Fights at Scott and Woodward h.s. today . Of all days, how could this happen today ?

A teacher I know was at Scott when this girls' brawl broke out. This doesn't make the mainstream media . How can this happen on inauguration day when we are all suppposed to come together ?

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a friend I know beat another driver to a prime parking spot at Kroger and the other guy filpped him the bird. They made snarly faces at each other and everything. This doesn't make the mainstream media. How can this happen on inauguration day when we are all supposed to come together ?

McCaskey, I believe the liberal media probably covered up the Kroger incident to which you refer. I also witnessed an incident where someone slightly stumbled over a rug, before regaining their balance. That's not change we can believe in...

Pink Slip

Of course, I thought with Tuesday's inaugeration all of society's ills would be placed on hold, at least for a day! How pie-in-the-sky thinking of me!

Have you been in a public high school recently, cogitate? Fights and brawls are an everyday occurrence, and the only time they make the news is when a gun is involved or when there is unfortunately a serious injury or fatality.

Did they even know the significance of the day?

Even in the private school I went to most of my classmates didn't understand government because they didn't care. I have always been interested in American history and government so while I wasn't the most motivated student I consistently got A's in those subjects. A good friend of mine who was a straight A student and now has a PhD contacted me this year with some gov't questions because he didn't understand what was going on in the news.

Most American's just don't care. Our kids reflect that.


schools, haven't been doing there job for DECADES !! Thank-you so much you unionized -government employees , who cannot do there jobs.Violent, dangerous, historically inaccurate in everything they indoctrinate our children with.What else do you EXPECT??! Children learning from stupid government / unionized ROBOTS??!! Question: all American history indoctrinators LOVE , Che Guevara...BIG TIME ! As a communist ,anarchist,and a medical doctor, where in the head did this Maoist, favor putting bullets into the brains of his victims? 1) in the forehead,2) in the temple,3) in the back of the head ?Che, learned well from Mao, that a bullet quickly ENDS, the argument of communism over capitalism .Inexpensive too !! One nice leftist that Mao protege, Che Guevara ! The correct answer is worth about 3000 swamp bubble points.Hint ?

If I actually knew what the heck Mike Coon/ Phakit Mann is babbling about. For someone who whines about the schools, you sure have an inability to communicate via a written format.

your estrogen, change your sanitary napkin,and the eat scat,historymarx. You smell bad!!

the idol whose picture you have super-imposed on 'Arnolds',1972 Body Builder Champion body, you shake all night to.That Che,moron !!

saved him from being indicted, HM.

The Feds found his elementary literary skills to be enough of a factor to warrant him of not being a threat to Dr Hussian.

It's common knowledge that if you can't build a proper sentence, you aren't a danger.

and it's clear ol' Coonie is doing nothing more then messing up his floor.

Sorry, McCaskey. I didn't know he was a friend of yours or I'd have let him have the spot. Uh, say, you might suggest he get his oil and filter changed real soon, and see if they can do an engine flush. Kind of like a radiator flush, only with the engine and oil system.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

you crazy bastard. Lay off the sauce before you go Krogering.


Probably The most worthless thread of 09 to date. But then, that figures.


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

could disrespect the Obama inauguration so much. This is a great moment in history, even though I will probably disagree with Obama policy.
This was a big fight with extra security called in. If this is a regular occurrance, it is certainly unacceptable.
My son went to Otsego high school, it rarely happened out there . I live in Toledo now.

I highly doubt these teenaged fools spent any time thinking about the inauguration ior Barack Obama before or during their fighting. Theirs is a youth culture premised on malignant self-centeredness, and the entire brawl likely started with one student misinterpreting a stare from another student, or some other equally ridiculous provocation.

As a foster parent I have had more than a few occasions where one of my kids got into a fight. The reason why one fight broke out, according to my kid, was that "she [a female student] was sitting over there with this LOOK, and I knew what she was all about. So I said: B**tch, don't be looking at me all nasty. Then she came up and punched me in the face, so I grabbed her by the hair...."

You get the point of this stupidity, right?

Three cops cars and six kids dragged to JJC. Oh, and no mention on the news, because at this high school (Whitmer) there are fights almost every day, and the automatic response is to take everyone involved downtown and charge them with violating the city's safe school ordinance. No "news" there, with hundreds - if not thousands - of TPS and WLS students charged this way each year.

best thing American has going for it right now. Of course there are going to be fights at Scott, Woodward and elsewhere, why would an inauguration of the first black president stop students from fighting who have been fighting in schol for the last I don't know how many years?

As he said we must put away childish things. Rhetoric and stupidity are two of those childish things.

He made a great move by freezing the wages of all government officials and opening up the government for transparancy with a strong ethics policy.


he had escorted many reporters and all cameramen from the office before he "did-over" the Oath.

Yep, pretty transparent to me.

Someone better whisper into Barak's ear, real quick.

Reporters were there, just not the camera crews. Not sure why--maybe he was trying to save Roberts more embarrassment. But I would say that since the reporters were there reporting on it--it was transparent. It's not like we are finding out about it years later from someone who leaked it to the media (and then discovered it was illegal). That's what we've become accustomed to recently...

Pink Slip

that's exactly why it was done.

But what sucks is I've been conditioned by the Bush administration to accept that even when they're shoving it up my ass, it's "what's best for this Country."

Actually "do-over" oaths for the presidency have happened multiple times before. The reason is because the oath is word for word in the constitution.

It's not as big a deal as Harry Reid has tried to make it out to be.


"He made a great move by freezing the wages of all government officials and opening up the government for transparancy with a strong ethics policy."

I haven't heard anything on it. Do you have a citation because I'd be very interested to learn more.


because it was pretty much everywhere yesterday... and today

It was everywhere that he froze the pay of his top aides. Not all government employees.

The latter would affect me personally which is why I am interested.


rather than just calling out the poster for his/her error. i get it.


No as I said in my post all government officials pay being freezed would affect me personally.

If you look at my post I wasn't rude. I just stated that I hadn't heard it and asked for a citation. Others have done the same to me and I've been happy to oblige when I could.

And at least I didn't resort to name calling like an 8 yr old on the playground.


: )

fair enough!

He didn't exactly freeze wages of 'all government officials,' though, LOL.

He's freezing the pay of White House employees who make more than $100,000 a year.

you are right, I just got caught up in the moment. Even that was a big move on his part in my opinion.
I think the reason for the camera men not being in the "do over" was because he did not want to embarrass Roberts further. Most people thought President Obama messed up on the oath. His face told the whole story.
He tried to give Roberts a chance to make it right but when he didn't, the president smiled as if to say "How are you going to leave me hangin' like that?" The president then said it the right way but obviously mistrustful (after all he is a muslim, born in a foregin country, no birth certificate...etc....etc....)and uncomfortable about the way that it went down, thus the "do over."

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