find myself doing. But if we are just "communicating" then there are lesser standards for the computer. Of course, sometimes I "cheat", type it on MS Office, and use its grammar and style checkers, then transfer it over to "Swampbubbles".

Old South End Broadway

I would say Rush Limbaugh is a bigger threat to employees at Clear Channel. He signs a $400 million contract, and then they lay off almost 2,000 employees.

Pink Slip

advertising revenue, which is where Rush's salary will be derived from.

It's just about 530 stations nationwide.

Those laid off weren't based on seniority, it was based upon expendibility.

And had Fred and Brian had crappy Arbitron books, you'd be listening to Bob Barr. Makes me wonder who got deleted from the payroll at the Toledo ClearChannel stations besides Steve "Vandam" and Glenn Forbes. It's been reported that 10 full time and 12 part timers departed.

But I guess selling advertising for HD Radio, which pretty much is like selling advertising to your competition, eluded these geniuses.

I had head that one of Clear Channel's many problems derived from a lack of advertising revenue. So BiV, you think they're clinging to their one star? Sounds like a very top-down strategy to put all eggs in one basket. Old thinking...

Pink Slip

has it that Dubya's message to BHO left in the desk at the Oval office went something like this...

Theres talk on the street, it sounds so familiar.
Great expectations, everybody's watching you.
People you meet they all seem to know you,
Even your old friends treat you like you're something new.

Johnny-come-lately, the new kid in town,
Everybody loves you, so don't let them down.

You look in their eyes, the music begins to play.
Hopeless romantics, there they go again.
But after a while you're looking the other way.
Its those restless hearts that never mend.

Johnny-come-lately, the new kid in town,
Will they still love you when you're not around?

Theres so many things you should have told them
But night after night you're willing to hold them,
Just hold their tears on your shoulder.

Theres talk on the street, its there to remind you
That it doesn't really matter which side you're on.
You're walking away and they're talking behind you.
They will never forget you till somebody new comes along.

Where you been lately? theres a new kid in town.
Everybody loves him, don't they? now hes holding her
And you're still around, oh my my.
Theres a new kid in town,
Just another new kid in town.

Oo-hoo, everybody's talking bout the new kid in town.
Oo-hoo, everybody's walking like the new kid in town.
Theres a new kid in town I don't want to hear it
Theres a new kid in town I don't want to hear it
Theres a new kid in town
Theres a new kid in town
Theres a new kid in town everybody's talking
Theres a new kid in town people started walking
Theres a new kid in town
Theres a new kid in town

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Bush must have used an entire crayon while writing that note. If he keeps this up, he'll be reading chapter books in no time.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

many, many ,many family members living in GHETTOS?? Rush, or B.Hussein Obama ? You are without a doubt, to stupid to know !!

met his his former housekeeper, in parking lots to exchange sandwich bags filled with "baby blues" (OxyContin pills!!!!) for a CIGAR BOX, STUFFED WITH CASH !!!!!. ????


Only, a genuine spokesman, for the REPUKE party, masters of ALL THINGS FONEY, and HIPOCRITICAL , would meet his, no-doubt illegal-alien HOUSEKEEPER, !! in GHETTO parking lots to get hi before , he goes on his show to SPEW his ignorance-infested GARBAGE!!! on RIGHT-WING WACKO CLEER CHANNEL RADIO , !!!!

LIMBURG, who is really JEWISH!!! , but changed his last name to gain entry into all-GENTILE country clubs, where he can play gulf and smoke DISGUSTING, FOUL-SMELLING CIGARS any time he wants!! , popped 30 OxyContin pills a day , !! no doubt meeting his illegial-alien HOUSEKEEPER in GHETTO PARKING LOTS, !!........oh, I already mentioned that.

LIMSTEIN last only a YEAR!! in college, where he fluncked public , speaking!! and, LIKE SOME OTHERS ON SB, I'm sure failed typing, grammer, ! and spelling exams as well, !!!

LIMBERG, who went partially def because he listened to reknowed 80's-band DEAF LEOPERD at extreme! high volume thru headphones while watching GAY PORN!!!!! , once worked for the Kansas City Royals baseball team where he was known to polish players BATS, !!!

EVERYTHING here is the TWOOF......but you, without a doubt, are to STOOPID to know, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your imitation of the beleaguered rhetorical stylings of Phakit Mann/Mike Coon is so deadly accurate as to suggest that you and he share the same brain, but on different days.

However, you forgot one important Coon-flourish, which is to highlight a point with the following emphatic phrase: BIG TIME!!!!

Excellent work, sir, and it brought about a pair of loud guffaws in my otherwise quiet work area.


to the Hopium and change, addicts that blog here, not only do they copy from me, they imitate me,cannot blog without me, and, naturally NEVER ANSWER A QUESTION EXCEPT TO.....CRYBABY!!!...MOST FLATTERING, to be hated by the most hateful people on the planet!! Send a couple of bucks to Aunt Zeituni Onyango, like I did, you cold blooded snakes.She has moved to..... OHIO !!! B.O. , cannot so, I have !! . Here, is another Barney Fwank for you to eat.....ENJOY !!

Do you have anything good to say? Why don't you try it? It may help you. Do you also know that many people probably don't read what you say? I can't. How about improve your writing then maybe we can understand your point. But try to say something nice and in a comprehensible way.

haven't noticed the vitriol spewing from the leftists fellow travelers that blog here. I have e-mailed my ol' debate coach at UP, some of these vomit inducing diatribes. It is amazing how everyone is 1) off topic,2) personal attacks abound,3) conclusions lack facts, 4) reductio ad absurdum prevails...BIG TIME,5) and , if any of these losers were in a real debate, their screaming , jumping up and down,AUTOMATICALLY , would make them DEFAULT !! I am not here to be friends with supporters of baby killing, liars, socialist educrats, and typical fools, who continually vote for jackasses that have made Toledo / Lucas county...a sports arena toilet , ie. overflowing with crap, urine, used sanitary napkins , cigarettes, and used condoms. I, am spring water, DEMONRATS , are the just mentioned TOILETS !! Plus, these cowards DENY, that there are plenty of throat-cutter / beheading like- minded terrorists lurking nearby, with sycophantic apologists in our MIDST !! If you cannot comprehend my writing, thank a public,unionized, government employee for that, do not blame me.I ask, did one of the crybabies that whine here, induce you to moan? That is another one of their 'I surrender', attributes that is as disgusting as their sports arena toilet BRAINS !!

or University of Portland, I wonder if your debate coach bothered with reading your examples if you mixed them in with your diatribes. I do not know if I favor "baby-killing", but I do not automatically condemn those who make that choice. The West seems to have no problem with providing aid to children and families, but cannot change the environments in which they live. Drought causes famine, and even if an environment returns to the previous norm in 20 years it does no good for the thousands, or millions, who died in the meantime.

Since charity is supposed to be voluntary, and most of us would rather have a new computer, house, or car, only God (who in His infinite mercy did not send rain) can save them. If a mother decides to save the stronger child by withholding food from the weaker I would not condemn her. I will leave that to you.

Old South End Broadway

link to the Ku Klux Klan, they are taking applications from you Democraps, as I type. Al Qaeda, China, and you, think way too much alike for me to respond to ANYTHING, cold-blooded beasts have to say ! You have been aborted and at St.Peters', gate, you will find out....way too late though ! CHARITY-who gives more in charity? Demonrats or those who are not DEMONRATS ??! I have given more in CHARITY , this year alone, than ALGORE, JF KERRY, or B.Hussein Obama....have given......COMBINED !!!

It needs proper sentence regrets...this is one of the debate point failures the other twinks whine about. Another way of not answering ANY questions put to these contemptible estrogen laden cowards !

...grammar when he tries hard. Now if he would only ask questions that we can answer with our limited resources.

Old South End Broadway

was started after the Civil War by what political party ??Easy question....with a guaranteed answer from you ,resembling sheer STUPIDITY !! Second question...who is a former KLEAGLE, for the K.K.K. ? Robert Byrd-Demonrat or George W. Bush-freedom fighter ?

Now, a question on my part: Plesy vs. Ferguson was decided during a Republican administration, And there were several Republican administrations between the decision, and when it was struck down in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. So is the kettle calling the pot black? Is all the evil that makes up racism resident in the hearts of those who vote for candidates who espouse the positions of the Democratic Party, or are there men who believe in the law who also feel Plessy v. Ferguson should still stand? At the end of the above link William Rennquist, a future Supreme Court Justice, "wrote a memo called 'A Random Thought on the Segregation Cases', when he was a law clerk in 1952, during early deliberations that led to the Brown v. Board of Education decision. In his memo, Rehnquist argued that 'I realize that it is an unpopular and unhumanitarian position, for which I have been excoriated by 'liberal' colleagues but I think Plessy v. Ferguson was right and should be reaffirmed.' He continued, 'To the argument… that a majority may not deprive a minority of its constitutional right, the answer must be made that while this is sound in theory, in the long run it is the majority who will determine what the constitutional rights of the minority are."

Old South End Broadway

idiocy...please again, if Rush,or G.W., had any relatives living in GHETTOS, do you think they would be as SELFISH, as B.Hussein Obama, is with HIS many, many, many close relatives residing in SLUMS ??!! A multi-millionaire, who has penned TWO, autobiographies, is so selfish, he allows his 'loving Aunti Zeituni Onyango' ,to live with RATS !! You godless heathens are everything wicked and cruel entails, kind of like what the DEVIL desires from you , I guess !

The most "hateful" people on the planet? What a fool!!!! BIG TIME!!! So you sent money to someone who has violated the immigration laws of the United States. Well, that was a nice gesture. Perhaps you could stand at our southern border, and hand out a few hundred dollars to each of the illegal immigrants that cross our border there.

Old South End Broadway

read the National Enquirer, for all of their facts.Point above , is typical....I read it , must be TWOO !!This leftist moron has been eating way too many Barney Fwanks !! Here, eat some more !!! ENJOY !!!The twoof, shall set you free,free gas, free mortgages, free cars, where's my FWEE STUFF B. O. ??!

Free entertainment That's an important one.

of this blog?

Old South End Broadway

is as jealous as any microbe on the left. Too bad, Demonrats,HATE those,who are successful, do NOT need college to get ahead, and,who EARN their money like the rest of us.Send another check to Auntie Zeituni Onyango, her multi-millionaire President... WON"T !!! SUCKERS, on the left are stupid... BIG TIME !!! And, it seems to be getting WORSE !!

His job is furthering conservative principles and issues, not trying to further the career of some socialist buffoon.

The single most threat to the security of America today is Rush Limbaugh

While President Obama may be running scared from the likes of Rush, even going as far as to warning Republicans that they need to quit listening to him if they want to get along with Democrats and the new administration. (Liberals call it the Fairness Doctrine, I call it censorship), I hardly think that Rush is a threat to America any more then Obama's Socialist Idealism is.

The right to freedom of speech is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

Nothing in our Constitution protects us from being offended by what someone else says. Therefore if Rush wants to disagree with the president regardless of what Barack Obama thinks, offensive or not, he has the right to do so. That's what makes the USA great, we have the right to disagree and voice that opinion. Free speech does not threaten America.

Now if Rush was planning a coup d'etat thats something different.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Just to put the fairness doctrine into perspective...

If it were brought back... WSPD would have to give Carty approx 4 hours of radio time.


" us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back,"
Apparently, even after electing a black president, blacks are being forced to the back of the bus.

" when brown can stick around..."
Because now, with all this apparent racism, brown people have to run

"... when yellow will be mellow..."
Apparently now, with all this racial hatered, oriental people are high strung or something.

"... when the red man can get ahead, man"
Apparently the native Americans are still being kept down

" and when white will embrace what is right. "
All of the other groups mentioned above are obviously being somehow crapped upon by white people. Whites need to "embrace what is right" because now, according to this racist pig, we white people are ALWAYS doing what is wrong.

THAT is Americas greatest threat. That a racist white hating black man is allowed to get away with these hate-filled comments. If Rush Limbaugh had said something even remotely close to this racist hate-filled comment, the media would have been all over it.
It would have been a week long discussion on "The View".

How can America seriously "come together" when an alleged man of God makes such disrespectful comments about whites?

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

BINGO Libs!!!

All Rush's job is is to garner an audience and sell advertising, and gauging from your post, purnhrt, he's still successful.

Lest anyone forget Rush and his antics at the Denver Democratic Convention where Rush wanted to see rioting and mayhem.

And yet you stand silent when, in a very public forum on what was America's turning point in embracing equality, an alleged man of God stood at the podium and threw all those efforts back to 1967.

Libs was nice enough to re-print the comments, and all I can remember at the end of that alleged man of God's little moment in the sun was watching the TV while my jaw rested on the floor while Obama smiled and embraced that man.

You're going to have to come up with something more than a man doing his job to irate the likes of me, purnhrt, regardless of what you are.

At least with Rush, I can change the channel, yet those words that that racist pig hiding under the cloak of priesthood broadcast from the Presidential podium will live in racist infamy.

Must have been a total bitch for that alleged man of God to just praise the moment for what it was, an achievement of many sacrifices within your ethnic culture to overcome the binds of the past and open the door for embracing equality.

I couldn't have said it any better, Libs... Thank you.

Did anyone else hear this little diddy from the 60's, and think that the intent was to bridge where we were then as a society, to where we are now? I did---a little different perspective perhaps...

Pink Slip

Exactly who is Rev. Lowery referring to as "Brown"? The Hispanic, Indians, or is he further segregating African Americans based on the darkness of their skin? Should Beyonce (who I think sang Etta James beautifully) be considered Brown and Michelle Obama Black instead of African American.?

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

The statements that I heard him make on Thursday and Friday are statements meant to inflame and incite. He called President Obama, “Saddam Hussein Obama.” This was a very irresponsible statement and could have far reaching consequences.

HEY, BONEHEAD!! THAT'S HOW THEY SWORE YOUR BOY IN!! ON THE BIBLE!! "I, Barack Hussein Obama..." Heard that shit with my own ears. Are you saying HE was irresponsible?? JEEZ


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

This closing stanza of his prayer is the greatest threat to creative writing.

If he would have mentioned purple and rhymed the next line, well then I would consider him a literary genius.

Many colors were left out, HelenWheales, and I suspect that this had to do with Lowery's inherent rhyming bias. Sure, Rev. Lowery was quite happy to include persons of easily rhymable colors, but when the rhyming gets tough, Lowery was perfectly fine ignoring the purple, orange, and even gamboge folks, those unfortunate to have been born of a hue too askew.

(historymike goes off to Purple Prose corner for the above abomination)




'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

on heavy mockery . Last night Saturday Night Live piled on Palin again. Some months ago they insiduated incest in the Palin clan. This fare is modern American culture's diet . I don't think it's healthy , but this crudeness is everywhere.
The only way for the left to win is to silence Limbaugh. Most of his message is a conservative balance to the liberal media, with some crudeness sprinkled in.

"Last night Saturday Night Live piled on Palin again"

I'm 99% certain this Saturday's SNL was a re-run. That's why it seemed they were piling on Palin 'again'.

they did a parody on our new Secty of state

the first airing of this episode was Dec. 6. On Dec. 6, Sarah Palin was still 'fresh' in our memory banks from the election.

I think Palin's an absolute joke, but even I would agree that in mid-late January continuing to make Palin a focus of jokes from an election almost three months gone by would be piling on...but it just didn't happen that way.

I find it interesting that these people weren't considered the "Greatest Threat to America".


+++++++++++HEY, BONEHEAD!! THAT'S HOW THEY SWORE YOUR BOY IN!! ON THE BIBLE!! "I, Barack Hussein Obama..." Heard that shit with my own ears. Are you saying HE was irresponsible?? JEEZ+++++++

President elect Barack Obama was sworn in as Barack Hussein Obama, not Saddam Hussein Obama.

Don't get your panties/underwear in a bunch. :=)

how easily confused some get over the two sets of names?

Limbaugh is a complete joke and to be taken for what he is..a narrow-minded ignoramous. His vaunted 'conservative' principles of patriotism and country-first only matter, in his warped little mind, if a like-minded conservative is sitting in the White House.

It's perfectly fine for him to call Obama the same name as the former Iraqi dictator, like it was on Inaugeration day of '93 when he declared it was the first day of 'America Held Hostage' when Clinton was sworn in.

He's major-league bag of wind.

"Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's last name is spelled "Osama" on some 300 absentee ballots mailed out this week to voters in Rensselaer County hilltowns."

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

may or may not have a large following but all it takes is one lunatic...............................

BrianWherever ++++++At least with Rush, I can change the channel, yet those words that that racist pig hiding under the cloak of priesthood broadcast from the Presidential podium will live in racist infamy.++++

Was the "Presidential podium" mandatory listening for you? Could you not have also changed the channel or were you at the Inauguration and not able to walk away from the Jumbotrons?

Would it bother you to know that a verse of the Black National Anthem was quoted in the Benediction at the Inaugural? Would that make Rev. Lowery even more of a "racist pig?"

The difference is one is hate speech put forth by a company.

The other is hate speech put forth by the government.


as a patriotic American, you bet your fucking racist ass I was not going to change the channel. I voted for Barack.

But obviously for reasons much different than yours.

But I bet you got your rocks off humping that police barracade listening to that stupid idiots rant.

you truly are one sick worthless racist.

Twila, Barack's dad is KENYAN!! FROM KENYA!!! The man doesn't even have a relative in his lineage that picked a bale of cotton in America.

Please show me the association?


Because of the color of his skin, you racist pig?

Try THIS on for size:

The ignorance about the history behind Obama's names is the root of why he can achieve such an impact. Obama represents the chance to help heal the curse of slavery in America by revealing its complete history. He is a descendant of a white woman who had slave owners in her ancestry. His African father descended from those who enslaved the Africans. Obama is descended from slave owners and slave traders, but he does not have a single drop of slave blood in him.

What purpose did that alleged speaker of God have in invoking that poem when not one person in Barack's gene pool was a slave or held back by the white man?

And people wonder why I am bigoted against this racist?

As a patriotic American I embrace all ethnical cultures and as a bigot I am tolerant to certain levels of ignorance. But when it's blind stupidity, that's where I draw the line.

I am insulted as an American that this poem was read at my Presidential Inauguration.

America's greatest threat is people trying to stifle the opinions that they don't agree with. When we can't speak out--no matter how ridiculous, stubborn, and snipy the commentary--then we have sacrificed THE foundational principle on which this nation was founded.

As a joke, I fashioned a Rush Limbaugh dartboard back in the early '90s, when it seemed everyone was just raving about this guy. Though I am a moderate/conservative, I couldn't stand to listen to such a one-sided "dialogue." Too full of himself.

After a time, I realized that that is all part of his showmanship. I listen now and then, but not religiously, and generally change the channel if he goes off on a wacky tangent.

I don't see how Rush is a threat to anything--he has, as you admit, a large following and that certainly did nothing to affect the RNC choice for presidential nominee, nor how the public voted in November. His influence only stretches as far as his listeners, who already have some interest in his ideas.

If he were promising to provide free health care, create jobs, expand social welfare systems, and stop the war, why then maybe millions with stars in their eyes would follow him blindly and hang on his every word.

The contrast between Limbaugh and Obama couldn't be any clearer:

Limbaugh says: "Talent on loan from God."

Obama said: "On this day, we gather because we have chosen [on election day] hope [Obama's claim of himself] over fear [McCain], unity of purpose [Obama's claim of himself] over conflict and discord."[McCain]

Nobody sings, Limbaugh Be Thy Name. Instead, hymns have been sung to Obama as "messiah."

But . . . .
If Obama is all-powerful, he could solve all of our problems.
If Obama is all-knowing, he is aware of all of our problems
If Obama is all-loving, he would solve all of our problems.
But all of our problems are not solved,
Therefore, Obama is either not all-powerful, not all-knowing, and not all- loving or Obama does not exist.

Obama got elected because people "didn't think, didn't process, and weren't objective:

"Should the leader allow himself to succumb to the wishes of those he leads, who will always seek to turn him into an idol, then the image of the leader will gradually become the image of the misleader. This is the leader who makes an idol of himself and his office and who thus mocks God." -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Radio Speech: The Younger Generation's Changed View of the Concept of Fuhrer, 1933)

was answered EXACTLY, like I knew it would by an educrat, who DID what he-she , always does . Ad hominem attacks, using the Toledo Blade as his source !! Spot on ALWAYS, when these American hating idiots speak.You can see a treasonous dog like him 100 miles away and, can predict what they whine about , with accuracy, unparalleled in the blogosphere ! I am that GOOD !!

Limbaugh says: "Talent on loan from God."

Well, since there is no "god" this makes perfect sense.

Pink Slip


Maybe you're right. That might explain the reason for the decline of civil law which has shifted over the last 1400 years from natural law, to positive law, to the theories of the critical legal studies movement.

The latter being the idea that all meaning is imposed by the user. The goal is not to arrive at any objective concept of justice because this theory believes that there isn't any.

CLS is merely a utilitarian technique used to bring about social change. That also might even be its view of "hope", I don't know.

Regardless, when the law is whatever people want it to be, it becomes completely relative and subjective. Then there is no real justice--we end up with "some being more equal than others."

..tribal laws and customs of American Indians would hold no sway. If an Amerind sold land (even if his culture was that it was held in common) the sale would be "legal", and the tribe would have no recourse in the courts. Is that one aspect of "natural" law?
Wasn't "natural law" one of the reasons that land was taken from the Indian tribes because there was no clear legal title to an individual? Was this an example of "some being more equal than others"?

Old South End Broadway

This is not a poem/prose that Rev Lowery made up. It is something that is passed down from generation to generation in black families. The way I learned it is, "If you are brown stick around, if you are yellow, you'll find a fellow, if you are white you are all right but if you are black get back." So it is not something that was made up on the spot.

The sad thing about it is that white America would not know that.

I am well aware of the history of the referenced verse. You misunderstood the conversation, which was devoted to a discussion about rhyming, not race. Read it again before condemning someone as culturally ignorant. Or consider reading about difficult-to-rhyme words.

Or just keep spouting off in your usual self-righteous and stubborn manner. I have learned from past disagreements on this site that debating with you is about as rewarding as using a hand drill to bore holes in my skull.

Purnhrt why do you hate white people so much?


she wasn't elected President.

The sad thing about it is that white America would not know that.

I did. I commented on it earlier in this thread. I thought it was from the 60's. (could be wrong, but I definitely recognized it)

Pink Slip

You said Rev. Lowrey didn't make up those lines, but he DID make it up...he CHANGED the words and CHANGED their purpose, and in doing so, ALTERED the audience's perception from that of the original author's intentions.

Your comment,
The sad thing about it is that white America would not know that. strikes a cord.

While it's possible that I might know, not knowing does not make me, or any other person in white AMerica, ignorant. I wouldn't expect you to know the lines of the "Doxology," which is pretty commonly known to those in the Catholic community. I wouldn't expect everyone would be able to quote the line, " TK421 why aren't you at your post?" that most members of the community of Star Wars fans would immediately recognize, nor would I expect that you would be familiar with a Mumming play, a part of Hungarian tradition, nor that you would understand why Germans might hang a pickle on their Christmas tree.

My point is that EVERYONE belongs to a diverse number of communities and we cannot all possibly be aware of the artifacts, traditions, and rituals in each.


Who gives a flying fuck what Obamalamadingdong's full/complete name is? I want to see him DO something that doesn't require a flowery speech.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

MikeyA, why do you perceive Purnhrt to be hateful of White people? Having and expressing a sincere, passionate concern for Black people does not equal hatred towards Whites.

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)

I know this because of her past postings.

Even in this thread she is trying to justify Rev. Lowery's comments. I happen to know his comments were offensive to many groups and not just white people. Plus I know of people (not white people) who were offended by them. But by her last post it's the "white people" who don't get it.


I don't think Purnhrt hates white folks, but I do believe that she is guilty of making gross overgeneralizations about this mythical group called "white people."

This would be akin to me making some blanket stereotype about a supposed "black community," like "black people just don't understand classical music" or "the black community always votes for black politicians."

In my book, class trumps race every time in predicting group behavior, but even economic similarity is a faulty predictor. For example: I had a lot in common with the lower-middle class black and Hispanic kids in my Detroit neighborhood growing up, because we all came from similar backgrounds. We all ate Hamburger Helper, watched crummy 13" color TVs, rode the same $30 KMart bikes, played basketball and street football, and wore hand-me-down clothes with patches.

The biggest culture shock for me was going to a Catholic high school in the suburbs after being a Detroit Public School rat most of my elementary and junior high years. Here I ran into wealthy suburban white kids with doctor and lawyer parents, people who lived in exclusive evclaves like Bloomfield Hills that previously existed only as abstract concepts in my young head - I never went there, never knew how wealthy white suburbanites lived, and I even spoke a different language (street versus preppie).

Also, a few facts for purnhrt's consideration before she decides to lump me into this goofy one-size-fits-all "white people" category:

Besides the fact that I have numerous African American, Asian, and Hispanic friends, my wife and I have fostered children from almost every socioeconomic and ethnic group. One of my adopted children is biracial, one of my godchildren is African American, and (GASP) some of my children have dated kids from different races.

I say all this not to make some boastful pontificating about my dubious wonderfulness, but to point out to purnhrt that her "white people" assumptions are woefully ignorant and more than a tad insulting. To be frank, the older I get the less that the artificial concept of "race" even makes sense any more, and certainly my decades-long friendships and family connections with persons who happen to have a different color of skin than me makes antiquated notions of race seem bizarre.

But it will take time for the purnhrts of the world (white, black, and any other color) to get past their deeply ingrained stereotypes and assumptions. Perhaps if Barack Obama serves no other greater purpose than to break racial stereotypes and illuminate the idiocy of racial divides, his will be a tremendously successful presidency.

Excellent post, Mike. I share your thoughts and some of your experiences!

If you only could have worked something in that rhymed with purple...

I did not accuse you of being culturally ignorant. If I had wanted to call you a name I would have done that. I was merely stating that the poem/prose was something that is handed down from generation to generation in black families, not something that Rev Lowery made up on the fly.

I am well aware of the fact that you know the vernacular, the daily experience, struggles and patterns of life of poor black families. However, all of black America is not living in poverty and everyone is not as “culturally aware” as you are.

Mikey A
I do not hate white people. Some of my favorite relatives are white (and I love them very much) and their children are bi-racial (which are also some of my favorite people) so don’t speak about what you don’t know. :=)

I would suggest you stop saying things like you white people don't get it. Especially when it's on things that clearly involve other races.

Likewise you should keep in mind that criticism of President Obama will come simply because he's president and because he has a D next to his name. Criticism is a long standing tradition in our country and it ACTUALLY GETS THINGS DONE. So it's really not a threat. If you have a problem with the type of criticism you should focus on it's tone or choice of words which are open too open for scrutiny.

But I am sure you don't like many stereotypes about black people and I'm sure you wouldn't want someone pushing those stereotypes. Especially since Obama needed white people to get elected and will need white people to get reelected.


When you encourage the opposition of a plan to stimulate the economy and create new jobs because it would hurt GOP's electoral chances, it's just as dangerous as it is petty. Luckily his listeners are getting older and older... and losing numbers rapidly.

The way I see it and the way it was presented to me as a child was within the context of the black family and the many different hues we are made up of.


The way I see it and the way it was presented to me as a child was within the context of the black family and the many different hues we are made up of.

Ok, well this explanation makes sense as something that would be passed down as a cultural artifact.

Do you see that the Reverend's word play manipulated the original aim of the song in a way that others can read as racist?

There are things that were considered ok when i was a child in other contexts that are considered very offensive today.

That doesn't make it ok for them to be spewed from a pulpit on behalf of the governor.


from where the President of the United States takes his Oath of Office to serve every American citizen, regardless of race creed or lifestyle.

I meant to type government. I got distracted when posting this and didn't reread.


for the sake of TPS students, hopefully you are not a teacher. As a matter of fact for the sake of children everywhere, hopefully you are not a teacher.

uh huh

just ignore my comments and leave this vitriol.

I made an effort to inform you and you ignore them just to leave this drivel.

Now that you know that Barack's ancestors loaded the boats with your ancestors and proffitted from it, as well as his ancestors owned your ancestors to work their fields, when are you going to approach Barack and demand some cash for your great great great great grandparents slavery? hmmmmmm?

Read some irrelevant poem at a Presidential Inauguration to a man that gave incentive to the poem. I'm thinking the smile Barack gave that alleged man of the Cloth as a sign that the joke is on him.


you are such a snob.

I would know the Doxology because I was a practicing catholic for 40 years. There are black catholics, you know. Might I suggest you contact Dr. Rubin Patterson at your university maybe he can hook you up with a good black studies class.

I don’t know why “some” of you insist that I am calling you ignorant. If I wanted to call you ignorant I would. I do think that some of you are stupid with some of the stuff that you post.

And Brian where ever you are, I don’t have to answer your questions and I can answer whoever I want. You can’t drive my keyboard!

I would be nice to get back to the original post of Rush Limbaugh.

A snob? That I've never heard before.

When you find fault with what someone says, you resort to name-calling? I'll get back to the subject of Rush here--He does that, too.

When people here ask why you hate white people, they are asking the wrong question. So, I'll ask the right one. Why are you so quick to confront and attack?

I did not assume you were not Catholic, or a Star Wars fan, or that you didn't know anything about mumming plays or German Christmas traditions. I also did not say anything that would lead anyone to believe that whites have a corner on Catholicism.

I was SIMPLY TRYING to communicate that different communities have different rituals and artifacts that are not part of the common knowledge of those outside the community.

I wrote in response to your snipy comment about not expecting the white people here to know about the lines in the bendiction...because we are white. Race has nothing to do with it--it is culture and community.

This is not to say that we don't benefit from knowing. I Do appreciate learning the original lines from you, AND that it is traditionally passed down. I learned something from that an was able to compare it to the Rev. Lowry version, which I think destroyed its original purpose. Just my snobby opinion.

And your suggestion that I take a "good black studies class" just illustrates why I ask the question above about your quick fingers on the keyboard that tap out a fiery response before you've digested the reading. It also implies ignorance on my part...because I'm not privy to the traditions of another community. I'd call THAT snobby.

Perhaps this advice might be helpful, or perhaps it won't:

Everything is decided on the basis of time instead upon the basis of reason. We decide arguments with slogans. Carrying the burden of those who are too lazy to think for themselves. Or emotions. People justify a position by saying, 'well I feel it in here.' What is needed really, in our modern world that is so dedicated to time and that is so forgotten? Reason and discussion and controversy and argument and intelligence. We need someone who will bring to the world, first of all, the use of reason. In other words, induce us once more to think. [original emphasis]

Secondly, our ideal will be one who in discussion and in presentation of thought, will always give and know both sides of the question. And not one side only.

And thirdly, he will always argue from the other person's position or premise. These are some of the ideals of restore sanity to the world. And who can ever bring them back? I think I know someone who can. I'll tell you a bit about his life. . . . his name was Thomas Aquinas. -- Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

I took a sociology class with Dr. Patterson about seven years ago (SOC-4800 Nations of the Developing World), and I have to say that he would not share purnhrt's blanket assumptions about "white people" or "white America."

Also, HelenWheales strikes me as anything but a snob, but I suppose that purnhrt is running out of epithets to chuck at those who take issue with some of her comments.

to bloviate incessant drama to other posters and ignore comments directed to you after inciting the board with your racial ignorance and stupidity?

Altho I enjoy the parody that you are, it's clear you're just here to agitate, as the likes of David Ben Ariel and Mike Coon.

But nice to have everyone see you wear your "idiot" label proudly.

I'd call HelenWeales a lotta things, but the last one would be "snob."

Hi HelenWeales:)

I wish purnhrt would answer Brian's questions.


I don't bother reading anything Phakit Mann/Mike Coon says on this forum - a lot of angry gibberish rambling rants that say nothing. Waste of my time. More rubbish out of his mouth than el mahico ever did.

why would I answer any question put forth by Brian wherever he is?
The names I have been called on this thread are: Bonehead, fucking racist ass, sick worthless racist, self serving sick freak, racist pig, blind stupidity, usual self righteous and stubborn manner, and RC. The majority of the names emitted from the keyboard of Brian wherever he is. And I am supposed to answer a question from him? I ain't on the S and M scene.

Let me clarify this again, at no time did I say that "you white Americans on Swamp bubbles are culturally ignorant." What I said was that it is sad that white America does not know that the"saying" quoted by Rev. Lowery is something that is passed down in black families. As I have always said there is a black language and there is a white language in America. It is sad that after 400 years we are still separated in a country that is supposed to be a melting pot.

President Obama was elected by whites, blacks, hispanics, young, old, gay, straight, asians, christians, jews, muslims, non believers, males, females, middle class, rich, poor and everything in between. We all came together and elected Barack Hussein Obama because we all want a change in the way America is going. At the Inauguration, I saw all kinds of people with different buttons. One said "Rednecks for Obama,"some said "women for Obama," "babies for Obama" "Republicans for Obama." These were some of the ones I saw.

Then when I came back home I heard some really crazy stuff on Rush Limbaugh's program. I didn't hear him make the "I hope Obama fails" statement but I did hear him defend it and that was very disturbing to me. I don't know what you all want for your children but I want a world at peace, a country united and a semblence of sanity in our elected officials. Throw in a world where children don't go to bed hungry and older people live out their days in relative comfort not worrying about having to make decisions as to whether they eat or pay for their medication.

If the new administration fails where does that leave my children and your children?

If you didn't want to respond to Brian because of his tone that's fine... but you should tell the rest of the thread so he doesn't keep posting about it.

Again you're saying some hate language is ok and other hate language is not. Am I incorrect? If I am please tell me.

I have said hate language is one thing. It's another when it comes with an endorsement of our government.

Rush's language is meant to rile. He does it for ratings and you fell for it. Now it's different when it comes from a company because we can boycott them. Not so with our government.

"If the new administration fails where does that leave my children and your children?"... Well the last two times an administration failed were in 1980 and 1992. We ended up ok after those failed administrations. I think we'll be fine if this one does too.


'Well the last two times an administration failed were in 1980 and 1992'

I think you're short one. And I'm not talking about 2000, LOL.

and that would be?


the most recent administration, the one that just left office, by and large 'failed'?

This is for yucks, Mikey, I'm not getting into a lengthy debate over this, BTW.

Maybe he meant they were "failed" administrations in that 1980 and 1992 are the last two elections that Americans voted out a one-termer

Pink Slip

good point. Probably my mis-read.

OK, this tells me that you intended to voice what a shame that you think it is that we do not understand more of black culture, but were misinterpreted as thinking that you were calling those of us who didn't know that song/rhyme..ignorant.

I'll accept that....and I see what you mean.
Thank you for clarifying; it helps us all to understand one another...a good thing when we do all want the same ends. We want our country and the people in it to thrive and prosper. We want peace, safety and security, and freedom. Conservatives and liberals often disagree on the means to that end.

Which brings me to Rush For the record, all the comments that he hopes the president fails are taken out of context.

I DID watch his interview with Sean Hannity in which he makes the infamous claim that he wants Obama to fail. What he said was that he wants the country to succeed and he would want any president to succeed for the good of the country, BUT, he said something close to this...

As for me, I sure as hell don't want to muddle through this mire of an economy for any longer than we have to, but I don't think Obama's plan will work to invigorate this economy; so instead of hoping he will fail, I hope he fails to instigate many of the changes he proposes so that the country succeeds. (Then, he will go into the record books as a successful president!) ; )

HelenWheales and History Mike
Submitted by purnhrt on Mon, 2009-01-26 16:14.
This is not a poem/prose that Rev Lowery made up. It is something that is passed down from generation to generation in black families. The way I learned it is, "If you are brown stick around, if you are yellow, you'll find a fellow, if you are white you are all right but if you are black get back." So it is not something that was made up on the spot.

The sad thing about it is that white America would not know that.

Purnhrt, you struck a cord....
Submitted by HelenWheales on Tue, 2009-01-27 18:33.
You said Rev. Lowrey didn't make up those lines, but he DID make it up...he CHANGED the words and CHANGED their purpose, and in doing so, ALTERED the audience's perception from that of the original author's intentions.

Your comment,
The sad thing about it is that white America would not know that. strikes a cord.

America's Greatest Threat
By purnhrt - Posted on January 24th, 2009
Tagged: Citizen Report Unbelieveable Terrorism United States rush limbaugh
The single most threat to the security of America today is Rush Limbaugh. The statements that I heard him make on Thursday and Friday are statements meant to inflame and incite. He called President Obama, “Saddam Hussein Obama.” This was a very irresponsible statement and could have far reaching consequences. What is the purpose of this rhetoric, if not to bring the country to it’s knees out of spite?

take your blinders off, purnhrt.

Rush got listeners, that alleged man of the Cloth insulted America. And doing it at the Presidential Inauguration. That's ok with you?

and THAT, dear Twila, is America's Greatest Threat.

rectify calling some one "dear Mary" in one breath after previously calling them a "fucking racist ass" and a "sick worthless racist" in the last breath?

Any way I look at it, is way over the top of rational conversation and not something that is acceptable to me. I can't even imagine what you call the females in your life when they say something that you don't like.

Rev Lothery insulted America in your small opinion, I didn't see nor hear any massive gasps from 3 million people who were there.

What he did do by quoting from the "black book" was to provide a glimpse into the conversations heard inside of the black family.

Rev Lothery insulted America in your small opinion, I didn't see nor hear any massive gasps from 3 million people who were there.

Why would they gasp?

They were at Obama's inauguration after all. Actually you can hear people laughing. Nothing like a little off-color humor to kick off the new administration.

sarcastic, purnhrt.

Now, about addressing Barack for reparations, when's that going to happen, seeing you had such fun over a comment you didn't hear by a blowhard working his audience?

"Rev Lothery insulted America in your small opinion, I didn't see nor hear any massive gasps from 3 million people who were there."

He insulted me in my opinion too. Does that mean my opinion is small as well?

He insulted the guy I sit next to at work (Japanese immigrant). Is he small too?

Maybe you couldn't hear our gasps because we were a state away but it doesn't diminish the fact that we were insulted. If it does doesn't that mean that since Brian is in Florida he can insult you but because he can't hear your gasps it's OK?


that there were 1.8 million attending....a long way from 3 million. Historic lying by the newsreaders in New Yawk , have once again lied for their very generous President. Even on T.V., they lied..Reagan had a 48.3 share, where as B.O., had a 45.7 share ! Historic? For R.N.Reagan , maybe, not B.O. Even the total vote for B.O., was below historic numbers put up by R.N.Reagan, at 58.7 %-1984,even G.H.W. Bush , had 53.7 % of the total vote. What was it again for B.O.? 52.8 % ...some historic numbers !! More like lies from liars, extraordinaire !!

I wonder what the TV ratings were when Tricky Dick Nixon quit half-step ahead of the impeachment judge and flew off in the helicopter in Aug. '74?

Oh, SORRY, !!! Totally off, TOPIC, !!!!!! BIG TIME, !!!!!!!

being a battered woman being abused by a man in public and having to yell for help when people are casually walking by.

+++++++If you didn't want to respond to Brian because of his tone that's fine... but you should tell the rest of the thread so he doesn't keep posting about it+++++++

This is not a "tone"---" Bonehead, fucking racist ass, sick worthless racist, self serving sick freak, racist pig, blind stupidity, usual self righteous and stubborn manner, and RC."

are you saying that LOUIS !!!! Farrakhan's Million MANNN march had MOORE people ATTEnding than atteNDED the Inauguration?

TOtaLLy ofF ToPiC!!!! SOrrY AND it MAde MEEEEEE

did anyone hear Rush Limbaugh today when Tony Dungy was on? I missed it but am very interested in what was said because Tony Dungy stood next to my niece, daughter and cousin at the Inauguration.

let me help you out, again: you have to be a member to listen to his podcast, but he's not worth signing up to his site for.

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