Another city employee files discrimination suit

If you have not caught the Toledo Journal last week, another employee has filed a discrimination suit. Does anyone have a count? I think this puts it up to 6?

A woman whose alleged mistreatment by a City of Toledo supervisor was tied to the downsizing of the city’s affirmative action office, which led to a civil rights lawsuit against the mayor, has filed a civil rights suit of her own.

Patricia Lee, who formerly was known as Pat King-Taylor, has filed in Lucas County Common Pleas Court. Represented by Toledo attorney Lafe Tolliver, she is demanding $5 million in compensation and $2 million in punitive damages.

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Hasn't anyone told her that with the election of Obama the use of the "race card" is over?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

"...all disciplinary records against Ms. Lee be expunged..."

In reading the story in the 'Toledo Journal', It would appear Ms. Lee is no stranger to employment problems!

And no, jeep - some will continue to 'milk' the 'race card' for all it's worth! There are just some folks in the world who insist on being 'victims' - color, religion, sexual orientation, etc., and those are the folks that are helping to bring America down.

No wonder some hesitate before they hire certain ethnic minorities who often hide behind the color of their skin because they lack qualifications.

Just wait until the "affirmative action" president usurper pushes reparations! Repatriation would be wiser and less expensive in the long run.

flagged this comment, I won't edit it because it is nice to see the real Dave shine through. Instead of responding, watch this video:

you just have to check the criminal records division, go over to the courthouse,or, visit prisons , to find out that, the ,'BASTARD SOCIETY', the DEMONRATS , have given America , just ain't the beautiful picture they have painted.Remember, to lock your doors when driving in DETROIT !!! Just looking out for the genetically ignorant !!

Resist the urge to feed the trolls, folks, no matter how ugly and confrontational they get.

Brownie dosen't forget my Thin Mints

cuz Brownies do a heck of a job!

...writing the rest of my 666 lines of "I WILL NOT FEED THE TROLLS" from a previous encounter.

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