More Chuck E Cheese crime videos

Earning a rep with law enforcement that is worse than a Hell's Angels club, there is new violence at Chuck E. Cheese. Give those kids leather and hogs and you won't know the difference. See the proof below:
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If you are going to comment on this, you should do a full disclosure of your background. You trashing other pizza chains is getting a little transparent.

I think HistoryMike has disclosed that he used to own some pizza shops in other discussions where he critiqued a pizza chain?

At least, it seems that I recall him stating that before...otherwise, I can't imagine I'd know that about him. I don't know HM in real life, and I doubt that I patronized any of his businesses. (I'm not a Toledo native, and have only been here a few years.)

when he talks about any chain, I think he needs full disclosure, like stock analysts on TV. ;)

Chris is just doing some good-natured chain-yanking. On an earlier C.E.C. crime thread, I made some disparaging comments about what a dreary place I found it to be, and how much I disliked their overpriced and - I believe I used this word - "crappy" pizza they served.

My pizza days ended a long time ago in an earlier life. I am so far removed from my old business that it doesn't even pop up in dreams any longer, although that didn't stop the State of Ohio from trying to sue me in 2006 for withholding taxes it claimed I failed to pay way back in 1995 as a business owner. In dispute was an original amount of about $5K that the state tried to inflate to $14K after penalties and interest. The state apparently sent out a query for financial data in 1999 to my old business address, I never received it, and the state's response was to get a judgment against the old business.

None of this documentation made it to me, because the state had no current address with which to mail such papers, and Lord only knows what happened to them in the corporate labyrinth of Little Caesars.

Anyways, I ended up winning the case , even though I filed pro se in my current status as a poor, poor graduate student (cough), because the state couldn't produce any documentation for the alleged claim. It also helped that they sued numerous other parties (essentially every entity that owned, franchised, or in any way touched my old stores after I got out of the business). Finally, some sensible bureaucrat in the state decided that this legal clusterf**k of a suit - with something like a dozen litigants and almost as many lawyers - simply was not worth the nickels and dimes it might possibly receive by taking this wormy, smelly case before a judge. The state initially made an offer in which I could wash my hands forever if I paid them a thousand bucks; I said "bite me" (in legalese, of course), and then magically I received word in 2007 that the state agreed to drop the whole thing. Amen, brother - this was the cheapest suit I ever settled: a couple of stamps, and one trip to the courthouse to file my legal response.

Anyways, I suppose the point of this rant is that no matter how much time passes, an albatross like a business remains a part of your identity for a very long time, and Chris will continue busting my cajones in this and any other pizza thread.


My kids ended up at Chuck E. Cheese one evening this week. (One of my kids had an uncomfortable medical test done this week and got to choose a treat for being brave. We didn't eat there...just bought some tokens and played a few games.) Lest you think I'm a frequent Chuck E. was the first time I've set foot in the place in over a year. :) I did think of the recent Swampbubbles discussion while I was there. lol

Since it was a weeknight, it wasn't too bad. A decent sized crowd, but most patrons on that particular night appeared to be upper middle class. No fights, no hostility.

Though there was woman there that I would have been tempted to get hostile with, except for the fact that I have too much dignity to get into a public confrontation. : ) She was one of the few people there who actually did look like she crawled straight out of the trailer park. Standing alone at one of the little kid games, just trying to rack up lots of tickets at an "easy" game, completely oblivious to the fact that there were little kids who were waiting patiently to play the game. She was even cheating at the game. (Its the one where kids have to toss ping pong balls into buckets and get tickets based on how many they "make." This lady was just reaching her arm over and dropping in the ball.)

Yeah, that fat sloppy pig was a real piece of work. (Not violent though...just pathetic.) But otherwise, the rest of the patrons that evening were pleasant and there were no incidents.

And it took my kid's mind off the medical test, so I guess the visit served its purpose. lol

glad you made it in and out alive.

I spent last Saturday at Chuck E. Cheese and it was a fairly pleasant experience. My daughter had her birthday party there.

The pizza is just not good. So I didn't enjoy that.

The only game I could find that looked remotely enjoyable was the NFL Passing Challenge. I put 100 tokens into that game.

My right arm hurt so bad the next day, I could hardly lift it. I guess my days of aspiring to be an NFL quarterback are behind me.

sarah - I understand the type of behaviour you're referring to, but I wish people would stop referring to badly behaved, or ghetto type people, as trailer park people. Just a bad stigma as it is. There are plenty of good, decent people who live in trailer parks - older people, young people starting out - who do not deserve the tag of this stigma. Also, there's lots of kids who have nothing to say about where they live - I imagine it's got to be hard for them to always be made the butt of jokes because of where they live.

maybe you should reconsider your use of the world ghetto in "ghetto type"

for those of us who need something to get us through the always fun experience!

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